In 40 hours of telemarketing we achieved 23 leads for a waste compliance consultancy

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A waste compliance consultancy approached us to discuss how we could help market their services into the niche sector of waste disposal.

They had identified approximately 500 waste disposal companies who could be potential clients, however they did not have contact information for the competent or compliance person.

Contact phone numbers were present in the dataset, but they had not been checked against the preference services.

Like many small businesses they did not have the resources internally to carry out sales and marketing campaigns.

Our Approach

Once we had reviewed the clients database we recommended a 40 hour telemarketing campaign. 

Prior to the campaign starting we would screen the telephone numbers against TPS/CTPS list to remove any we could not call.

To provide the most value from the telemarketing campaign for the waste compliance consultancy we agreed to:

  • identify who the competent or compliance person was,
  • record their contact details,
  • introduce the compliance services offered, and
  • find out when the environment agency had last visited the site.

We anticipated that those companies who had been recently visited by the environment agency or had received a letter from them would probably find that they were not compliant and would therefore have an immediate need for our waste compliance consultancy to assist them.

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Immediate leads generated
Requests for more information and follow up
Compliance contact details obtained
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Our client had not previously outsourced any marketing activity as their business had grown organically.

They were thrilled with the management of the campaign and the quality of the results generated.

The number of leads generated was excellent and reflected how well a targeted telemarketing campaign can work for a niche service.

In addition to the immediate leads generated our client had more than 100 potential leads to follow up once they had provided some further information.

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Clare and her team were efficient and organised. We would use them again when we have need for this service.

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