The Importance of Blogging

It doesn’t matter if you have an accountancy company or a recruitment business – everyone should have a blog.


“Why would I need a blog? I don’t need to spill my feelings on a web page or update the internet on what I had for lunch!” It’s time to dispel the myth that a blog consists of nothing more than the emotional spiel of teenagers.


Blogs are websites that feature multiple posts which function a lot like news articles and how-to guides. They’re regularly updated content which can be written on any topic relevant to your customer base. Whether it’s how to find your perfect VAT scheme or the latest restaurant trends – there is no topic left untouched for your blog.


So now that you understand what a blog is, you’ll be wondering how this could be useful for your business.  In this article we will guide you through all the benefits your company can receive effortlessly just by having a blog.


Improve customer relationships


A positive relationship with your clientele is the key to your business flourishing. You may not update your company’s website very regularly – which is perfectly normal if you currently have no need to do so. That’s why many refresh their content using regular blogs.


A blog can act as the second layer to your website where customers go to engage with new articles. Here you can spark and hold conversations relevant to your field that do not quite belong on your company website.


With the feature of a blog, your clients can stay connected with your business and – more importantly – remind them that you exist.


Customers can leave comments on these posts and start discussions with you and other readers; giving you the perfect opportunity to answer questions, engage with your customers, and effectively communicate the value of your service.


This direct form of communication is more effective than a comment section on Twitter or Facebook since specific blog posts are easy to search for no matter how long ago they were posted.  


Increase traffic to your website


If your blog is updated regularly, is engaging, and is relevant to your customers’ lives then it will attract a large amount of traffic to your site. To get the full benefits of a blog you should direct these visitors back to your main website.


Having a large following on your blog is certainly a positive, but this newly-established relationship with your customers won’t amount to sales if you can’t convert them from readers into buyers.


Customers are very busy and don’t have hours to search through multiple websites to find yours. Some may not even catch the name of your company if you don’t make it explicitly clear.


You should always link back to your services in all blog posts as this gives easy and quick access and a clear direction as to what they should do after reading. It shouldn’t cost your readers any time or effort to find or visit your homepage. If it does, you can expect a huge number of page abandons before you even press ‘publish’.


Create your identity as an industry leader


Well written and informative articles show the reader that you are a professional in your field, which is exactly the kind of first impression you want to make.  


With the help of a blog you can build a firm identity as a trusted source of information for your clients. For example, if you have an accountancy company with a blog that frequently advises customers on their financial choices, your readers will be confident in choosing your business whenever they need an accountant.


The same can be said for any sector; your blog is there to convert readers into customers with every brilliant post they read.


Enhance your SEO


What is SEO and why do I want to enhance it? Search engine optimization is the process of getting your website to the top of the list of search results on search engines like Google. The higher your spot, the more customers will see you. This leads to more clicks and even more potential customers reading about what your business has to offer.


You could have the best company in the world offering the highest quality services – but if your website isn’t easy to find, you won’t get half the number of clients you could have had with an SEO optimised site. But how can you achieve a SEO website with a blog?


As mentioned before, blogs are regularly updated – which is a crucial element to SEO. This is because recently updated content is more likely to sit high on search results. You should also use keywords, topics, and categories in your blog posts to extend your reach.


This will ensure that when a potential customer searches for something related to your business, your post is more likely to be found.


A copywriter can eliminate the stress of producing blog posts


Writing clearly and for a specific audience can be difficult, which is why professional copywriters are a business’s best friend. We produce captivating content that draws your reader in and persuades them to contact your company.


When hiring a copywriter, you save the time and effort you would have spent trying to write a blog post yourself. Not only are you left with extra time to spend focusing on your business, but you will never have another spelling or grammar mistake on your website.


These errors are embarrassing, but they could even damage the credibility of your company. By hiring a professional writer, you will never face this ordeal again.


We can help


Whether you need a blog post, a business plan or any other written work – you are guaranteed to receive the highest quality work from More Than Words.


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