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List of primary school email addresses
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Use our comprehensive and accurate list of primary school email addresses to build awareness of your company and make more sales

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Apr 11, 2023

More Than Words’ primary schools database provides clients with all of the latest and most accurate information to launch successful marketing campaigns into the sector.

When you order your list of primary school email database you’ll receive:

  • 21,488 schools
  • 19,173 primary school contacts
  • 17,968 email addresses
  • Detailed information for every school listed
  • 12 month usage licence
  • Updated every 3 months (updates sent on request)

Three email broadcasts and full reporting

With your primary school database, we can also provide you with:

  • one full email design (including copy writing),
  • three email broadcasts, and
  • full reporting three days after the campaign has been broadcast showing opens and clickthroughs

Searching for the primary schools you want to target

Our marketing database is much easier to search than website content for each individual school.

You can search the data for information including:

  • Head teacher
  • school type (independent, academy, special schools, local authority)
  • local authority affiliation
  • year group covered
  • number of pupils
  • rating from OFSTED reports
  • primary school capacity
  • school income & expenditure
  • information about whether there is an early years or nursery school attached
  • school website information

Do schools actually make purchases as a result of marketing?

Schools do make purchases as a result of the marketing they receive.

In fact, marketing is the main way they receive information about the products and services they need.

More Than Words Note: To find out more about Selling to Schools click here to download our free guide or read our Selling to Schools blog.

Use school-focused copy to sell your product or service

Head teachers, governors and staff at primary schools want the best for every child in their care.

For products and services designed to help pupils to achieve better results and outcomes, you need to provide key information to describe:

  • exactly what it is you’re offering,
  • how your product or service can assist them, and
  • your knowledge and experience of the education sector.

For non-educational issues such as school uniform or school meals you need to demonstrate:

  • how what you offer will either save the school money,
  • make the school money (through increased enrolment or fundraising),
  • or help the school conform to any applicable legislation.
More Than Words Note: We can also provide a secondary schools database, special educational needs (SEN) database, Independent school database and Multi Academy Trusts (MATS) database.

Why you need to use primary school email addresses more than once

You need to be seen multiple times by schools. In our experience and those of our customers, schools favour the approach from serious and committed education suppliers.

One of the ways schools can identify such suppliers is by the number of times they’ve been exposed to a brand, or information about that brand.

Schools also come in and out of the buying cycle.

The buying cycle describes the point at which a purchase is imminent and/or required.

If a primary school leases a minibus for three years they will have no requirement for any further minibuses.

This means they are out of the buying cycle until around three months from the end of their lease.

By being seen once a month, the reputation of your brand as a school supplier increases over time.

This is important for when a primary school is in the right part of the buying cycle for your product or service, your familiarity to them will be a strong commercial advantage.

Use telemarketing to follow up email marketing

Businesses that combine email marketing and telemarketing with our list of primary schools database see a higher response rate.

Telemarketing adds greater value to a marketing campaign as it enables a two way conversation with schools which can be used to:

  • identify a buying cycle and future plans
  • current supplier information
  • discuss your product or service in more detail
  • answer questions

Clients from industries such as software, training, and construction have generated valuable leads by using our specialist telemarketing to schools service.

More Than Words Note: Read case studies from a PAT testing company, children's charity and software provider to find out how they used telemarketing to schools and the results generated.
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Order your primary school database

Our list of primary school email addresses is part of our wider UK schools database.

We look forward to working with you to open new opportunities in the primary school sector.

To find out more please call 0330 010 8300 or click here to email us.

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