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Marketing To Public Sector Organisations
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Marketing To Public Sector Organisations

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In this guide you will learn about public sector procurement, types of organisations and how to use direct marketing to reach this sector.

More Than Words’ complete guide for marketing to public sector organisations offers tips for effective communication to public authorities.

Across England there are 25 counties, each with their own local government authorities.

Central government has over 455 separate departments and there are 9,000 parish and town councils. This makes reaching the correct person or department challenging for businesses looking to present products and services.

Use our guide to learn about the types of public sector organisations, including:

Understanding procurement processes

Find out why and how to use a contracts finder and the Government target to award 33% of contracts to UK SMEs.

This represents approximately £3 billion in revenue.

Because purchases below a certain amount are not always awarded through a tender this presents an opportunity for all SME’s.

Lead generation can be tricky but with a tried and tested approach, small businesses and entrepreneurs can be confident marketing to public sector organisations.

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Marketing To Public Sector Organisations
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