So, you’ve got the perfect educational service or product but you’re not sure how to sell into schools.

Yours is a product or service that could:

  • transform the educational system,
  • help kids to learn more easily, and
  • help teachers and schools provide an exceptional education to the kids of the UK.

It is the kind of product or service that you thought you only had to shout about and educational facilities would come running.

And yet, your shouting so far has got you nowhere so far.

Even trade shows, which, at the time, seem to generate excitement around your business along with promising feedback and connections, lead to nothing more than wasted budget, ignored phone calls and unanswered emails months down the line.

It can all feel like banging your head against a brick wall, can’t it?

But please don’t despair.

Marketing to schools does work but you need to persist at it and have the right team there with you

The good news is that marketing to schools does not have to be so hard.

It is worth your perseverance to tap in to such a well-funded sector.

Did you know:

  • education (inc government spending) accounts for over 4% of what the UK produces (private and public).
  • UK schools spend over £3 billion with businesses, which is about £100,000 per school.
  • schools work on 3 year budgets which means they know exactly how much money is available well in advance, and they know that it has to be spent by a certain point because it does not roll over.
  • many schools spend in Spring and Autumn every year and this information that is invaluable for companies wanting to know how to sell into schools.

There are some exceptional sales prospects within the education sector and, often, just one successful partnership with a school is just the start of your growth.

If the product or service impresses the school enough to continue to work with you, the chances are they will let other schools know leading to valuable referrals for your company.

Breaking into the education marketplace

What are the major mistakes made by a lot of businesses make when they are working out how to sell into schools:

  • marketing in any which way, in the hope something will work
  • no real plan for approaching schools
  • approaching schools at any time, rather than the times when schools are most likely to listen
  • investing money into marketing without any clear tracking on ROI
  • investing lots of money in marketing materials like clever demos that look good but do not generate sales

A lot of companies believe their product is so good that schools, with budgets to spend, will simply invest once they know about it.

However, this is simply not the case, something that is often quickly learnt by businesses in this space.

The most successful companies when working out how to sell into schools adopt the following approaches:

  • approaching the planning of marketing campaigns based on proven data and techniques
  • consistently measuring results of different campaigns to check for maximum effectiveness
  • understanding why a school does not use your services or why they have stopped using your services so that you can shift and readapt to win them back
  • access to high-quality decision maker contact information
  • the highest standards of copywriting and design in the marketing approaches

Some of the above can be done by anyone who has the right knowledge or skills (or who is willing to learn).

Realistically however, most companies trying to get an audience with the decision makers at a school need a little help from experienced marketers.

A professional marketing company with experience in helping businesses just like yours properly market themselves to schools will provide what you need to see the kind of growth you wanted when you started this journey.

They can help you market effectively with high-quality copywriting and brand design.

You’ll also have consistent data reports and analytics so you can see exactly how well your efforts are working.

Best of all, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of a professional telemarketer who will be able to reach out to the decision makers in schools, and follow up those conversations to ascertain interest.

Marketing to schools requires an experienced approach

To summarise, the biggest mistake most companies make when they start marketing their product or service to UK schools is they apply generalised marketing techniques.

General marketing is unlikely to get you the kind of sales you want in the highly competitive sector of education.

Instead, it is certainly worth applying more of an experienced and skilled approach in a such a well-funded sector.

Anybody, given enough time and money, could build contacts and learn about the nuances of marketing to schools.

But if your business doesn’t have that kind of time and money to sit out the next big round of school spending perhaps now is the perfect time to invest in professional help you find your first few education customers.

Using a mixture of approaches

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