Find out how a telemarketing campaign targeting hospitals was used to introduce specialist software

Our telemarketing campaign targeted theatre staff and hosptial management in both private and public sector hospitals to raise awareness and generate leads

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A client approached us who offered specialist software that could be used by theatre managers and wider hospital managers to improve efficiency.

The software had proven to be successful in other countries, and was now launching in the UK.

The client had several objectives including:

  • Acquire a relevant marketing database list for theatre contacts within hospitals
  • Gauge interest and generate follow up calls/meetings
  • Find out what measures were being taken if any to maximise theatre use

They were unsure as to the best route to take to achieve their objectives so reached out to our team for help and guidance.

Our Approach

After discussing the client objectives we recommended the targeting of both private and NHS hospitals, this would then ensure our client reached the maximum number of potential clients across the UK.

Given that one of the objectives was to gauge interest and generate leads for follow up calls or meetings we recommended carrying out a telemarketing campaign targeting hospitals.

This would allow us to identify key decision makers for purchasing/using the software in both the theatre setting, as well as speaking with higher management who could find the reporting features an advantage for improving waiting times and maximising the use of surgeons and theatre space.

Telemarketing is also a valuable tool for fact finding and carrying out market research in potential sectors.

After providing a suitable marketing database and creating a call brief the telemarketing campaign targeting hospitals was ready to launch.

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immediate leads generated
requests for more information to be provided by email with a call to follow up
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Following the telemarketing campaign to hospitals our client was able to evaluate the feedback and interaction that had happened in private hospitals and NHS trusts.

It provided valuable intelligence which could not have been gathered by any other direct marketing channel including specific decision makers for our clients software.

The immediate leads generated and requests for more information enabled the client to focus their attention on a smaller more manageable group of sales leads and prospects.

To discuss a telemarketing campaign to the public sector or to purchase data from our UK public sector database contact us on 0330 010 8300.

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I am very pleased with Clare and More Than Words, they've done an excellent job! They canvassed the private and public healthcare sector in the UK and it provided us with several leads and useful insights.

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