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Using highly-targeted B2B data list for this custom print clothing company, combined with a personalised email introduction generated significant interest

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A small custom print clothing company approached us to see how we could help them to expand their business.

They wanted to introduce themselves to screen printing and personalised goods companies –  ultimately looking for opportunities for partnering with or acquisition of these businesses.

Our Approach

We worked closely with our client to create a buyer persona that typified their ideal contact, partner or customer.

From here we gathered a bespoke  B2B data list for the specific type of individual they were seeking, and combined this with a carefully worded email introduction based on our understanding of what the client was trying to achieve.

Through in-depth discussions we were able to create a strong, personalised message and call-to-action designed to get the most out of a relatively small data set.

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Following the results from only one campaign, our client has re-invested in further managed email campaigns with more longevity to generate repeat results over a longer period of time.

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