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Everything you need to know about our mailing lists on one page
Direct Marketing

How to find accurate, reliable, and GDPR-compliant mailing lists to market your products and services to budget-holding decision makers in the UK

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May 22, 2022

Everything you need to know about our mailing lists on one page.

The most successful marketing campaigns – the marketing messages which generate the greatest levels of response – have two things in common:

  1. the most targeted and up-to-date mailing lists, and
  2. creative content that engages with the target audience and strongly sells the benefits of your business’s products and services.

Looking for mailing lists to carry out your own campaigns?

More Than Words Marketing is a full-service list owner and direct marketing agency.

Tell us about your business, what you sell, and the audience you want to reach,

We’ll come back to you with a quote for your new mailing list on a 12month licence.

But we offer our clients more than just a relevant list of data.

For one year after purchase, our staff will be available to review any content you intend to use for your mailing list.

Whether you need help with the user experience of your email message, or avoiding spam we can help you to improve.

We can also answer questions regarding your mailing list subscribers and how to use the data for marketing purposes.

More Than Words note – the people on your mailing list are often referred to by marketers as “contacts”, “visitors”, “subscribers” or “recipients”.

If you don’t have the experience or infrastructure to carry out your own direct mail campaigns, please ask us about our managed email marketing campaigns and telemarketing campaigns.

Information available for each data record on our mailing lists

When compiling our mailing lists, we collect the following data for each organisation:

  • Name – we have separate data fields for the first name and last name of individuals and their salutation of choice.
  • Postal address – the full postal address including postcode where the decision maker is based.
  • Phone number – the phone numbers we generally collect are the landline numbers to reach senior decision makers.
  • Email address – for companies and public sector organisations, the email addresses we have on our email lists are generally direct email addresses. For schools, we supply the office email address.
  • Website address – where known, the address for the website (or multiple websites) is contained on the mailing list we send you.

What are the job titles of the people on your database?

The contacts contained on your mailing list will be the most senior decision makers within the company or organisation they own or work for.

They will have the responsibility and the budget required to purchase your products and services.

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Power your next marketing campaign with More Than Words’ data lists

Want to find more new customers from your marketing campaigns?

Work with marketers experienced in successfully presenting products and services to decision makers within businesses, schools, and the public sector.

Whether you’re a data-only or a managed services client you benefit from the input of our marketing and sales team.

To find out more about More Than Words’ mailing lists call 0330 010 8300, or click here to email our team.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ's)  vector icon in orange and dark blue

Mailing list

What is the difference between a mailing list owner and a mailing list broker?

The contacts contained on your mailing list will be the most senior decision makers within the company or organisation they own or work for.

They will have the responsibility and the budget required to purchase your products and services.

Do you sell B2C mailing lists as well as B2B mailing lists?

More Than Words sells B2B mailing lists – mailing lists which allow you to promote your products and services direct to decision makers in businesses, schools, and the public sector.

B2C mailing lists are mailing lists of consumers which companies use to find individuals who might want to purchase their products and services in a personal capacity from home. We do not sell B2C mailing lists – if this is what you want, we recommend that you shortlist suitable list owners or list brokers registered with the Data and Marketing Association.

Is it legal to buy mailing lists?

Yes it is legal to buy any mailing list as long as the way it was compiled is compliant with GDPR rules – please click here to read our GDPR policy.

You must also make sure that your use of the mailing list purchased is compliant with GDPR too. In particular with any email ads you send, you must offer all contacts, recipients, and subscribers ways to opt out of any future email campaign you send.

You normally do this by providing a link to your website at the bottom of your email content which points contacts, recipients, and subscribers to a contact form into which they can enter their details. You must also display your company name and postal address (normally your head office) in the footer of your email marketing messages.

If you wish to conduct telemarketing campaigns to your bought-in subscriber list, you must check to see that they’re not registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) or, if you are calling businesses, with the Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS). If you wish to join either service, please visit each site and use the navigation menu on the page to subscribe – subscriptions are free for each list.

Where can I find free email lists?

If you are looking for a free email list, you won’t find one here. More so than any other piece of contact information, email addresses are very hard to collect and mailing list owners must invest considerability to keep all emails up to date on their databases.

If you see a free email list for sale, it is likely to be an unauthorised copy of a copyrighted database and many years old. Email address data decays at a rate of 2.1% per month meaning that, if your data is three years old, more than three quarters of the email addresses are likely to be wrong.

Please never be tempted to purchase a free email list as you risk alienating your target audience and damaging the esteem in which your company is held among the decision makers most likely to purchase from you.

Do you offer accuracy guarantees on your mailing list? If you fail, what happens then?

Data quality is paramount to generating the highest possible return on your direct marketing campaigns.

Our accuracy guarantees are as follows:

  • 98% on contact address
  • 92% on contact telephone number
  • 85% on contact email addresses (excluding soft bounces)

If we fail to achieve these benchmarks, you’ll be entitled to a pro-rata refund or we’ll replace the erroneous records free of charge.

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