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Marketing Your Products & Services To The NHS
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How to find the NHS decision makers and run effective direct marketing campaigns

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Feb 15, 2024

Marketing to the NHS

More Than Words specialise in providing targeted data lists and managed campaigns for marketing to the NHS. 

We have compiled a comprehensive and accurate direct marketing database of decision makers within NHS England spanning seven seniority levels.

Our three NHS marketing databases

NHS procurement data

Currently, we have over 1,000 contacts for decision makers who are responsible for placing tenders and non-tender supply opportunities.

In addition, they decide which suppliers will receive contracts.

Our NHS supply chain contact marketing database contains:

  • 1,081 named contacts across 466 organisations,
  • 258 direct phone numbers as well as 1,065 main public sector numbers, and
  • 722 unique direct emails.

Our database includes procurement contacts or teams for most NHS charities and organisations.

Click for more information on our NHS procurement contact list .

Hospital consultant data

Consulting doctors lead teams of colleagues, each of whom specialises in a particular area of medicine.

Our list of NHS consultants contains:

  • 990 named consultants across 2.573 sites and 237 NHS organisations
  • 51,990 postal addresses,
  • 22,874 direct email addresses, and
  • 16,116 NHS consultant phone numbers (and 51,990 switchboard numbers).

Details about contacts responsible for procuring medical or clinical needs products and services are available. Ask for clinical leads, clinical support, consultants, and clinical/medical department managers, for example.

GP surgeries and CCG database

Our list of doctors’ practices contains:

  • 8,829 general practice records
  • 36,280 GP contact names,
  • 6,256 telephone numbers, and
  • 8,676 direct GP email addresses (plus 2,229 organisational email addresses)

Furthermore, we hold information on:

  • Community Health Partnerships,
  • Community Health Service boards,
  • Health and Wellbeing Boards,
  • Welsh Local Health Boards, and
  • Primary Care Networks.

Care home database

Our list of care homes contains the following information:

  • 437 nursing homes, residential care homes, and retirement homes,
  • 9480 care home emails,
  • 21,003 contact names, and
  • job title for the contact (usually the care homeowner or manager).

Please also ask us about our domiciliary care database when you call.

Planning direct marketing to NHS decision makers

Every NHS organisation has similar health care goals, but most have very different internal structures. 

Companies looking to promote their goods, services, and solutions to the NHS must identify exactly who they should be contacting. 

Change and reorganisation in individual departments and across the NHS compound this issue.

Who do you want to approach?

There is a wide range of different job titles used and they vary from trust to trust and hospital to hospital. In compiling our database, our marketers have concentrated more on purchasing responsibility than on job titles. 

For the greatest results from your marketing campaign – and to make the most efficient use of your marketing resources – contact an account manager first.

Describe what you sell to them. Your marketing manager will make sure that we only send your marketing messages to those who truly understand the importance of your products and services.

Three different ways to market to NHS budget holders and senior staff

We recommend that you contact our media team before deciding what direct marketing strategy you will use to market to NHS trusts. Our job is to ensure that you get as much exposure as possible to each decision maker from the money you spend with us.

Digital marketing works in many sectors. However, you will gain more trust when decision makers understand the benefits of your products and services for healthcare organisations like theirs.

Email marketing to the NHS

The most cost-effective of the three direct advertising media choices is email marketing, especially for companies with budget constraints. Once we have identified the decision makers you want to reach out to, we will send you the data file. The data file is valid for 12 months.

More Than Words note – do you lack the staff and the infrastructure to send your own email campaigns? Please speak to us about our managed email marketing campaigns to the public sector.

Telephone marketing to the NHS

Telemarketing lets you open a two-way dialogue with the decision makers you’ve chosen. You can also use telemarketing for market research. Let us know the aim of your campaign and we’ll supply you with the correct data for maximum engagement.

More Than Words – if you don’t currently have a telesales team, please speak to us about our outsourced telemarketing campaigns to the public sector.

Direct mail advertising

You can send brochures, white papers, and other marketing materials directly to decision-makers using our NHS marketing database. Direct mail ads are typically more expensive to run, but their response rates are higher than those of email and telemarketing.

Which other healthcare marketing databases do you sell?

Click for our list of NHS consultants , list of doctors’ surgeries , list of practice managers’ email addresses , NHS email database , NHS procurement contact list , and list of dentists’ surgeries .

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Find sales opportunities in the NHS 

Whenever possible, we aim to achieve the maximum levels of success and value for money on your NHS marketing campaigns.

Let us create effective communication between your business and NHS staff.

Tell us about your company, what you sell, and your marketing and sales goals in relation to the NHS.

To speak with one of our account managers, please contact us on 0330 010 8300 or you can click here to email our marketing team.

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