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School email address list
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School email address list

Find out why 3,000 UK companies have used More Than Words' comprehensive school email address list to sell their products and services to the education sector

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  • Contains 50,000+ Schools
  • Over 50,000 Head Teacher Names
  • GDPR Compliant
  • With 30,000+ Email Addresses
  • Includes MATS Groups
  • Design/Send Service Available

UK schools database for email marketing

MoreThan Words’ school email address list contains over 40,000 regularly-updated, accurate, and GDPR-compliant email addresses for state-funded and independent schools across the UK.

You may use the schools data for 12 months after purchase to promote your products and services to head teachers and school leaders.

As our customer, you’re also entitled to one year’s support from your account manager as well as support from our technical and marketing teams.

Together, we’ll make sure that the email marketing you carry out to the UK education sector promotes your:

  • brand,
  • company name,
  • credibility, and
  • products and services

…to the most important decision makers within schools.

1. Choose the schools you want to market to from the list of school email addresses

Part of our UK schools database, our email list offers you email marketing and other contact data for:

  • all schools, or
  • schools you select by location, school type, pupil numbers, size, and many other variables.

To maximise your return on investment, only purchase school email data for those educational establishments where purchasing your products and services will benefit them.

2. Back-up and support from More Than Words after your purchase

All More Than Words Marketing customers benefit from having their own account manager.

In addition to your account manager, we also offer the following two support services:

  • marketing and promotion – when you’ve created an email campaign you want to send out to schools, send it first to our marketing and promotions team. They can provide feedback and suggestions on how you can modify your sales message for even greater response, and
  • technical – speak with one of our in-house technical support staff if you have any issues with using the database.

How to generate the greatest return from your school email address list

Email marketing to schools offers your business an inexpensive and very responsive route into the schools market.

Schools, and the teachers responsible for buying for them, respond to certain types of email approaches better than others.

Be sure on who within the school you’re targeting

What happens when your email is sent to a school?

The email is first delivered into the administration department of the school. Email’s are then forwarded to the relevant teacher by the administrator.

What we advise is that, in the subject line, you put “For the attention of the Head of English”, for example.

If you are targeting nurseries or primary school teachers, the headteacher normally has overriding purchasing authority. They may, however, be advised by key members of staff.

For selling something that may be of interest to subject-related members of staff, you address it for the “(Subject) Co-ordinator”.

When targeting secondary schools or sixth form, the headteacher is only one decision maker within the school although s/he usually signs everything off.

The buying cycle in schools

Depending on what your product or service is, the schools and the teachers you want to buy from you will come into the “buying cycle” at certain intervals.

If you’re a stationery supplier, the buying cycle might occur once a month. If you supply fitted air conditioning systems and service them, the buying cycle might only occur every five to ten years.

When someone is out of the buying cycle, there’s nothing you can do to bring them back in. No matter how attractive your offer, no matter how brilliant the advert design may be, they just don’t have the need.

There are ways to find out school information that helps you to ascertain buying cycles. Check the latest news on their website, or simply make a phone call to find out.

However, you must still accept that when you send an email off, only 3-5 out of every100 contacts on your education mailing list will be in a position to buy.

Work with us to make the most attractive and most interesting approach to schools possible.

Phone calls are always better than websites

Want to get teachers to visit your website and just place an order online?

You may be waiting quite a while, particularly if you’re doing just a one-off campaign. Nothing beats having a human to hand to answer all the questions visitors have. Schools are often cautious about making purchases, especially when their funding comes from the local authority.

At More Than Words Marketing, we can provide managed telemarketing campaigns with the assistance of our experienced telesales representatives. Adding a telephone call as a follow-up to an email marketing campaign can help you generate more leads.

Besides allowing prospects to develop a relationship with your company, telemarketing also provides a way to conduct market research. This could include finding out about current suppliers and local trends, as well as purchasing habits. Contact your account manager to learn more about our telemarketing to schools service.

