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Data Enhancement

With our data enhancement service, you can give your sales and marketing teams the information they need to convert and sell

  • Data Cleansing/List Cleansing
  • Email Appending Service
  • Focus On Quality Not Quantity
  • Email Verification Service
  • Fully GDPR-Compliant
  • 24-48hr Standard Turnaround

Data enhancement adds value to your customer, prospect, and bought-in marketing databases

Regular data enhancement ensures that your sales, marketing, and customer services teams are able to stay in touch with your company’s existing and potential customers.
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Your business’s ability to continue to make sales to new clients – and to add depth to communication with existing clients – depends on your people having access to reliable, accurate data, in full compliance with GDPR.

Data quality is important to businesses because bad data prevents growth.

Without regular data enhancement on your customer and prospect databases, it is harder for your sales and marketing team to contact a potential client, make informed decisions about advertising strategy – and even to build a relationship with them.

Many businesses rely on finding a consistent flow of new customers to keep their company afloat.

Research shows that a well-timed email marketing campaign to:

  • existing clients,
  • lapsed clients, and
  • prospects

can be responsible for generating more than 30% of a company’s online revenues.

This is why data enhancement and data enrichment is a key tool for marketers.

Data enhancement is business enhancement

With our data enhancement service, we can refresh and renew the databases your sales and marketing teams rely on.
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And it’s not just making sure that they have fresh email addresses and contact data to work with.

With access to over 3,300,000 decision makers within businesses, schools, and the public sector we can fill in the gaps on your existing data lists.

We can also add substantial insight with extra marketing information for the entries on your list.

Our data enhancement team and advertising partners can find:
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a company’s line of business,
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a public sector organisation’s annual budget, or
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even a school’s pupil roll size.
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This is important prospect and customer data that can give your marketing an edge.

With decision makers leaving their roles on average every 4.6 years, we can update contact names on your current databases.

Better still, our data enrichment services are fully GDPR-compliant.

Where we’re unable to determine the status of an organisation on your database that has an email address, we’ll flag it.

This is important so you don’t fall foul of the rules for email marketing under GDPR.

Our data enhancement services

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Data cleansing

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Email appending

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Email verification

What is data enhancement?

Data enhancement is a process by which the data contained on your customer, prospect, and bought-in marketing databases is:

More Than Words Note: Do you use customer relationship management (CRM) software? Find out about our CRM database cleaning service.

Fields on your customer database are checked to see if they are still accurate and, if not, replaced,

Originally owned
Particularly with data enhancement, we take steps to ensure that ownership of the domain has not changed

If there are missing fields within your database, those fields will be populated. This will provide a more accurate understanding of the characteristics of the businesses or organisations as well as additional contact information.

If a business, school, or public sector organisation no longer exists, then it is flagged as such on your database,

Find out more about our data enhancement service

Please call 0330 010 8300 or fill out the contact form to discuss the customer, prospect, and bought-in marketing databases your teams are working from.  

We can then discuss how data enhancement can help to reach your target audience more effectively.

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Data Enhancement

What additional data can I append records with?

For our business database, we can enhance, verify, validate, or append the following fields where available on a record:

  • title for salutations (for example, Mr, Mrs, Dr, Miss, and Sir)
  • name (separate fields for first and last name)
  • job title (the job title reported by the contact)
  • area of purchasing responsibility (most senior contact, engineering procurement, facilities management, finance, fleet, health and safety, human resources, marketing, operations, general procurement, sales, and telecoms)
  • company name
  • line of business
  • legal status
  • postal address including 2 lines for the address, town, county, and postcode
  • telephone number (main switchboard number)
  • the email address given by the contact as the address they’d prefer to receive emails at
  • number of employees
  • number of branches
  • type of premises
  • website address
  • level of turnover
  • year the original company began trading
  • company registration number
  • incorporation date
  • net worth
  • profit or loss making?
  • %age increase or decrease in profitability YOY
  • turnover increase or decrease YOY (shown in pound sterling)

The schools databases we use for enhancing, verifying, validating, and appending include:

  • information on over 50,000 schools in Britain (pupils taught, type of school, how a school is funded and hundreds of other variables),
  • contact names (normally the head teacher)
  • school postal addresses,
  • school telephone numbers, and
  • school email addresses.

