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UK business database

3 ways to sell to the industry and decision makers you want using our comprehensive UK business database

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  • Email/Phone/Post
  • 12 Month Usage Licence
  • 3,000,000 UK Companies
  • Choice of Decision Makers
  • 3,000 Industry Sectors
  • Accuracy Guarantees

Buy your business data lists for direct marketing from our comprehensive and accurate UK business database.

By using it regularly and consistently over the course of 12 months, you will:

  • build awareness of your company to your target audience,
  • demonstrate the value your products deliver to the companies you work with, and
  • share your research, insights and expertise with an audience keen to increase revenue or reduce their business outgoings.

You can promote your products and services by email, phone, and post.

Direct marketing still works very well for the companies which invest in it.

  • The average return on email spend is £42 for every £1 invested in the channel.
  • B2B telemarketing generates £11 for every £1 invested.
  • Postal marketing achieves a response rate of 4.4%.

Purchase the right business database

When buying quality business data, you should only buy the data you need and no more. It is, of course, possible to search online for a standard list of businesses through Companies House or similar.

However, it is important to consider the eligibility of the contacts on your business data lists. Are they the right contacts to purchase the product or service you are selling?

For successful sales, you want to contact potential customers:

  • in a way that captures attention and
  • helps them to make informed decisions about your product or service.

This means you need to select new prospects according to characteristics that indicate this contact is of good value to you. By using job titles, industry, location or turnover you can target the right contacts.

Additionally, if you want to make contact through email campaigns, for example, you would be looking for businesses with email data. You might be looking for prospects with telephone numbers for follow-up calls after your email campaigns, which would narrow down the list again.

While a search of Companies House may give you basic business data, it will then require significant extra research from your team to select the ideal customers for each campaign – one company at a time.

By using our service to purchase a business database the hard work has been done for you.

Four different types of B2B data lists

Our complete, user-friendly UK business data list provides access to high quality business, marketing, and contact data for over 3,000,000 UK companies (including email data records for around 590,100 businesses).

If you’re only interested in using one channel to communicate with your target audiences, please use the links below to find out more about the particular business data you need:

  • Business to business mailing lists – use our business to business data to run effective and response-generating postal marketing campaigns to the targets you select
  • B2B email database – extensive, up to date, and GDPR-compliant business data list of 350,000 contacts for you to choose new prospects from
  • B2B calling list – search our B2B calling data to run telemarketing and telesales campaigns direct to 3,000,000+ contacts across 2,000 sectors

Selecting relevant data from our UK business database

This is how you can target new business but who can you target with More Than Words’ UK business database?

You can search the audiences you want to access by a number of different data points including:

  • line of business,
  • job titles,
  • geographical area, and
  • company size.

For each company, you’ll see the data for at least one high-level contact for each company name, usually the “most senior contact”.

If you need more precise data, we also hold hundreds of thousands of contact details for buyers with specific buying responsibility.  This is for engineering procurement, facilities, finance, fleet, health and safety, HR, operations, sales, and telecoms.

Focused on quality, not quantity

More Than Words and its media partners are interested in providing the highest quality business data lists not the biggest data list.

Before a business is added to our data list, it needs to pass certain quality threshold.

The more data we hold on a business and its decision makers, the more valuable and useable that marketing data is to our clients.

In addition, we also offer the following guarantees on the UK business data we provide you with:

  • 85% email addresses are accurate (excluding soft bounces)
  • 92% accurate telephone numbers
  • 98% accurate postal addresses

If we fail to hit our own quality thresholds, we’ll issue a pro-rata refund or supply you with replacement data records.

12 months’ support with your UK business database

We provide you with a 12 months licence for the data on your UK business database. Use the data as many times as you like over the course of a year to promote your company to your target market.

We want you to benefit from the largest possible return on your investment. If you need help to use the data to your greatest advantage your account manager will assist you. Their role is to make sure that everything you ask us to do is carried out quickly, correctly, and efficiently.

