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Business to business mailing list
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Business to business mailing list

Conduct successful postal marketing campaigns to up to 3,000,000+ decision makers with our business to business mailing list.

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  • 82% Postal Marketing Open Rate
  • 12% Purchase Rate Among Recipients
  • Target Specific Decision Makers
  • 36% Response Rate (Over 6 Months)
  • 98% Accuracy Guarantee
  • 12 Months’ Licence

More Than Words Marketing’s business to business mailing list contains decision makers at over 3,000,000 UK companies across 2,000 different sectors.

In addition, the DMA reports the following outcomes directly related to receiving mail:

  • 92% were motivated to engage in online activities or digital content,
  • 87% of consumers have been influenced to make purchases online,
  • more than 86% have communicated with a business online,
  • about 54% connect via social media, and
  • almost half (43%) have downloaded something.

What about response rates? Recent studies indicate that:

  • 36% of business managers have responded to a direct mail campaign in the last month,
  • 22% of business managers have responded to a direct mail campaign in the last six months, and
  • 12% of the managers who responded to a direct mail campaign spent £200-£500 and 1% spent £5,000 to £10,000.

The UK’s most up-to-date and accurate business to business mailing list

In direct mail marketing, accuracy of the B2B database you use has a direct impact on the success of your campaign.

B2B data decays quickly. The latest survey shows that, within the course of a year:

  • 43% of phone numbers change,
  • 37% of addresses on an email list change,,
  • 34% of people’s titles/roles change
  • 30% of people change jobs, and
  • 24% of companies change their names.

Some marketers estimate that 70.3% of data becomes unusable on a business to business mailing list within 12 months. Throughout the year of your licence to use our B2B mailing list, we guarantee the postal addresses on your database to a level of 98%.

If we don’t hit that target, we refund you pro-rata or we’ll issue you with replacement records.

Precision buyer targeting

More Than Words’ business to business mailing list service

Select your target audience

We have the contact details for decision makers in over 3,000,000 businesses spanning over 2,000 different classifications available for your direct marketing campaigns including:

  • Full business contact names
  • Job titles included against every contact name
  • Company size or revenue available
  • Lines of business – descriptives or SIC code
  • 98% postal mail address accuracy guarantee

You can select your B2B company list by:

  • the number of staff they employ,
  • their last recorded level of turnover, and
  • the number of branches they operate from.

Use postal marketing to sell to businesses

Sales letters still work – ask us about supporting you with marketing to your mailing list. We don’t provide a managed direct marketing campaign at the moment, but are more than happy to provide feedback and support with any sales letters you write.

Combine with other marketing approaches for greater sales

It can now take seven or more approaches to a new business prospect before they make contact with you. Combine your postal mailing list with a B2B email list, telemarketing and more to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing data.

More Than Words Marketing also provides managed marketing services for both our email and telemarketing databases.

  • Email marketing – our UK business to business database contains 350,000 DM email addresses
  • Telemarketing – great for relationship building and for generating strong, closable enquiries

Using your mailing list to generate the maximum return on your investment

Direct marketing can refer to both email and direct mail although today, in most cases, people will mean email marketing. Email is, today, the most popular channel for sending marketing communications to other business.

However, marketers have recorded a resurgence in the volume of direct mail being sent which many attribute to the high response rates of postal marketing.People often compare the two mediums simply because email is seen as a technological advance which has surpassed traditional direct mail.

But this is not the case. Prospects engage differently with direct mail than they do with email.

Opening mail is often a specific portion of your potential customers’ working day – and one without distractions. In contrast, people tend to read emails on-the-go or in the middle of another activity and, as a result, they devote less attention to them.

Marketing experts agree that a multi-channel marketing approach is the most effective for any B2B marketing campaign. In general, a business owner must now receive around 6-8 marketing touches to convert from prospect to sales lead.

With this in mind, a combination of direct mail and email marketing is guaranteed to perform better than focusing on just a single channel.

Creating an appealing direct mail message

You should never approach a business contact with marketing messages if you have nothing to say.

It is unlikely to capture subscribers attention and could go against the legitimate interest element of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

For initial direct mail approaches you could consider:

  • a general introduction to your business and its products and services,
  • an invitation to an event you’re attending or hosting, or
  • a special offer to encourage immediate sales.

As you are approaching businesses, a formal letter on a company letterhead will catch the attention of your recipient better than a flyer or obvious mass-messaging.

A general introduction to your business should include details of your products and services, information on how you’ve helped similar companies, and a reason to get in touch with you.

You might want to include a generic flyer when inviting recipients to attend an event but you should always make sure that you explain in a letter within the same envelope the advantages for coming along.

Many companies make special offers in direct mail campaigns to either sell older stock they want to shift or to provide services during traditionally quieter periods of the year.

Whichever type of letter you send, you should always include a call-to-action – a specific set of instructions detailing to the reader how you want them to respond to your campaign.

Buy business to business direct mailing lists from More Than Words

We’d appreciate the opportunity to get to know you, your company, what you sell and who you sell to.

We use our collective experience to make sure that the decision makers whose details we provide you with have a strong and provable need for your products and services.

Please call 0330 010 8300 or fill out the contact form and let us know what you want to achieve with the business to business mailing lists you purchase from us.

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Business to business mailing list

How do business mailing lists work?

