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List of Housing Associations UK - promote your products and services direct to over 7,500 decision makers with purchasing authority

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Feb 14, 2024

There are more than 1,300 housing associations (“registered social landlords”) in the UK.

Our list of housing associations contains 1,483 of them. The importance of registered housing providers continues to grow. This is because social housing stock is transferred to these associations from the public sector.

The very smallest housing associations may have just a handful of properties while the largest own tens of thousands. Some housing associations and trusts are charitable organisations but not always.

Whatever their status, associations are not run for profit. However, they often create a surplus through their activities (the last figure being £1.47bn ). Just as associations vary greatly in size, they also vary greatly in purpose.

The largest providers (such as Sanctuary Housing and Clarion Housing) generally offer social housing for all. Smaller associations provide homes for specific groups like retired miners, the elderly, or single young people.

On our database we have:

  • 1,483 housing associations across 1,594 sites,
  • 7,526 named contacts, and
  • 3,710 direct email addresses (plus 1,051 organisational emails).

You don’t have to purchase the entire database, contact us to discuss what your products and services offer the registered social landlord.

We can then find the contacts that most need your business to send your email, phone, and postal marketing campaigns to.

How to sell to UK housing associations

Social housing is in short supply and the UK’s housing need is very high. There are approximately 4.4 million social housing tenancies in the UK, and 1.1 million tenants still on the waiting list.

For suppliers looking for new contacts within housing associations in the UK, the best approach to selling is to focus on the challenges facing social housing today.

Successful marketing campaigns might offer solutions that lessen the strain on the housing register, free up property, or offer help with a rent and part-ownership scheme.

Other challenges include those brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, materials and skills shortages, a surge in demand around net zero and the introduction of the Building Safety Bill in 2022.

Current public sector regulations do not support innovation, especially in the area of council housing and accommodation. This means that housing associations are focusing on suppliers to bridge the gap between quality housing options and affordable rent.

Housing associations are looking for best overall value for money in selecting suppliers. This encompasses not only the cost, but also the quality, reliability and safety of the products/services supplied – as well as any maintenance costs.

How can you use a housing associations database to market products and services?

Our list of housing associations is part of our wider UK public sector database.

Housing association prospects can be contacted using:

or a combination of all three channels.

Can you run the campaigns for me instead?

Yes. Please ask us about our managed email marketing campaigns to the public sector.

We also offer outsourced telemarketing campaigns if you want to initiate first verbal contact and starting building a relationship with your target contacts.

Purchase a list of housing associations for your marketing campaigns

Direct marketing offers the quickest and most effective way to generate new enquiries and sales from UK housing associations.

Please let us know what you sell and why you believe a housing association would be interested in your products and services.

We’ll then only search for the contacts within associations with the responsibility and budget required to purchase what you want to sell them.

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Get in touch

Tell us more about your company and its products and services and we’ll search our database from the prospects most likely to need your products and services.

For more information on our list of housing associations, please contact us on 0330 010 8300. Or click here to email our UK public sector database team for advice and help.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ's)  vector icon in orange and dark blue

Housing associations UK

What information do I get with the contacts on the housing associations database?

Our UK public sector database contains information covering the following areas:

  • Name of the social housing provider
  • Job Title -official job title for the person responsible for purchase decisions
  • Seniority – level of management within the organisation they work for
  • A postal address, email address and telephone number for each contact.

For housing associations, you can narrow down your desired targets by:

  • the type of tenants,
  • the type of housing (affordable housing, supported housing, shared ownership)
  • the number of units or houses owned or managed,
  • whether the association is currently building new homes or units, and
  • the name of a group/parent organisation (where applicable).
What’s the difference between executive and non-executive contacts on the list?

Executive contacts are employed by the local housing associations and registered social landlords they work for whereas non-executive contacts are not.

The value brought to housing associations by non-executive decision makers is through the introduction of fresh ideas and the challenging of decisions made.

How many housing associations are there in the UK?

According to the National Housing Federation, there are currently more than 1,300 registered housing associations in the UK.

Between them, these housing associations and registered social landlords provide 2 million homes lived in by 5 million people. 30,000 volunteers sit on the member committees of housing associations.

Do you sell a list of UK housing associations by size?

On our housing associations database, we include turnover information – if you only want to target housing associations of a certain size, tell your account manager when you get in touch and we’ll only search for qualifying targets.

Can you help me find the right buyers?

We appreciate that, if you’re doing it for the first time, selling to housing associations is difficult.
The functions of each senior member of staff within an association vary as do job titles.

When collating the database, our media partner generally collects contact information based upon responsibilities and not job titles.

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