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List of doctors & surgeries for direct marketing campaigns
Public Sector Marketing

Use our comprehensive list of doctors to acquire prospects, generate leads, and maximise your sales to GP surgeries

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Oct 13, 2023

List of doctors UK database for direct marketing campaigns

More Than Words’ list of doctors is a useful resource for companies looking to sell their products and services direct to health professionals.

Part of our wider UK public sector database, the doctor and general practitioner database offers your sales and marketing teams detailed information on high-level contacts within NHS.

So, whether you sell:

our list allows you to connect with any GP practice on the issues most important to them.

The general practice and public health sector in the UK is worth £10.2bn and rising and the bulk of a GP surgery’s income comes from NHS treatment services.

However, this may be topped up by programmes like the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) under the Care Quality Commission, or from providing enhanced or non NHS services.

GPs need to manage and maximise the benefits of their various income streams. This is to ensure they meet targets, maintain patient care and minimise their own financial liability.

Therefore this offers businesses selling products or services to doctors, medical students and practice staff a unique opportunity. So, whatever your niche, as long as your products or services can maximise positive outcomes, this will push doctor investment in your business.

What’s on our list of doctors?

On our list of doctor and NHS services we have:

  • 8,829 general practice records,
  • 36,280 names of legitimate GPs (registered with the General Medical Council) and practice team decision makers,
  • 6,256 telephone numbers, and
  • 8,676 direct GP email addresses (plus 2,229 organisational email addresses).

More Than Words note – looking for health-related marketing lists? Click for our:

More Than Words notelooking for SIC codes for doctors’ surgeries? The SIC code for doctors’ surgeries is 86200 – “Medical and dental practice activities”.

Why is direct marketing to doctors successful?

Direct marketing is a form of advertising that involves a company contacting a highly-targeted pool of prospects personally to tell them about their products and services.

It is action-oriented (meaning that the communications you send tell the customer what you want them to do) and is measurable. 

Businesses can track the success of their marketing campaigns in real time, allowing them to refine and adapt their campaigns as needed.

Email marketing to doctors

Email marketing is highly measurable and by using analytics software you can test different subject lines, copy and images. Then, measure the response to each and adjust your emails until you have the most effective version.

The versatility and convenience of email makes it appealing to busy doctors, who may not be ready to make a decision on the spot.

Telemarketing to doctors

Many clients use our public sector calling list to run telemarketing campaigns to doctors’ surgeries.

A phone call gives you the opportunity to find out if a prospect is interested in what you are selling immediately.

This means that you don’t dedicate days or weeks to a sale that isn’t going anywhere.

In addition, telemarketing creates a personal connection between your business and theirs, creating trust between you. 

It can also be used to set an appointment that your sales team can follow up on later or to find out future practice needs.

Can you run email marketing and telemarketing campaigns to doctors?

If you don’t have the time or ability to carry out email or telemarketing campaigns of your own, we can do it for you!

More Than Words’ managed email marketing campaigns to the public sector takes control of the research, design and distribution of your email campaigns. 

Then they are sent to your chosen contacts within the National Health Service.

Our public sector telemarketing service uses trained telemarketers to contact the practices on your list of doctors to:

  • set appointments,
  • answer questions and
  • generate leads for your sales team to follow up on.
More Than Words note- Click here for our guides on marketing to the NHS and selling to the NHS .
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Find out more about our list of doctors

Our doctors contact database offers a targeted and data-rich resource to effectively generate leads and sales.

Get in touch with our team to find out about building commercial relationships with doctors and practice managers.

Call us on 0330 010 8300 or click here to email our public sector database team.

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