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List of Dentists (UK Dental Directory) For B2B Marketing Campaigns
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Get an up-to-date, GDPR compliant UK list of dentists containing over 11,500 records to use for email, telephone and postal marketing

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Oct 13, 2023

Where can I find a UK database of dentists?

More Than Words is currently offering the most complete dentist email database for direct marketing.

In the UK, £7.1bn a year is spent on dentistry (around £3.6bn privately and £3.5bn by the NHS).

A recent report from FMC found that 58% of dentists expect to do more private treatment in the next year, whilst 51% plan to invest in high-technology, equipment and software to make the quality of their treatments better.

Why you need a list of dentists

With the demand from patients increasing in England, Scotland and Wales, dental practices have to make more information available online to stand out in an online search and persuade patients to register with them.

The best way to find a dentist to buy your product or service is use a dentist email database. 

Send them information on how you can help them improve the safety, care and level of service they offer patients at a higher profit margin.

Due to Increasing patient numbers, dental practices more than ever are looking for services that can help with efficiency and patient management.

What’s on our dentists database

More Than Words’ list of dentists directory includes:

  • registered dental practices,
  • senior dentists’ names,
  • postal contact addresses,
  • email contact addresses, and
  • contact phone numbers

Targeting the right prospects using a list of dentists

You can target dental practices based upon geographical locations, number of employees or turnover. 

This ability to filter allows dental suppliers both nationally and locally to buy a dentist email list for marketing.

Dental surgeries are businesses, requiring a steady income and regular, registered clients to keep their business stable.

More UK-based dentists today are focussed upon registering private paying patients and therefore must offer a wide variety of dental treatments, procedures and cosmetic dentistry.

Dentists in England spend thousands of pounds each year on dental equipment, meaning that finding better value or lower-cost supply alternatives is high on their agendas.

They also look for services who can improve their website content and usability as more patients are going online to find and review details of standard dental treatments.

More Than Words note: We have other health related and medical marketing databases available. Click for our list of care homes, domiciliary care database, list of NHS consultants, list of doctors’ surgeries, list of practice managers’ email addresses, NHS email database, and NHS procurement contact list.

What types of products and services do dentists purchase?

Although not an exhaustive list, typically all dental practices would need to purchase:

With a rise in the number of patients and a higher demand for services they may also look to expand to include cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic procedures can be expensive so dentists will want to offer flexible payment options for patients.

Use our database of dentists to sell your products or services

More Than Words’ dentist email list is suitable for any business supplying products or services to dental surgeries including:

  • laboratory services,
  • software suppliers,
  • medical equipment manufacturers,
  • distributors of medical supplies,
  • finance,
  • recruitment, and
  • training.

Use our dentist email list to create personalised, targeted and relevant email marketing campaigns. 

Utilise the 12 month data licence to carry out telephone marketing or direct mail campaigns.

More Than Words Note: Want to buy a dentist email list but don't have the time or resources to carry out marketing campaigns? Ask about our managed services for email marketing and telemarketing.

How many dentists are there in the UK?

Statista says there were about 30,000 dentists in Britain in 2018. NHS figures reveal more than 22 million adults were seen by the dentist in 2012 – 45% of the adult population.

Why are dentists not accepting NHS patients?

Dental practitioners attribute closure of services and the reduction of personnel to recruitment and the increased cost of operations.

More Than Words Note: Looking for SIC codes? The UK SIC code for dentists is 86200 – “Medical and dental practice activities”.
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Get started with our database of dentists

To speak to us about our dental practice database, please call us on 0330 010 8300.

Or click here to email us and ask us how our marketing databases team can work with you promoting your products and services to our dentist email list.

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