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List Of Wholesalers UK For Direct Marketing for Increasing Sales

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Aug 24, 2022

Marketing to UK suppliers, distributors & wholesalers

More Than Words Marketing’s list of UK suppliers, distributors, and wholesalers is intended for use by:

  • sales and marketing teams to carry out email marketing campaigns, telemarketing campaigns, direct mail campaigns, and
  • companies looking for information on relevant UK wholesalers.

According to estimates, the UK wholesale market is worth £29.9 billion as of 2021, with 84% traditional wholesale, 8% hybrid, and 8% foodservice. But as valuable as the wholesale industry is, carrying out market research required to find the right wholesale company for you can be time-consuming.

Seeing new wholesale suppliers at a trade show is expensive and only represents a fraction of the number of wholesalers in the United Kingdom. Wholesale directory sites are available on the Internet, but they are usually designed for drop shippers seeking a cheap alternative to eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, and Etsy.

Drop shippers require very low minimum orders. They’re unlikely to order wholesale merchandise in quantities of hundreds or thousands because they can’t be sure that your stock will clear quickly.

What’s on our UK wholesalers list for sales and marketing teams?

This information is included in our list of wholesale trade suppliers, which is part of our wider UK business database:

  • 30,250 UK wholesale supplier phone numbers,
  • 17,188 wholesaler decision maker email addresses,
  • 28,906 wholesalers whose record includes employee size (banded),
  • 14,024 wholesalers with turnover level (banded),
  • 8,007 wholesalers with a net worth figure, and
  • 24,046 verified suppliers’ website addresses.

You do not have to buy the entire wholesale business directory, so select from 110 categories the most relevant to your product or service.

Our full marketing service

1.  Database list of wholesalers

  • a comprehensive list of wholesalers
  • contact information for high-level decision makers at wholesalers
  • upon purchase, you have 12 months to access the data
  • there are multiple fields in each entry.

2. Email marketing design, three campaigns, and follow-up reports

  • our designers and writers work together to create one compelling email design.
  • three email broadcasts delivered from our trusted servers
  • a report of every click and open is provided for each email campaign.

3. Post-sale technical support

  • if you have technical difficulties, our data technicians can assist you.
  • you will be supported by our design and copywriting teams when you design campaigns yourself.

Our wholesaler UK lists by product category

Because our supplier and wholesaler list is broken up into product subcategories, this will indicate the stock they have and the types of retailers and industries they cater to.

Please let us know if you wish to target only certain types of UK wholesale and supply companies.

Can I use the list to market my product to wholesalers?

Use our list of wholesalers to promote your small business directly by email, phone, and mail. Whether you need managed email campaigns or managed B2B telemarketing campaigns, we can help you if you don’t have the capacity or the infrastructure to do it yourself.

Selling to wholesalers

Selling wholesale has many benefits. Three of the top advantages are:

1. Wholesale has lower overall costs.

Bulk sales will help you reduce marketing costs and generate larger orders, helping your business grow and increasing profit per unit.

2. Due to ecommerce automation, wholesale online sellers are very efficient.

Eliminating orders over the phone and by email will let you focus on your business strategy. In addition, wholesale websites automate lengthy administrative processes. You can use apps to handle billing and wholesale products management instead of doing them manually.

3. B2B wholesalers give businesses access to markets they could not otherwise access.

Platforms can show wholesale goods in different languages or in different ways depending on cultural preferences. As a result, the company is more accessible worldwide.

Wholesale and trade suppliers marketing directory FAQ

Who are the contacts on your database?

Our database contains senior contacts within businesses. They are usually the most senior buyers in these UK companies.

Use this database to find a wide range of wholesale buyers and wholesale distributor clients. Contact buyers directly by phone or postal mail as well as sending offers via email.

You should also target the senior contact if you’re selling products or services designed to improve efficiency and profitability within a wholesaler. They will be responsible for overall budgeting.

How is this service different to SaleHoo?

Aside from connecting clients with wholesalers, drop shippers, and product sources, SaleHoo also provides technology that helps customers build their own e-commerce website.

More Than Words Marketing offers over 30,000 wholesalers and trade suppliers in the UK in comparison to SaleHoo’s over 8,000 wholesale suppliers.

Comparatively, Alibaba allows manufacturers and wholesalers to advertise to real-world and online retailers in their industry. Our service does not offer this functionality.

I am a wholesaler and I’m looking for retailers to stock the items I sell. Can you help?

Although this is not the product for you, we can help. Click here for our UK retailers list. We have over 300,000 UK retailers across 220 categories, 220,000 retailer telephone numbers and, 66,000 retailer emails. In addition to searching by location, you can also target stores by company size (site/store number, turnover, etc.).

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To speak to one of our account managers, please contact us on 0330 010 8300.

Or you can click here to email our marketing databases team.

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