Find out how a telemarketing campaign to schools was used to increase the value of email marketing and enrich a marketing database

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A client contacted us initially to purchase our Multi Academy Trust (MATS) database. 

They offered a specialist supervision programme, which could be attended by several staff members within schools.

During the conversation we learnt that to date the client had achieved some success through email marketing, however they didn't have the resources to carry out any follow up such as telemarketing. 

In addition, our client had found it difficult to obtain the direct contact information for the correct staff members within a school, as the programme was suitable for anyone involved with safeguarding, SEND, pastoral and leadership.

They were very keen to generate opportunities within MATS because they have multiple schools within a trust.

Our Approach

Firstly, we provided our client with the Multi academy trust database which contained both CEO contacts from the trusts and all of the individual schools with Head Teacher contacts that were part of the MAT.

We recommended that our client started with 2 email campaigns, sent a month apart with a follow up telemarketing campaign to schools that had opened the email or clicked through to their website.

The telemarketing campaign to schools had two objectives which included:

  • Follow up on the email and generate leads, and
  • Identify any additional buyers and obtain contact information.

Once we had completed the campaign, our client would then have a prospect database to work with, alongside the larger MATS database which they could use for the next 12 months.

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Immediate leads Generated
Requests for more information and a follow up phone call
New buyers identified with direct contact information
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Our client greatly benefitted from the advice we were able to provide around the type and style of email content to send to schools.

In addition they had immediate leads to convert, along with more than 100 requests for further information and a follow up.

As a result of our campaign the client saw the value and importance of carrying out a telemarketing to schools campaign for generating more leads and enrich their own data with relevant commercial information such as multiple buyers.

Moving forward our client was then able to employ someone internally who would be responsible for all telemarketing campaigns to schools.

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