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B2B data provider More Than Words Marketing provides accurate, compliant data lists of businesses, schools & public sector

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Feb 13, 2024

A B2B data provider offers your sales and marketing team, up-to-date and accurate data, so your campaigns can succeed.

Current, accurate business data helps your sales team reach the right people and for your marketing messages to be received.

Data is a business asset, so buyers need to understand where data comes from before putting their trust into B2B data providers.

The strength of your contact data decides the strength of your marketing campaigns.

Why choose a data provider?

Any sales or marketing professional will tell you that data gathering and maintenance is a full-time job.

But your sales team need it for locating, targeting and building relationships with prospects.

So, clients use More Than Words’ marketing databases to find the direct contact details of key decision makers in UK businesses.

With our complete, accurate, and up-to-date UK business database, we can help your business reach over 3,000,000 business decision makers by email, telephone, and post.

So, how does sourcing B2B data from provider More Than Words benefit your marketing efforts?

What are B2B data providers?

Initially, B2B marketing data providers just sold contact details for marketing purposes.

However, contemporary providers offer a wide range of services including data hygiene, analytics, managed email and telemarketing services and more.

These solutions allow sales teams to find, connect with, and close qualified prospects.

Open data versus marketing data from a B2B data provider

We usually refer to data providers as any data vendor selling a data product – as a business.

However, many government entities also provide free data.

Open data platforms such as the UK Government platform are well established.

Data from here (as with any open data source) may be used freely, as long as you meet the terms of the licence it is covered under.

Most public data isn’t free to collect or use, only to access.

It is important for businesses to have a source of prospect data that is reliable, targeted and specific, and this is where business databases come in.

In a business database, information is collected that includes:

  • company name,
  • line of business,
  • email addresses,
  • phone numbers,
  • job titles, and
  • company revenue.

After this data is collected, an organisation can use benefit-based emails and targeted telephone campaigns to advertise to a specific target audience.

Easily manageable, in-depth business databases can then be maintained using account-based marketing.

B2B data providers and data compliance

Compliance and data privacy are among the top concerns for B2B buyers.

The global regulatory environment is ever changing – you want to work with a vendor who understands the demands of international regulators.

Business leaders feared that the business world would crumble with the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018.

But, today, it’s widely used and highly-regarded in marketing circles.

Knowing everything we know now, it’s worth analysing GDPR’s impact on data sourced from a B2B data provider.

GDPR and email marketing

Email addresses are personal data, even if they are corporate or those of employees of a sole trader/partnership.

Marketing by email requires PECR permission.

Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) distinguish sole traders/partnerships from corporations.

In B2B marketing, employees of corporations may be contacted without consent, so you can send marketing emails to them.

Sole traders and partnerships, however, are excluded from consent-free email B2B marketing.

Sole traders and partnerships are considered consumers and must first consent to receive marketing communications from your business, before you can send anything to them.

Put simply, business employees’ email addresses can be licensed for third-party campaigns, as long as certain criteria are met:

  • you include an unsubscribe or opt-out button
  • the product or service you are offering is relevant for customers to purchase in a business capacity, and
  • you identify who you are and provide contact information in every email.

More Than Words Marketing provides extensive email marketing data for UK businesses.

All direct marketing databases supplied by us include corporate emails, and meet UK GDPR requirements.

Telemarketing and GDPR

More Than Words Marketing’s service allows you to find personal telephone numbers for businesses and employees based on our GDPR-compliant database.

Businesses must comply with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS). Individuals who don’t want to be cold called can opt out of these registers.

ICO can fine businesses that violate TPS and CTPS guidelines, and there is potential reputational damage when a company is exposed as violating these standards.

More Than Words’ service ensures your telemarketers are only contacting companies most relevant to you, most likely to need what you sell, and who consent to receiving calls.

How can you use the data?

It is great to have reliable B2B data in your organisation, but it is also important to be able to apply it to your marketing campaigns.

To get started, create a detailed buyer persona for each of your target market segments and bring this information to your More Than Words account manager.

This information gives us the insight necessary to pull the target accounts most relevant to your business, products and services.

With this data you can effectively reach out to a specific group that is likely to be responsive to your messages.

Our team works with clients to define their customer profile, target market and campaign objectives.

Because of this, our B2B data lists have been sourced according to your specific needs, reducing your prospecting time and costs.

Sector-specific data from More Than Words

UK business database

With our B2B database, your company can do business with over 3,000,000 business decision makers via email, phone, and postal mail.

UK schools database

Our UK schools database allows you to reach over 50,000 British educational establishments, with categories including private schools, academy schools and schools with SEN provision.

UK public sector database

Information on decision makers within the public sector, segmented by purchasing responsibility and annual expenditure.

More Than Words data available by direct marketing channel

Email marketing

Through More Than Words’ email marketing agency, clients have direct access to over 350,000 business decision makers.

Our email marketing services include:

  1. A managed email marketing service where we design the email, send it, and report the results after each broadcast
  2. A database-only service, where we send you a prospect email database and you manage the campaign.


We have over 3,000,000 decision makers in 2,000 different business classifications available for B2B telemarketing.

With More Than Words’ managed telemarketing services, our team:

  • schedules appointments,
  • brings in leads,
  • provides market and customer intelligence,
  • cleans databases and more.

Direct mail

Send direct mail to nearly 4 million decision makers in British businesses, schools, and the public sector.

We do not currently offer a managed service, but are happy to send our database to a dedicated mailing house.

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Our experts will provide a bespoke data count for the decision makers who require your products and services the most.

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