Benefits of buying a UK companies database from a data provider

Fast data collection

It takes time to build a substantial database and even longer to divide your list for successful marketing campaigns. A bought-in targeted email database cuts the time it takes to build your list. This means you can start advertising in minutes rather than months.

Over time as you get to know your new contacts you can refine the database from trends and insights about decision-makers. A purchased data list makes for an efficient starting point.

Quickly expand into a new market

Changing locations, branching into new sectors, or targeting a wider audience means a whole lot of research. You need to identify and find financing for overheads such as website hosting, physical premises expansion and new technologies.

On top of this your team will be working hard to get things put into place for your expansion. This is as well as performing their existing jobs. There is usually little time or manpower left for finding and introducing yourself to contacts in this new market.

You can save time and move more quickly into your chosen area by choosing to buy a business data list. Our core data list of UK companies is amended and updated thousands of times a week as part of its ongoing and rolling maintenance program.

The quality of the B2B data lists you use on your campaign makes a difference as does the accuracy with which you select the people you choose to market to.

Get in touch with us and let us know more about your company. We’ll use the information to create a bespoke data count containing the companies most likely to need your products.

Using your UK business database

With accurate UK business data, targeting and marketing to high-level influencers and decision makers becomes much more successful.

More Than Words database provides all of the data you need to:

  • personalise your sales communications,
  • advertise to your relevant target client base, and
  • is a simple and cost-effective way to cut the time and resources necessary to find prospects.

Why target business customers?

B2B customers tend to be more receptive to marketing and there’s a number of reasons for that. If you can demonstrate the value that your company offers, you have a better chance of building stronger relationships. These relationships can then be developed into long term with individual contacts from your data list.

Business prospects are driven by data and logic. When selecting a supplier, they are focused on return on investment and on improving efficiency in their organisation. If your business is able to provide long-term solutions you are more likely to secure more profitable relationships with companies.

Segment your data

Choose only the companies you want to market to by how likely they are to need your products and services.

Each of the records on our UK business database contains data on a company’s:

  • location,
  • job title, and
  • business size.

Many clients buy UK business data lists to target multiple business sectors. By taking this approach, you can vary your message over your 12 months of campaigns for each type of customer you’re targeting.

Challenge your competition

Your initial communications with the contacts on your UK business database allow you to find out where each contact already buys the products and/or service you sell from and when any existing contracts for supply end. Use this data to assess your competitors’ value propositions and whatever competitive advantage they have over your business.

You will then be able to make individual offers to specific customers based upon the data you have about their current purchasing arrangements and on the areas in which your products and services have an advantage over your competitors’ offerings.

There is a reason that 93% of B2B marketers use email to advertise their businesses. Email marketing drives engagement and provides an unrestricted platform where you can share your brand’s message with prospects and customers alike.

You can use email marketing to approach decision makers with offers and information about your company. This encourages them to build a relationship between their business and yours.

Cost-effective and measurable

Email is cost-effective, providing a cheaper solution than more traditional direct sales channels. Email marketing is also much quicker to implement. You don’t have to plan campaigns weeks in advance and coordinate with multiple suppliers.

With email marketing, you are able to test different versions of a campaign and measure how effective each one is. You can then select the most successful variation to promote your products to your entire business data list.

Benefits of using telemarketing with the UK business database

Telemarketing offers a two-way marketing approach. It provides your company with a way to build personal connections with the contacts on your UK business database. People trust the knowledge other people share with them personally and more than they trust the messages contained in one-way marketing like email or postal.

Many businesses still won’t entertain working with a supplier they don’t have the beginnings of a personal relationship with.

To make the most of your data through a telemarketing campaign you should:

  • choose skilled and experienced telesales staff
  • provide them with a telesales pitch with a strong opening, objection handling techniques, and a persuasive close.

It is through these conversations that decision makers build a personal connection with your company.

Benefits of using direct mail campaigns with the UK business database

Direct mail has consistently enjoyed superior open and response rates in comparison with other forms of marketing.

