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Feb 15, 2024

B2B sales data you can trust

More Than Words Marketing is a fast-growing provider of business marketing lists. We provide data and outsourced marketing campaigns to clients hoping to engage named decision makers.

Using email, phone, and postal ads, we can help you to target businesses, schools, and the public sector with your marketing messages.

What makes More Than Words Marketing different?

Because taking a ‘joined-up marketing’ approach is the key to success in a digital age, More Than Words Marketing offers the luxury of a “one stop” service. This incorporates marketing data, email marketing, telemarketing and data cleansing.

We only provide high-quality marketing lists that comply with GDPR guidelines, and source data from well-known data providers.

If you lack the team or resources to carry out your campaigns, we can contact your target decision makers on your behalf with our outsourced marketing services.

Data for your marketing campaigns

With more than words marketing’s industry sector lists you’ll be able to target the right businesses directly. Over 3,000,000 UK businesses are listed on our database, representing over 2,000 different business sectors.

To succeed in direct marketing, you must use more specific criteria to choose your audience. When you contact More Than Words, we will identify which decision makers, from which types of company, are most likely to need your products and services.

Businesses and decision makers can be targeted by type of business activity, location, size, economic performance, and more.

Which marketing lists are right for my business?

The quality of the list is the most important factor affecting the response to any direct marketing campaign, more so than even the offer or ad design. Targeting should match the time you spend on designing your campaign – otherwise, you’ll waste time on the wrong people.

Simply put, you should target the prospects most likely to be profitable. More Than Words Marketing provides all of its clients with an account manager from the very first contact.

The account manager can help you to figure out what key industries to target. If you work within the haulage industry for instance, they may recommend a broad UK road haulage list.

However, their suggestion might be to target a specific part of the distribution supply chain. You may even be able to focus on a different industry altogether, depending on what you sell.

Data by sector

Our three main areas of focus are:

UK Business database

Our UK business list offers direct access to over 3,000,000 decision makers via email, phone and post.

Choose from:

UK Public Sector database

The contact details of public sector decision makers according to annual expenditures and purchasing responsibility.

Choose from:

UK Schools database

With our British schools database, you can contact over 50,000 British educational establishments with your sales message.

Choose from:

When you break down your data by industry, you can demonstrate to prospects that you understand their sector. Specific targeting lets you cater to the diverse needs of your market.

Different groups of potential customers have different needs, priorities, and expectations. So, by understanding the expectations and preferences of your target clients you can provide them with personalised, valuable marketing messages.

Data lists by marketing channel

86% of business professionals prefer email when communicating for business purposes.

But there is good reason for your marketing list to go beyond email marketing.

Customers today have much more control over how they buy than marketers do because options have grown significantly, thanks to the increasing number of available channels.

So, marketing via multiple channels – websites, direct mail, email, phone, etc. – is called multichannel marketing. This allows customers to respond – and preferably to buy your product or service – using the channel of their choice.

Marketing via multiple channels is important because you need to go where the customers are. In today’s highly-connected marketplace, customers are everywhere.

Adding to that, multichannel customers spend three to four times as much as single-channel customers.

Email marketing lists

More Than Words Marketing offers clients a comprehensive, accurate, and quality-guaranteed email marketing list for purchase.

The three categories are:

  • 350,000+ business decision makers,
  • 40,000+ schools and education organisations, and
  • 80,000+ public sector decision makers.

Telemarketing marketing lists

Currently, we maintain three substantial telemarketing databases.

This includes B2B, education, and the public sector, containing phone numbers and other contact information.

  • 3,000,000 business decision makers,
  • 250,000 public sector decision makers, and
  • 50,000 education decision makers.

Direct Mail marketing lists

Contact details for decision makers in over 3,000,000 businesses in over 2,000 categories are available for direct mail campaigns.

Select your B2B company list by:

  • the number of staff they employ,
  • their last recorded level of turnover, and
  • the number of branches they operate from.

More Than Words’ managed marketing service

But, If you lack the time or expertise to handle email marketing, More Than Words can help. By using our managed email marketing services for your email marketing campaign, you can avoid the expense of hiring marketing staff.

An outsourced managed B2B telemarketing campaign is perfect for organisations with limited time and resources. You’ll be able to track your campaign live online throughout. If an opportunity arises, we will notify you.

Data compliance guaranteed

GDPR has halved the size of most available and previously-legitimate business email lists of UK companies. Data on sole traders and partnerships is considered personal and not business data.

It is now the responsibility of data owners to ensure that each of the records in their data lists are limited companies, public limited companies, or limited liability partnerships.

You may send messages to these addresses without prior consent. ‘Marketing’ is considered a legitimate reason to contact a body corporate – as long as the business benefits, not the individual. Data brokers should be able to confirm that their information is protected.

Learn more and read our full data policy here.

Regularly updating a mailing list ensures accuracy and, therefore, value. Our database is regularly cleaned and updated so that we provide you with the most accurate information.

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Our team can help you reach any marketing goal, to find out more contact us at 0330 010 8300 or click here to email us.

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