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How to sell to Multi Academy Trusts
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Selling to Multi Academy Trusts

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It is essential for any marketing campaign to understand who is responsible for final procurement decisions, and the academy sector presents suppliers with one of the more difficult systems to understand.

The total number of Academies in England as of 2021 is 8,909, and there are 1,436 Multi Academy Trusts.

In this guide we’ll discuss how you can target academies and Trusts effectively, and how to start selling to the right decision makers for your products and services.

Learn about the procurement process within Trusts, including important dates for planning and purchasing, and who is involved in the final decision.

To find out more download More Than Words’ essential guide to for selling to Multi Academy Trusts and get an introduction into the UK's lucrative education market.

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Selling to Multi Academy Trusts
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