Print advertising (8%) and direct mail (6%) are listed among top sources generating sales and marketing leads. This is according to data from the B2B Marketing Mix Report, assuring an excellent return on investment to those willing to investment.

Create awareness of your company

Awareness of your company, its products and services is key to persuading decision makers to interact with you.

Direct mail is a proven way to improving awareness without seeming pushy. It can also provide customers with something of value that they will hold onto.

Direct mail is more likely to be opened than email messages and they don’t get caught in a junk filter.

A combination of different factors means that direct mail marketing is much more likely to be appreciated by your audience.

Opportunities for creativity

Creativity and personalisation are important in making sure that your direct mail campaign appeals to the contact you’re targeting. Unique packaging or contents such as a pop-up advert or free sample will do the most to get your message to your chosen contact.

If your direct mail is attractive and interesting, you may even be able to lengthen the time that the message remains effective. This is because the recipient is more likely to leave it somewhere visible on their desk.

Emails don’t have the same impact because once opened, it is unlikely the reader will go back to look at them again.

Purchase your business database from a leading B2B marketing data provider

We’d appreciate the opportunity to find out more about your business, products and services, and the markets you serve.

Please call 0330 010 8300 or fill out the contact form and let us provide a bespoke count for your company from our UK business database.

This will contain data for the decision makers with the greatest need for the products and services you sell.

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Frequently asked Questions (FAQ's)  vector icon in orange and dark blue

Business data lists

What’s on the More Than Words UK business data list?

Our marketing databases (sometimes known as direct sales customer databases) contain the contact details of owners and managers with purchasing responsibility within the businesses you want to target.

We can supply you with the contact details you need for each decision maker to carry out email marketing campaigns, telemarketing campaigns, and postal marketing campaigns.

Let us know who you want to target and how you want to reach them.

Your UK business database is supplied to you in a Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, or comma separated value format.

What information do I receive in each record?

On each record of our B2B database is the following information

Contact details

  • title for salutations (for example, Mr, Mrs, Dr, Miss, and Sir)
  • name (separate fields for first and last name)
  • job title (the job title reported by the contact)

Company details

  • company name
  • line of business
  • legal status

Contact details

  • postal address including 2 lines for the address, town, county, and postcode
  • telephone number (main switchboard number)

Email address details

  • the email address given by the contact as the address they’d prefer to receive emails at

Please note that we have email addresses for around 35% of the entries on our UK B2B database.

If you intend to use email marketing as your primary route to market, please let your account manager know so that we only select records for your B2B business database which contain email addresses.

Other information included

  • number of employees (90%)
  • number of branches (90%)
  • type of premises (70%)
  • website address (75%)
  • level of turnover (banded) (60%)
  • year the original company began trading (40%)
  • company registration number (8%)
  • incorporation date (8%)
  • net worth (7%)
  • profit or loss making? (2%)
  • %age increase or decrease in profitability YOY (2%)
  • turnover increase or decrease YOY (shown in pound sterling) (2%)

The figures in brackets after the description of the field show how complete our coverage is across the database for a particular field.

For example, the database contains information on the year the original company began trading for 40% of the records.

However, please bear in mind that this is an average across the entire UK B2B database – the sectors you’re interested may have a higher or lower coverage than average.

If it is particularly important for you to have a field on information with very high coverage on your database, please let your account manager know when you speak with them.

Are there just managing directors on your UK business database?

They are normally the “most senior contact” or the “company leader” – in actuality, they are most likely to be share owning managing directors.

Occasionally, when compiling the database, the same contact may give themselves more than one title.

For the remainder of the companies on our business marketing database, we have multiple contacts.

In addition to the “most senior contact” or the “company leader”, we have tens of thousands of records for decision makers with responsibility for:

  • engineering procurement,
  • facilities management,
  • finance,
  • fleet,
  • health and safety,
  • human resources,
  • marketing,
  • operations,
  • general procurement,
  • sales, and
  • telecoms
Do you offer a business email database for UK companies?

