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Database Purchase vs Build Your Own Marketing Database
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Database purchase from list providers- Why is it right?

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Feb 12, 2024

Build your own database vs. database purchase

There are often mixed messages on whether a 3rd party B2B database purchase is a good idea. The reason for this advice is never quite clear. However, it always comes from vendors that sell systems for building your own marketing data lists from scratch.

More Than Words Marketing is a data supplier. We source the data we sell to our valued clients from reputable data providers – and we think differently.

Historically, internet users’ personal data would be farmed and sold in bulk to third parties. These recipients cannot be considered qualified potential customers. As a result, many messages were considered spam.

As times have changed, so have the data industries. Today, data brokers such as More Than Words Marketing only provide high-quality marketing data that follows GDPR guidelines.

These lists contain only the accurate, specific contact information of your target market.

Database purchase- good vs. bad data

What separates a good database from a bad database is whether your messages will be seen by your intended audience.

Businesses, schools, and public sector organisations with no need for your products, services, or solutions will never become customers. 

More Than Words Marketing takes the time to understand your business and the prospects interested in what you sell before we supply data to you. 

We only sell you that data – no topping up to increase our invoice value.

Well-selected, compliant marketing lists:

  • are cost-effective,
  • increase brand awareness,
  • provide sales leads,
  • are measurable and can be tested before sending,
  • increase new sales
  • prospects are more likely to become clients, and
  • real-time, automated reports are available.

What is the purpose of a B2B marketing database?

Not every business needs a contact database. You and your business will have specific requirements when you engage a data supplier.

Businesses tend to make a database purchase of a bespoke data list for two reasons:

1. To collect data quickly

Building an entire database and dividing your list for targeted telemarketing and email marketing campaigns can take time. 

With a bought-in targeted email databases, you can build your list and start marketing in minutes, not months. 

With time, you can flesh out a customer database with attributes for each prospect. However, purchasing customer data is valuable in the first instance.

2. To enter new markets quickly

Changing locations, branching out, or targeting a wider target audience requires research. 

Overheads such as website hosting, property expansion, and new technologies need to be identified and financed. 

Your marketers and sales team will be doing their jobs as well as preparing for your expansion.

For finding new contacts in this market, little time or effort is left. Purchasing data allows you to move more quickly into your chosen area.

When good data goes bad

SiriusDecisions found that up to 30% of contact information goes bad each year due to people changing jobs and businesses closing. Bad email data causes a host of problems for businesses. 

Data hygiene requires attention and a full database audit at least once a quarter. 

To ensure that you have good data, and prevent it from going bad, ask your broker the following questions:

Generally, how often do you update your database?

A regularly updated email list ensures accuracy and therefore relevance. 

More Than Words Marketing’s databases are regularly cleaned and updated to ensure they provide the most realistic information available at the time of purchase.

What’s your UK business email deliverability rate?

No email list can guarantee 100% deliverability, even ones you build yourself. A reliable email provider should guarantee that most emails reach their targets. 

Our UK business database ensures that your emails will reach the right decision makers in the right companies – creating more interest.

Currently, we can guarantee up to 85% deliverability.

How are your mailing lists targeted?

We provide targeted databases based on your needs. If you had a list of 500,000 sales managers, you might get one or two leads. 

You will get a better response rate if you target 5,000 ‘sales managers at mid-sized tech companies in London’ because they are more relevant to your emails. 

Your account manager can walk you through our dataset categories to start to build your lead generation strategy.

Where do you get your data from?

Data used for marketing purposes must comply with the Data Protection Act and GDPR rules. Any reputable data broker can confirm that their information meets data protection regulations.

More Than Words’ full data policy can be found on our website.

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