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Everything you need to know about using B2B database for direct marketing campaigns
Direct Marketing

B2B database for email, telephone, and postal marketing campaigns - target decision makers across UK businesses

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Feb 13, 2024

Everything you need to know about using a B2B database on direct marketing campaigns.

Marketing lists from the most reputable sources allow you to reach budget holders – your future customers – through email, telephone, and postal marketing.

From the GDPR-compliant bespoke business data lists More Than Words Marketing provides, your marketing team can generate the high-quality leads your sales team needs to close deals and generate revenue.

What is B2B data?

Usually, companies use a B2B marketing database for their direct marketing campaigns.

Business-to-business marketing is the practice of selling products and services to other businesses – thus, B2B companies target other businesses.

What are the sources of the business information in a B2B database?

In the UK, there are a number of B2B data provider organisations who compile and maintain databases of businesses.

Some of the information they compile about each business includes their primary contacts, number of employees, telephone and email addresses etc.

Market Location, Experian, and Corp Data for example are list owners of B2B marketing data in the UK.

Credit reference agencies such as Experian conduct research to discover more information about a business and its contacts, and stay in touch regularly to make sure the information they have about them is accurate.

Most data sharing directories use BT OSIS files (centrally run phone directories) to collect and evaluate business data.

Experian and other list owners provide access to databases and live feeds to brokers like More Than Words.

The advantage of using a list broker is that we can offer data from multiple sources while data owners rarely offer data derived from other sources.

In both cases, the data brokers and the data owners ensure that the business data they sell is GDPR compliant.

My B2B database lists are old – should I continue to use them?

Your marketers and sales team need to work with the most recent contact information.

This is especially important is they make use of aging customer and prospect data, as well as data you buy in from third parties like More Than Words Marketing.

Our data augmentation and enhancement service can refresh and renew your sales, marketing, and customer service databases.

This goes beyond making sure they have fresh contact information.

As we have access to over 3,300,000 decision makers in businesses, schools, and the public sector.

We can use this contact data to fill in the gaps in your existing database lists.

Please click for more on our data cleansing service.

What is direct marketing?

Any B2B company will use direct marketing as a marketing strategy at some point.

It’s a type of marketing, that involves contacting a specific, targeted decision maker with information, offers and ads.

When conducting lead generation campaigns, B2B marketers only target a key decision maker within the business they wish to approach.

Direct marketing campaigns provide impressive returns, which is why companies continue to invest in them in the digital age.

When selecting which companies to include in your B2B marketing database lists, you should consider your standard customer profile.

Choosing your prospects

To determine your standard customer profile, think about the types of businesses that have already purchased your products and services.

These are your ‘prospects’.

Choosing your suspects

Selecting businesses for your B2B database that are in need of what you sell but haven’t been targeted yet is also valuable.

We call these businesses ‘suspects’.

More Than Words Note: You can select your "suspects" by using our SIC codes or industry sector lists. If you are looking to target schools or public sector organisations see our specialist UK education database and UK public sector database for more information.

Choosing your approach

After you’ve identified which budget holders and companies to target, you must decide which promotion method to use to pitch your products and services.

Business data lists typically include a business-to-business mailing list for postal campaigns as well as telemarketing data for telesales campaigns.

Sending email marketing campaigns to potential clients will require that your B2B database list also includes an integrated B2B email list.

More Than Words’ complete B2B database service

1. Your choice of B2B database

  • a comprehensive list of prospects and suspects with additional information to help you target your marketing campaigns,
  • contact email addresses,
  • You will be able to use the data for 12 months from the date of purchase, and
  • each entry contains multiple fields.

2. One email marketing campaign design, three email broadcasts, and follow-up reports

  • our in-house copywriters and designers design one engaging and persuasive email,
  • three email marketing campaigns delivered by our trusted servers
  • every email campaign comes with full tracking – we provide you with an excel spreadsheet that shows every email clickthrough and open.

3. After-sales support services

  • our in-house technicians provide technical support regardless of your level of technical knowledge.
  • in addition, our designers and copywriters will support you in designing your own campaigns while you own the list.
More Than Words Note: Read our recent case studies from a print clothing business and a company checking service to find out how our B2B data and managed email marketing services worked and the results produced.
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How can I get B2B data for my business?

For more information, please get in touch on 0330 010 8300 or click here to email our marketing databases team.

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