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How combined email and telemarketing campaigns created prospects, generated leads and raised awareness from a wide pool of target customers.

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We were approached by a company who provided Anti-Money Laundering (AML) training, people & company checks.

Their online platform was free to sign up and provided a PAYG pricing model.

They wanted to target solicitors, accountants, estate agents, financial services and care homes with a marketing campaign to increase their current client base.

Our Approach

We recommended a combined marketing approach that included GDPR-compliant data list from the target sectors, 3 managed email campaigns, and follow-up telemarketing calls the week after each email campaign.

Using this combined approach allowed us to target a large number of companies with email marketing and then focus our telemarketing efforts on those prospects with the highest opens and clicks, to ensure our efforts were concentrated on the customers that were the best fit for our client.

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Leads generated
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Mailing list sign ups
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Excellent results were produced for our client with very little input required from the customer – the whole campaign was managed by More Than Words Marketing.

Following this success our client went on to book a further campaign for 6 months.

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An excellent company offering friendly and flexible solutions to marketing needs. We especially appreciated Jackie's work on our behalf. Recommended.

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