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List of industries - sector-specific data for your direct marketing campaigns

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Jul 4, 2022

Targeting multiple industries with More Than Words Marketing

Marketing teams use a list of industries, demographics, and other criteria to target their marketing communications as effectively as possible. So, the first step is to determine your exact target market.

We can help you to do that because More Than Words Marketing specialise in business mailing lists across various industries and customer segments. 

Our personalised marketing lists can be used for postal mail, email, and telemarketing. 

Direct marketing campaigns are often segmented by industry to reduce waste and increase returns. So personalise your postal, email and telemarketing campaigns using our B2B marketing lists.

To get started, tell us the general sector or industry you are interested in.

Here are some examples:

List of industries and classifications on our business database of UK companies

  • Advertising & Promotion
  • Banking & Financial Services 
  • Education & Training Establishments 
  • Farming & Animal Establishments 
  • Govt & Public Sector Establishments 
  • Hotels & Catering Establishments 
  • Information Technology
  • Importers, Exporters & Agents 
  • Industrial Companies
  • Legal & Accounting Firms 
  • Medical & Health 
  • Professionals 
  • Retailers 
  • Sport & Leisure Establishments 
  • Trade Contractors 
  • Transport, Shipping & Storage 
  • Wholesale, Distribution & Servicing

For more detailed information on our category groupings, please check out our industry sector databases page.

Do you need B2B data lists for a niche sector?

To refine our analysis further, we can use 5 digit SIC codes.

Marketers and marketing firms prefer the SIC code system to target customers at the most specific level. With over 3,000 categories on our list of industries, you can use SIC codes to target audiences accurately. Tell us what industries you are selling to so we can determine all relevant sectors and SIC codes.

If you want to identify the correct SIC codes for yourself all you need to do is:

  1. match SIC codes with your existing customer list,
  2. identify the SIC Codes with the most customers or, if possible, your most profitable customers, and
  3. using the SIC codes of your top customers, target similar businesses.

and send us the sector or SIC code and we will prepare the data accordingly. With the addition of more industries, more codes become available.

What are the benefits of buying B2B data?

Easy way to find new prospects

Bought-in database lists are always attractive to small and medium-sized businesses – and we don’t really blame them.

Because a database is an easy way to build your prospect list – you get rich, detailed data without having to locate it all on your own. It takes a lot of time to research everything you need to know about prospective clients online.

So when you buy B2B data lists, you skip the research phase and get the information you need to drive your marketing efforts.

Access to targeted B2B email lists

Many of the misconceptions about email list buying are rooted in the past because purchased databases have become more sophisticated in recent years. Select the contacts from a reliable B2B data provider using industry, firm size, location, and so on.

The ability to buy highly targeted B2B email lists is perhaps the primary reason database buying remains popular despite negative perceptions.

Why choose a more specific database?

Databases are especially useful when it comes to account-based marketing (ABM), which relies on a focused strategy to attract a small number of highly valuable clients. 

A company may target a few dozen executives at a handful of companies in hopes of landing a few very profitable clients, rather than casting a much broader net.

This strategy is all about extending customer lifetime value. Providing value is key to a successful database marketing strategy.

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Target UK companies and decision makers with mailing lists

As a B2B data provider, More Than Words Marketing can offer you expert knowledge and insights.

Our data and after-sales service are of the highest quality, regardless of whether you buy data only or managed services

For advice on selecting the target companies most likely to buy from our B2B data lists, give us a call at 0330 010 8300 or click here to email our marketing databases team.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ's)  vector icon in orange and dark blue

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Target UK companies and decision makers with mailing lists

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