Use your list of school email address each month for 12 months

Your school mailing really needs to be seen multiple times by schools. In our experience and those of our customers, schools have a good nose for the opportunistic, speculative approaches versus the really serious committed education suppliers.

One of the ways schools can differentiate between the two is by the number of times they’ve been exposed to your message. Don’t buy your school email database from us and then forget about it.

Use your school mailing list every month to gain the maximum possible commercial benefit from your investment in us.

Order your school email list

You can order the entire school emails database from us or purchase contact information for the schools you’re most interested in communicating with.

We can deliver your data to you within one working day of placing your order and making payment.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team are on hand to help you in the 12 months following your purchase.

Please call 0330 010 8300 or fill out the contact form and let us know which educational establishments you wish to target.

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School email address list

How many schools are there in the UK?

There are currently over 32,000 schools in the UK.

Around 10% of them are nursery schools or early learning centres, 65% are primary schools, and 15% are secondary schools.

The remainder are middle schools, independent schools, special schools, and pupil referral units.

There are around an additional 20,000 privately-run nurseries regulated by OFSTED.

How do I get information about schools I want to target?

You can either purchase the UK school email marketing list as a whole or ask us to break the database down so that it only contains the schools you’re interested in connecting with.

Recent requests from More Than Words’ clients for schools database segments include:

In order to maximise the return on investment you make when using your list of school email addresses, you should only purchase the data you need.

If you target all schools, you may be able to reduce your costs by examining which types of school purchase from you the most.

When you have identified them, buy that data first, make money from it, and re-invest the proceeds into buying email data for schools which are less profitable to sell to but still worthwhile.

Please contact us and speak to one of our account managers to help you decide the right course of action for your firm.

Do you maintain a schools web directory?


On most records on the database, we list schools’ website addresses as well as their email addresses.

Can I use the data after twelve months?

You have a license to use the school emails and all other information contained in the database for 12 months.

After 12 months, you’ll need to renew your license if you want to continue using the data.

Why do school office email addresses create a similar number of enquiries to personalised email addresses?

Because of its cost, email marketing is now the most preferred way for businesses, particularly SMEs and small charities, to get their message into schools.

There are two types of email addresses, generic and specific.

Generic email addresses (info@school.co.uk, enquiries@school.co.uk, etc)

With our school email lists, a customer can reach over 30,000 schools by generic email. Some email addresses deliver to more than one school – for example, a nursery and a primary school which share the same name and address.

There are over 30,000 separate email addresses on the disc delivering to over 33,000 different types of schools.

Generic emails are normally received by the school secretary.

School secretaries and administrators now perform important functions within schools more than just greeting visitors.

The Deputy Head’s role has diminished over the last 20 years, particularly over finances. These roles have largely been transferred over to the administration department (sometimes called the bursar’s department).

The bursar’s department, otherwise known as the school office, has taken on more and more responsibility. Administrators and bursars have taken control over areas previously considered the responsibility of others, like school efficiency.

There is a secretarial role to the administrator. She has a controlling function over most of the mail and email arriving in schools. A large proportion of email to the headteacher (up to 90% according to a competitor’s website) is now opened and handled by the administrator.

We advise customers using generic email addresses to put in the subject line “For the attention of the Head of Music” so she has as little work to do as possible.

This is the way that 90% of companies and charities marketing to schools communicate with schools. Although personalised addresses are more successful, it’s harder to argue from a return-on-investment point of view that it’s worth the considerable extra expense.

Can you send the emails for me?

We have extensive experience in running email campaigns to schools including a full design and copywriting service.

Click the link to find out more about our school email marketing campaigns service.

What format do I receive the data in?

Your account manager sends the data to you in one of the following formats:

  • Microsoft Excel,
  • Microsoft Access, and
  • comma-separated values (CSV).

You receive the data via secure transfer or encrypted email.

What after-sales support do I receive?

All clients receive 12 months’ free and unlimited telephone and email-based support.

