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List of NHS consultants for direct marketing campaigns
Public Sector Marketing

Marketing your products and services direct to our comprehensive list of NHS consultants containing over 51,000 consultants and 22,000 email addresses

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Aug 23, 2022

With our list of NHS consultants, you can promote your products and service using email marketing campaigns, telemarketing campaigns, and postal marketing.

What’s on our list of consultants

Our list of NHS consultants contains:

  • 51,990 named consultants across 2,573 sites and 237 NHS organisations,
  • 51,990 postal addresses,
  • 22,874 direct email addresses, and
  • 16,116 NHS consultant phone numbers (and 51,990 switchboard numbers).

More Than Words note – looking for SIC codes for hospitals? The UK SIC code for hospitals is 86100 – “Hospital activities”.

Please also click here for our guides on marketing to the NHS and selling to the NHS.

Do I have to buy the entire directory of consultants?

No. You don’t have to buy our entire list of NHS consultants – just let us know what you need and we’ll find the data you need for your next marketing campaign.

We can provide lists in individual hospitals (including University Hospitals), across NHS trusts (including NHS foundation trusts), and even in the type of clinical care provided by the database of NHS consultants.

Recent examples of lists of NHS consultants we’ve been asked to provide include:

  • NHS consultants list for Northern Ireland
  • Aberdeen Royal Infirmary consultants list
  • NHS Scotland list of consultants
  • NHS Wales list of consultants (Wales NHS consultants)
  • Morriston Hospital consultants list
  • Crosshouse Hospital consultants list

Let us search for the information that you need to generate the greatest returns from your marketing campaigns.

More Than Words note –we have other medical marketing databases available. Click for our list of care homes, domiciliary care database, list of doctors’ surgeries, list of practice managers’ email addresses, NHS email database, NHS procurement contact list, and list of dentists’ surgeries.
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Find out more about our database list of NHS consultants

Let us put together a bespoke list of consultants for your marketing campaign.

Tell us as much as you can about what you sell and the consultants most likely to have the authority to purchase your products and services (or who are the most likely to exert the most influence over the procurement team of department).

For more information on our list of NHS consultants please contact us on 0330 010 8300 or you can click here to email our marketing databases team.

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List of consultants

What information do I get with each consultant on the list?

We have the following details for the consultants contained on our UK public sector database are as follows:

  • Salutation – Mr, Miss, Mrs, Ms, Dr – etc
  • First name
  • Initial – first name abbreviated to the initial letter
  • Last name
  • Job Title–official job title
  • Seniority – level of management within the organisation they work for
  • Qualifications – educational or vocational qualifications the contact is known to have
  • Town or city – the town or city in which the contact is based

The contact details we have on our NHS consultant database are:

  • Postal address – The postal address at which the contact is based
  • Contact email address – the email address of the contact (including their website address)
  • Contact phone – the direct number for the contact or, where that is not available, the switchboard number
What does a consultant do?

Consultants are senior doctors and physicians who have been placed on the Specialist Register for their chosen healthcare/medicine speciality following the completion of relevant training.

Consultants lead teams of fellow medical professionals each of which specialises in the same field of medicine.

On their team are staff grade doctors, associate specialists, specialty doctors (including clinical assistants and clinical fellows), clinical fellows, and clinical assistants.

Together, this special on-site in-hospital team is often called a “firm”.

How many consultants are there in the NHS?

We have contact records for just under 52,000 active consultants working for the NHS on our marketing database.

Almost all consultants in the UK are employed by the NHS.

What is an NHS Foundation Trust?

An NHS Foundation Trust is an organisational unit which is part of the NHS but which has a degree of independence from the Department of Health & Social Care.

Which consultant databases do you have for sale?

We can select just the NHS consultants you need to contact who we have details for from our:

Can you help me to market to consultants on your list?

Yes. If you currently lack the staff or infrastructure needed to carry out direct marketing campaigns to NHS consultants, please ask us about our managed email marketing campaigns to the public sector and our outsourced telemarketing campaigns to the public sector.

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