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Use our up-to-date, thoroughly researched list of multi academy trusts to build awareness of your company within the valuable education sector

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Feb 14, 2024

More Than Words Marketing is one of the leading suppliers of marketing data to businesses, charities, and the public sector.

Part of our UK schools database, our list of multi academy schools database contains all of the information your organisation needs to get in touch with trusts and the 8,391 associated schools.

Academy schools in the UK

Academies were first launched in England in 2010, and are state-funded schools, independent of local authorities and directly funded by the Department for Education.

The majority of academies are secondary schools, but it is not unusual for a primary school to be an academy. Slightly more than 25% of primary schools, as well as some first and middle schools, are also academies.

Many schools converted to academies to allow teaching and management staff to run their school according to their own preferences. Academies provide outstanding education without having to consult the local authority for decision making.

Other schools were converted into academies as a strategy for school improvement. Those deemed to be failing by OFSTED were brought into a sponsoring MAT group to build new professional development processes.

What is a multi-academy trust?

A multi-academy trust is responsible for the operation of more than one academy school.

In England, there are currently 1,460 Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) that manage at least two schools.

  • 29 MATs have 26 schools or more,
  • 85 have 12-25 schools, and
  • 259 have 6-11 schools.

Almost six out of ten MATs – 598 – have five schools or fewer.

Why concentrate your marketing efforts on multi-academy trusts?

The education sector operates in what is known as a domino marketplace. In other words, as soon as you win business and gain trust from one school, you’re more likely to receive enquiries and generate new business from other schools. 

It is common for public sector buyers to be initially wary of dealing with private sector suppliers.

In the public sector, resources are scarce and, if the wrong procurement decision is made, there are consequences for both the overall operation of the organisation and those in charge of making purchase decisions.

However, because trusts decide their own purchasing procedures, this does create significant opportunities for private sector suppliers that aren’t found in the public sector.

Who should I contact within multi-academy trusts?

A major motivating factor behind schools joining or forming multi-academy trusts is the ability to achieve significant cost savings through bulk buying. Some of the savings enjoyed by member schools can be up to 20%. 

School business managers are the senior financial and administrative contacts within most schools. Their main job, in conjunction with the head teacher, is to allocate their school’s resources and budgets efficiently.

Many schools within MAT groups have purchasing responsibility over the following:

  • General ordering of products and services
  • Handling contracted services like catering, cleaning, maintenance and IT support
  • Security
  • Administrative systems
  • Marketing

If you are involved in value-driven services (for example, services on contract) rather than value-added products and services (for example, teaching aids), the academy trust business manager may be the better person for you to contact.

If you offer services to schools which involve:

  • accounting,
  • health and safety,
  • budget planning,
  • construction, or
  • salary processing

… you’ll likely asked to deal with the administrative and managerial departments of the academy trust group rather than individual schools.

Do your research

Demonstrate your understanding of the school’s sector by being specific about the challenges of individual schools. The issues facing a junior school will be quite different from those of a secondary school, for example.

Meanwhile, primary academies and sixth form organisations may each present a totally different, but just as valuable, opportunity to the same business. Refer to specifics in your messages – latest news updates in the education sector, the most recent annual report, changes among the governors or trustees and so on.

Schools spend money on products and services that help them to match up to and exceed the high expectations of parents and governors. Show that you understand the challenges of individual schools and offer guidance to present the positive outcomes your business can help schools to achieve.

Show off your reviews, case studies and accreditations

Your reputation is your most prized asset. According to a 2021 EdTech survey, more than 80% of schools conduct in-house comparisons of service costs and quality of suppliers.

It is important that your business is competitive with others, and doing so goes far beyond your pricing. Make sure that the entire package you are offering provides quality and value for money for your prospects.

Your business is only as good as what others think about it, so make it easy for schools to see your reviews and to read case studies from previous clients.

Consider your message

Interest based advertising is central to capturing attention. 

Your message should convey how you can provide value to each young person and school staff member – giving them a reason to buy from you instead of your competitors.

In 2022, in an era of increasing financial pressure on school leaders, your ‘value for money’ message should be at the forefront of your marketing campaigns.

Educate your prospects

It is likely that your field of expertise isn’t the same as those you are marketing to. The school will be looking to you, as their supplier, for reliable knowledge of the industry, so setting yourself up as an expert in the area is crucial to earning their trust.

A direct marketing campaign can be used to provide valuable intelligence to schools. Engage your customers first with free resources (such as key documents and reports) and then develop your relationship with them. 

By showcasing your expertise in your field, you encourage prospects to learn more.

More Than Words Note -To find out more download our guide for Selling to multi academy trusts

What data is included on our multi academy school’s database?

Our list of multi academy trusts contains 8,391 schools belonging to 1,460 trust groups.

In addition to the contact details and email addresses, purchasers of the UK Multi Academy Trust Database also receive:

  • contact names for CEOs, CFOs and head teachers
  • telephone numbers
  • website details for individual academies
  • school income and expenditure broken down by category
  • OFSTED rating for each academy
  • key stage of each school
  • number of pupils
  • whether there is pupil SEN provision
  • 12 month licence for use

The database contains information on some of the most well known school academy trusts including Leigh Academies Trust, Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust and United Learning.

Multi academy trust database managed marketing service

Our managed marketing service includes:

1. List of multi academy trusts database

  • a current and accurate academy trust database
  • email addresses for high-level decision makers
  • multiple fields per entry
  • data can be used for 12 months from the date of purchase

2. Three email broadcasts designed and carried out for you with full follow-up reporting

  • email design – our copywriters and designers will create an email design that is strategic, engaging and compelling
  • three email broadcasts – we will send your email marketing campaign to the organizations you specify via our trusted servers
  • full reporting on each email campaign – we will provide a report showing which schools have opened and clicked through to your website (and how many times).

3. After-sales support services

  • technical support – Even if you do not possess any technical skills, our in-house technicians can help you use the data you purchase
  • advertising support – Your account manager will be able to review and give advice on any advertising you send to schools throughout the year
More Than Words Note: Did you know we can provide a specialist education telemarketing service? To find out more contact our account managers.
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Order your database of multi academy trusts 

You will receive the following when you order our list of multi-academy trusts in the UK with back-up support:

  • 8,391 schools belonging to 1,460 trust groups
  • 9,147 email addresses, including 1,313 CEO email addresses
  • Comprehensive market intelligence and personal information for high-value contacts in listed schools.

The More Than Words Marketing team have supplied education data and marketing services to over 8,000 companies in the UK. 

We look forward to working with you and your team to open new opportunities in the multi-academy trust sector.

To find out more or to order, please call 0330 010 8300 or click here to email us.

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