Do you want to market your products and services to decision makers within the independent or private school sector?

More Than Words Marketing’s list of independent schools is part of our comprehensive UK schools database and contains 2, 521 schools, 1,524 email addresses as well as information on each establishment listed.

Formed of members of the constituent associations of the Independent Schools Council (ISC), the UK’s privately-run schools sector is worth around £14bn a year to the country and supports 303,000 jobs.

Sell products and services to Independent schools

How many independent schools are there in the UK?

We currently have 2,521 establishments listed on our prep school database.

Many of these feature on the Good Schools Guide and we have entries for those serving students of all stages of the National Curriculum.

You may search by age of students (senior school), type of schools (boarding or day school) or even number of students (large vs small class) in order to target the schools most likely to need your products or services.

Searching for the schools you want to target on our database

Independent School Database from More Than Words

Our list of independent schools in the UK is an extensive marketing database.

It is also possible to search for a school individually, or you can perform a detailed search where you can clarify results by:

  • whether the school is a college or sixth form, grammar or private school, independent, nursery, prep school, primary or secondary school,
  • whether it is a boarding school or not
  • pupil gender ratios,
  • the region of the school,
  • the age range of the students (senior school or junior school etc),
  • if the school has a religious ethos,
  • the number of pupils in attendance,
  • whether it has an early years or post-16 setting attached,
  • what the full school capacity is,
  • if there is school website and URL, and
  • if there is SEN learning provision and in which areas specifically.

This information works as a valuable basis for further research on school policies and procurement strategies, allowing you to tailor your marketing approach to your audience.

Our tips for launching a successful school marketing campaign

When you purchase our database, we can offer the following:

  • a professional, responsive email design,
  • three email sends and reports on click-throughs,
  • ongoing advertising and technical support,
  • licence to use the data for 12 months, and
  • quarterly updates on your campaign upon request.

Use email campaigns

Email has been the go-to method of advertising and promotion for suppliers to the public sector for more than a decade.

Emails make it easier for you to get your message across directly – in a way which can be monitored and reported on.

email marketing to schools service from more than words

Through email you are able to acknowledge, for example, any academic excellence awards they have had, unique elements of their school life, or the traditional values of the school you are targeting.

You can describe specific challenges faced by individual parts of the school, as well as the school as a whole.

For example, a lower school will face different issues than an upper school.

Local education authorities invest money in products and services that will enable them to meet and exceed the high expectations of parents and governors.

If your prospect recognises that you already know about their high academic standards, and have targeted them because of this, they can trust that your products or services are designed with this type of organisation in mind.

Your email can then educate the school in the ways you are able to:

  • help them save money,
  • make money,
  • improve parent perception of the school,
  • improve results in their next inspection report and/or
  • boost the case for enrolment in this highly competitive market.

Once your prospects recognise your business for sending relevant ads, it will be easier for you to connect with them again in the future.

Independent schools and telemarketing

As previously mentioned, email marketing is a highly effective way of gaining leads.

It is worthwhile to add telemarketing to your marketing mix when working with those in child care and education, as these areas have strict regulations and require significant trust before they will convert.

You could view this as a supplementary addition to your marketing campaign to ensure maximum ROI and consumer engagement.

Our telemarketing services are able to conduct the following activities:

Market research

Our telemarketers will perform market research to gain valuable insights from the people on the front line who really know what is needed.

Lead generation

Lead generation telemarketing services help us to find out which independent schools are interested in your products and services on your behalf. Once we have found a potential client, we pass the information back to your team to follow up.

Data validation

We can perform data validation and pipeline building to keep your existing database up to date and add fresh information where possible to make sure it is up to date, GDPR compliant and fit for purpose.

Appointment setting

Our education telemarketers secure dozens of qualified appointments with schools each week, let us do the same for your business.

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