Please note that we do not offer a free UK business email database option for clients.

Ask your account manager about how to include B2B email data for email marketing on your database when you get in touch with us.

Do you offer a free business database of UK companies?

Looking for a UK business database as a free download?

We don’t offer a free UK business database for download to clients – no reputable B2B supplier will.

If you search Google using terms like “UK business database free download” or “UK business email list free download”, you will often find many free or very cheap options available.

However, the cost of building and continuously maintaining a database with over 3,000,000 business on it is prohibitive and, therefore, companies like More Than Words must make a charge for our service.

Please be aware that if you are offered a free business database or a very low-priced database, the information on it is likely to be many years old.

If you use a database like that for marketing purposes, you are likely to encounter the following problems:

  • address and decision maker details are likely to be wrong as B2B data decays at an average rate of 2.1% per month (a 2 year old database will only be about 60.1% accurate) and
  • the data will belong to a B2B data broker or B2B data owner and, if you carry out marketing using the data, you’re likely to communicate with a seed record (a false record placed within legitimate data to track whether companies are using it within the terms and conditions they agreed to).

If you do activate a seed within a free business database, the list owner or broker has the right to charge you for full use of the entire dataset.

Can I use the bespoke business directory database you sell to me for email marketing purposes?

We can add email marketing data to your bespoke business database – just ask your account manager to include them when they run their searches for you.

If you buy B2B emails as part of this service, you are entitled to use them for 12 months but you may only send one email a month to each recipient.

Is it possible to buy telesales data for the businesses we want to target?

Yes – please ask your account manager to make sure that, for each potential customer we identify on our database, a telephone number is included on each record

Can we run postal campaigns to the decision makers on our bespoke UK business directory?

Yes – please ask your account manager to make sure that, for each potential customer we identify on our database, a telephone number is included on each record.

Can I target just service businesses in the UK with your database?

Yes – the companies on our UK database are segmented into over 2,000 different classifications.

Please let your account manager know which types of business you want to sell to when you get in touch with us.

Can I still use the data for marketing after the 12 month usage licence has expired?

In common with all other B2B data brokers and owners in the UK, you don’t own the data when you purchase it from you – you purchase it on a licence permitting 12 months’ usage.

You may however use the data as much as you want in those 12 months (except for email data which can only be used once a month for a maximum of 12 times).

If you wish to continue using the data after the 12 month usage period has passed, you will need to relicense the data from us.

You are permitted to stay in touch with decision makers after the twelve months if, as a result of receiving a marketing approach from you during the licence period:

  • they purchase from you,
  • they have not purchased from you yet but a sale may be pending, or
  • they have asked you to stay in touch with them in writing (you’ll need to keep records of these requests).
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Google Reviews

Michael Peake

Excellent Quality Data delivered promptly with great service. Has been a huge help during the current pandemic and will be using them regularly. The best I have ever dealt with. Account Manager Lisa Kinghorn is an asset to the business. Great company with superb customer service.

Paul Thomas

We've recently worked with Scott. He was outstanding from our initial conversation, through to data acquisition and subsequent email marketing campaign. I have nothing but good words to say about him, the company and the service they provided. I should add that we were a little hesitant before agreeing to work with Scott due to a bad experience with another provider. He was extremely empathetic towards our predicament and ultimately guided us through the onboarding and service delivery. He clearly knows he's stuff.

Chris Brown

Having a very specific need for B2B marketing we decided to use More than Words. We spoke to Clare Tweed who was very knowledgeable and made the whole process very easy. Clare is easy to speak with, happy to help and I  could not recommend her enough, she got our order sorted very quickly and delivered to us as agreed. A huge thank you to Clare and the team at More Than Words.

Tom Grainger

On behalf of myself and DOM UK, thank you to Clare and the team for making our customer survey process as straight-forward as possible. Reached out to the company after finding them using a Google search and was contacted back straight away. They used expert knowledge to help set-up our survey to achieve the best result possible. Would recommend and will be using More Than Words Marketing again.

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