For public sector data, the information we check against includes the following:

  • Contact salutation – Mr, Miss, Mrs, Ms, Dr – etc
  • Contact first name
  • Contact initial – first name abbreviated to the initial letter
  • Contact last name
  • Contact job title – official job title
  • Contact seniority – level of management within the organisation they work for
  • Contact qualifications – educational or vocational qualifications the contact is known to have
  • Contact town or city – the town or city in which the contact is based
  • Contact postal address – The postal address at which the contact is based
  • Contact email address – the email address of the contact
  • Contact phone – the direct number for the contact (if this is not available, please use the switchboard number contained in the organisation fields – more about that in the next FAQ answer)
  • Organisational annual spend – the organisation’s spend over twelve months shown in millions.
  • Organisational county – the postal county in which the contact is based
  • Organisational internal department name – the name of the internal department which the contact works in
  • General organisational grouping – Local Government, Regional Government, Central Government, NHS, QUANGOs, etc
  • Organisational main email – the main e-mail address for the organisation
  • Organisational main phone – the main telephone/switchboard number for the organisation
  • Organisational main site – indicates is the person is located at the headquarters or main site for the organization they work for
  • Organisation name – The official legal title of the organisation
  • Organisational staffing level – Number of Employees employed across the organisation
  • Organisational notes – Useful information we find about the organisation including forthcoming changes/mergers and so on
  • Organisation Type – includes a top level description of the type of organisation a contact is working for (for example, an NHS Trust, Local Authority, and so on)
  • Organisation Type Additional – used to further clarify an organisation or to describe a specific department within an organisation (for example, an Acute Trust, Metropolitan Council, and so on)
  • Organisational Postcode – the postcode of the location at which the contact is based

The following information is used where applicable:

  • Parish/town/community councillors – population covered by the parish council displayed in bandings
  • Care home type
  • Care home capacity
  • FE and HE – number of students (numbers are banded)
  • Housing Association – the type of tenants
  • Housing Association – the type of housing
  • Housing Association – the number of units or houses owned or managed
  • Housing Association – whether the association is currently building new homes or units
  • Housing Association – the name of a parent organisation (where applicable)
  • Local Government contacts – the population served
  • Local Government contacts – the controlling political party
  • Local Government contacts – the last time political control changed hands
  • Local Government contacts – the next election date
  • Local Government contacts – the official LA code
  • Local Government contacts – the number of seats within an LA
  • Local Government contacts – the name of the ward represented by a councillor
  • NHS Primary Care – the population covered (shown in bandings)
  • NHS Primary Care – the number of GPs within a practice
  • NHS Primary Care – the official code for the practice

Does your data enhancement gateway use PAF on postal addresses?

Yes. Postal address accuracy is a governing factor determining the success of any direct mail marketing campaigns your company invests in and we want to ensure the minimum possible number of gone aways on your campaigns.

In addition, discounts offered to companies investing in direct mail marketing are volume-based and based upon the accuracy of the underlying data used on the campaign. All data enhancement work involving postal addresses are confirmed using the Royal Mail PAF data file.

What are your policies regarding email data enhancement?

Other than our standard policies on accuracy and the legality of our collation and maintenance processes governing non-consumer email data, we do not verify, validate, or append email data for UK sole traders or partnerships as this is in contravention of GDPR guidelines.

Can you enhance the data I have by telephone?

More Than Words regularly carries out phone-based data enhancement work for clients using our in-house telemarketing team.

When contacting customers, prospects, and contacts contained on the database(s) you send us, we can add any extra information you require about the businesses, schools, and public sector organisations whose decision makers we’re speaking with on your behalf as well as checking on the overall accuracy of the data you hold.

For more information on our phone-based data enhancement service, please call us on 0330 010 8300 or you can click here to email us.

Do you offer accuracy guarantees on your data delivery enhancement service?

Yes. All marketing databases sold by More Than Words are subject to accuracy guarantees on the three major contact methods (email, phone, and post) and we offer the same guarantee on our data enhancement services.

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Google Reviews

Michael Peake

Excellent Quality Data delivered promptly with great service. Has been a huge help during the current pandemic and will be using them regularly. The best I have ever dealt with. Account Manager Lisa Kinghorn is an asset to the business. Great company with superb customer service.

Paul Thomas

We've recently worked with Scott. He was outstanding from our initial conversation, through to data acquisition and subsequent email marketing campaign. I have nothing but good words to say about him, the company and the service they provided. I should add that we were a little hesitant before agreeing to work with Scott due to a bad experience with another provider. He was extremely empathetic towards our predicament and ultimately guided us through the onboarding and service delivery. He clearly knows he's stuff.

Chris Brown

Having a very specific need for B2B marketing we decided to use More than Words. We spoke to Clare Tweed who was very knowledgeable and made the whole process very easy. Clare is easy to speak with, happy to help and I  could not recommend her enough, she got our order sorted very quickly and delivered to us as agreed. A huge thank you to Clare and the team at More Than Words.

Tom Grainger

On behalf of myself and DOM UK, thank you to Clare and the team for making our customer survey process as straight-forward as possible. Reached out to the company after finding them using a Google search and was contacted back straight away. They used expert knowledge to help set-up our survey to achieve the best result possible. Would recommend and will be using More Than Words Marketing again.

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