When you buy a contact database from B2B data providers in the UK, you’re not actually buying the data itself – you’re buying a licence to use the data for 12 months after purchase.

You can use the business list you purchase to conduct direct mail marketing campaigns over the course of the year.

For the mailing campaigns you carry out, you can either:

  • conduct the campaign internally using your staff to print the materials for inclusion in the envelope and to attach the mailing label to the envelope or
  • use a 3rd party mailing house to conduct the campaign on your behalf.

You will also need someone internally to manage your direct mail campaign.

Unless you have these resources in-house, you’ll need a:

  • copywriter to put together the wording for your mailing campaign (we have sales letter writers who can help you with this),
  • designer to create the files needed for the contents of your envelope,
  • printing companies (your printer will then send the letter and any other material to go in your envelope to you or direct to the mailing house you’re using), and
  • mailing house (they insert your marketing materials inside your envelope for you and then send them in such a way to take advantage of discounts offered by carriers like Royal Mail).

It’s normally much cheaper for companies to use an outside printing company and mailing house rather than attempt to complete the campaign themselves.

What information do I receive in each record?

In addition to the email address contained for each record, you also receive the following on your UK business to business mailing list.

Contact details
The contact’s title (Mr, Mrs, Mrs, Miss, Dr, and so on), the contact’s first name, and the contact’s surname or family name

Contact job title
The job title used by the contact

Company location details
The company’s address and postcode, the type of premises they occupy (70%), and the number of branches they operate (90%)

Company details
The company’s name, the year in which they started business (40%), their incorporation date (8%), their registration number with Companies House (8%), and their legal status.

Company trading sector
A description of the line of business of the company the contact works for

Company website
The company’s website URL (75%)

Company size information
The number of staff the company employs (90%), their level of turnover (60%), and the company’s net worth (7%)

Recent company performance (2% of records)
Information on whether the company is profit or loss making, a percentage figure indicating an increase or decrease in annual profit, and a figure in pounds indicating how much turnover has increased or decreased in the previous year

Not every field on every record is complete except for those fields shown above without a percentage figure in brackets after them. The percentage figure in brackets after the field or the field category indicates how many records have this information.

For example, the coverage figure for the inclusion of a company’s URL is 75% meaning that, across the entire database, there are, for every 100 records, 75 records which have a company’s URL. However please bear in mind that this figure is not uniform or evenly spread across all sectors across the database. The data you receive may contain a lower or higher coverage than the coverage indicated above.

If a particular field of information is important to you, please let your account manager know when you speak with them. We cannot refund in full or in part orders for low coverage on certain fields if the importance of those fields were not specified to us prior to your placing the order.

Do you separate contacts by purchasing responsibility on your business to business mailing lists?

Yes. For most businesses, we have one decision maker – normally the managing director.

They may refer to themselves as the company leader or the most senior contact.

We have additional information for many of the companies on our database for budget holders for engineering, facilities, finance, fleet, health and safety, Human Resources, marketing, operations, purchasing, sales, and telecommunications.

If you are interested in a particular type of decision maker, please let your account manager know before they run a count for you.

Are your business to business mailing lists GDPR-compliant?

Yes. Postal marketing to limited companies is not considered to be within the general scope of GDPR regulations.

It is legal to send direct mail campaigns to sole traders and partners on the grounds of legitimate interests.

Can I buy a B2B email list which you can then append to my mailing list?

Yes – you can append email marketing data onto your B2B postal marketing lists.

Please ask your account manager when you contact us for more information.

Can I add B2B telemarketing data to my mailing lists?

Yes – you can append telemarketing data onto your B2B postal marketing lists.

Please ask your account manager when you contact us for more information.

Can I still contact the companies on my database after the 12 month licence has expired?

No. You’ll have to repurchase your licence from us to be able to continue to send direct mail campaigns to the decision makers on your database.

There are two exceptions to this rule however and they are that you can continue to contact and market to:

  • companies which have bought from you as a result of receiving your direct mail campaigns and
  • companies whose decision makers have been in touch with you but who have not bought from you yet after receiving mail from you.
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Google Reviews

Michael Peake

Excellent Quality Data delivered promptly with great service. Has been a huge help during the current pandemic and will be using them regularly. The best I have ever dealt with. Account Manager Lisa Kinghorn is an asset to the business. Great company with superb customer service.

Paul Thomas

We've recently worked with Scott. He was outstanding from our initial conversation, through to data acquisition and subsequent email marketing campaign. I have nothing but good words to say about him, the company and the service they provided. I should add that we were a little hesitant before agreeing to work with Scott due to a bad experience with another provider. He was extremely empathetic towards our predicament and ultimately guided us through the onboarding and service delivery. He clearly knows he's stuff.

Chris Brown

Having a very specific need for B2B marketing we decided to use More than Words. We spoke to Clare Tweed who was very knowledgeable and made the whole process very easy. Clare is easy to speak with, happy to help and I  could not recommend her enough, she got our order sorted very quickly and delivered to us as agreed. A huge thank you to Clare and the team at More Than Words.

Tom Grainger

On behalf of myself and DOM UK, thank you to Clare and the team for making our customer survey process as straight-forward as possible. Reached out to the company after finding them using a Google search and was contacted back straight away. They used expert knowledge to help set-up our survey to achieve the best result possible. Would recommend and will be using More Than Words Marketing again.

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