Your account manager is the person who makes sure that what you want us to do gets done quickly and efficiently.

They’re your representative here and they’ll be working for you for the whole year of your licence.

In addition, if you’d like us to review an email prior to sending it out for feedback, please send it to us – there is no charge for this service.

What are the terms of your accuracy guarantee?

Accuracy of the data you use is a major factor in the success of any campaign you run using our school emails.

If we fail to hit our quality thresholds, we replace the overs or refund your pro-rata.

Our accuracy guarantees are:

  • 85% email deliverability (excluding soft bounces)
  • 92% telephone number accuracy
  • 98% postal address accuracy
Other than email addresses, what other information is contained on each entry?

In addition to the email address details, other information on the database includes:

  • telephone number
  • SEN provision
  • school website
  • school type (all-through school, college, grammar school, independent school, nursery school, prep school, primary school, secondary school, special school, university, awaiting classification)
  • school capacity
  • religious characteristics
  • Pupil Premium funding
  • postcode (including the ability to search on outer postcode)
  • number of pupils currently on the roll
  • lowest and highest age of pupils
  • local authority affiliation
  • headteacher and other leader name (where available)
  • gender characteristics
  • full postal address
  • current OFSTED rating (including when the last inspection was carried out)

Please note that not every record on the school emails database is populated.

If a particular piece of information is important to you, please call us to check what coverage we have.

Can More Than Words send emails to the schools on my behalf?

We have extensive experience in running email campaigns to schools including a full design and copywriting service.

Click the link to find out more about our school email marketing campaigns service

Are you able to run telemarketing campaigns to schools?

We support our clients in running successful telemarketing and telephone-based research to the schools sector.

Please click on the following link to find out more – telemarketing to schools.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic and the reaction to it affected school purchasing patterns?

The education sector has undergone turmoil and extensive change in the last 10 years.

As a result, companies have responded to schools’ diminishing budgets by investing more than ever before by purchasing the most up-to-date school email address list.

Why is that?

That’s because, more than ever, schools need a broad base of suppliers to choose from.

A broader base of suppliers means a wider choice of useful products and services and downward pressure on prices.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools in England were promised an additional £14bn in funding from central government over the next three academic years.

The Scottish Government also announced new funding increases as did the Welsh Government.

However, those announcements seem like a long time ago and the disruption casued to schools and the country at large since by the coronavirus crisis has been profound.

Schools have since been promised even more money by Governments to help them cope with the consequences of the pandemic over and above what was previously pledged.

The education sector needs its private sector partners more than ever to get through the next few years.

How do I order the school emails database?

Please get in touch with us and let us know what you want to achieve. Phone us on 0330 010 8300 or click here to email us.

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Google Reviews

Michael Peake

Excellent Quality Data delivered promptly with great service. Has been a huge help during the current pandemic and will be using them regularly. The best I have ever dealt with. Account Manager Lisa Kinghorn is an asset to the business. Great company with superb customer service.

Paul Thomas

We've recently worked with Scott. He was outstanding from our initial conversation, through to data acquisition and subsequent email marketing campaign. I have nothing but good words to say about him, the company and the service they provided. I should add that we were a little hesitant before agreeing to work with Scott due to a bad experience with another provider. He was extremely empathetic towards our predicament and ultimately guided us through the onboarding and service delivery. He clearly knows he's stuff.

Chris Brown

Having a very specific need for B2B marketing we decided to use More than Words. We spoke to Clare Tweed who was very knowledgeable and made the whole process very easy. Clare is easy to speak with, happy to help and I  could not recommend her enough, she got our order sorted very quickly and delivered to us as agreed. A huge thank you to Clare and the team at More Than Words.

Tom Grainger

On behalf of myself and DOM UK, thank you to Clare and the team for making our customer survey process as straight-forward as possible. Reached out to the company after finding them using a Google search and was contacted back straight away. They used expert knowledge to help set-up our survey to achieve the best result possible. Would recommend and will be using More Than Words Marketing again.

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