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The benefits of telephone data cleansing

Modern problems, traditional solutions – the benefits of telephone data cleansing for UK companies

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Feb 11, 2024

Telemarketing is an important element of direct marketing.

Telephone data cleansing services using B2B telemarketers offers many benefits, including clean data. 

After Brexit, the UK created its own GDPR regulations, which are broadly similar to EU rules.

B2B telemarketing is not covered by these same restrictions, as long as your telemarketing campaign abides by the Telephone Preference List. Because of this you must screen telemarketing data against the Telephone Preference List (TPS) and Corporate Telephone Preference List (CTPS).

Why is clean business data important?

Clean, accurate data improves productivity, efficiency and revenue. It helps your business grow and provides valuable business intelligence.

At the heart of all sales, marketing, and lead-generation activity, high quality data is arguably the most important asset to increase the likelihood of ongoing success.

But simply having access to business data isn’t enough for marketers wishing to generate strong leads from targeted prospects. You still need to give potential customers great service, which means understanding the data – and using that data intelligently.

Efficient B2B marketing means limiting your time and resources to the businesses most in need of the product or service that you provide. This is why data cleansing is extremely helpful for any business’s administrative housekeeping

Telephone data cleansing for marketing lists

Data cleansing is a form of market research.  It ensures that your data is updated in a timely fashion to reflect how your industry and the businesses within it are changing.

So, whatever area your business operates in, maintaining accurate, compliant, and up-to-date information on your current and potential leads is vital for profitable marketing.

The benefits of using telemarketing to update your marketing database

Telemarketing offers an accurate, efficient form of B2B data cleansing that allows you to get your database up-to-date and ready to use at a moment’s notice. Unlike other channels that are easier for recipients to ignore, such as email marketing, telemarketing allows you to quickly find out a range of information.

You can ask for:

  • managing director and senior contact names,
  • job titles,
  • who handles sales,
  • how long their company is in contract for,
  • who their current supplier is, and
  • more – quickly verifying whether or not there is a need for your services.

Telemarketing is much more personal than other forms of sales communication. This is because it allows you to form a bond with clients so you deliver great service from the outset.

Because telephone data cleansing provides more information this can then be used for accurate, targeted, and higher quality direct marketing campaigns.

Using a telemarketing service to cleanse your B2B database

So you can successfully:

  • remove duplicate records,
  • amend records with incorrect contact information,
  • identify key account managers within target companies, and
  • suppress the data of people who have opted out of communications using a service such as MPS (Mail Preference Service).

B2B data cleansing saves money

Research estimates that 30% of B2B data is out of date within a year.

By cleansing your marketing database to ensure information is accurate and up to date, far less time is spent by your marketing and sales reps in lead generation. The cost per customer acquisition is also greatly reduced as a result.

Telephone data cleansing increases revenue

Dealing with returned or unanswered communications can be costly and time-consuming. This is why having accurate contact details for your current and potential clients is invaluable.

Businesses which maintain the accuracy of their data are far more efficient than those that let their databases stagnate. The more accurate your business data, the greater the positive response rates to campaigns leading to higher quality leads.

By cleansing your data through telemarketing, duplicate, incorrect or out of date information can also be eradicated.

Data cleansing enables you to monetise your customer base

Staying in touch with and offering support to companies, schools, and the public sector who have already bought from you is at the core of excellent service. 

You greatly increase the chance of significantly growing revenue, increasing profitability and preventing clients leaving to a competitor. 

To do that, you need the right contact details for your team to work from so telephone data cleansing is a must.

Data cleansing – quick facts

  • Happy customers are more likely to upgrade or buy more and less likely to leave
  • Increasing your customer retention rate by 5% leads to a 25-95% jump in profitability
  • Opportunity – only 19%of your competitors manage their customers’ experiences
  • Loyalty counts– loyal customers 5 times more likely to buy and 7 times more likely to try a new product or service from you

B2B data cleansing offers valuable market intelligence

Clean, accurate high quality data provide valuable insight into a range of important areas including wider industry information.

Because of this data will be more specific to companies – such as job titles and company turnover.

Having high quality, up-to-date information on your clients is key when:

  • planning marketing and sales campaigns,
  • fine-tuning your product or service offerings, and
  • providing excellent service to your customers.

B2B data cleansing increases productivity

If they are working with an out of date or inaccurate database, your sales and marketing team will waste a great deal of time with dead-end leads. 

By cleansing your business data using a professional B2B telemarketing service, you can help increase productivity while reducing costs.

B2B data cleansing ensures GDPR compliance

Compliance is vital for all forms of direct marketing. Legally, your data must be fully compliant with and abide by GDPR, and businesses can be liable for hefty fines if they don’t comply with this legislation.

Regular cleansing of business data allows your business to keep on top of customer contact permissions, ensuring that only those people who signed up for communications are receiving them.

By using qualified market research, carefully cleansed data can also help reveal new business opportunities within your market.

Telephone data cleansing service from More Than Words Marketing

Our experienced team, offers decades of collective experience in the industry and an in-depth working knowledge of database cleansing and enhancement. Your business will benefit from a full-scale data cleanse to bring your information up to date.

Our team will ask questions to find out about your B2B database as it currently is and what additional data would help your sales and marketing teams. We can then offer you additional telemarketing data to reinforce your existing list.

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