There is a long list of dentists in the UK that are struggling with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Dentists and dental nurses are in close proximity to others every day.

The Office for National Statistics found that dental nurses had the highest level of potential exposure to disease of all the occupations studied, with dentists themselves coming sixth.

As the country works hard to get all professions back into business and tighten up health and safety procedures the majority of dentists are working again.

Thanks to the previous shutdown, dentists are expecting a surge in demand for routine check-ups that were missed over the course of 2020 – on top of their existing patients.

Who needs a database of dentists?

More Than Words’ list of registered dentists in UK cities is a useful resource for any business supplying products or services to dental surgeries.

This includes laboratories and software suppliers alongside those selling medical and consumable products.

Dentists spend thousands of pounds each year on supplies for their offices including anaesthetics, syringes, dental drills and x-ray machines.

The financial difficulties and general uncertainty of the past year is making dentists think more closely about who their suppliers are and the value they can offer.

The three main advantages of working with More Than Words’ dental practice email list

Our email marketing to dentists service offers the following three features:

1. Accurate, up-to-date list of dentists (including dentist email addresses)

  • a comprehensive list of NHS dentists and private dentistry practices, free of duplicates and with contact names and postal addresses (part of our wider UK public sector database),
  • a dentist email list providing email addresses of budget holders and decision-makers to help you to generate strong leads and sales from your email campaigns to dentists,
  • multiple fields included per entry (including telephone numbers for any telemarketing campaigns you wish to carry out), and
  • use of the information for a full 12 months from the date of purchase.

2. Email marketing design and three email marketing campaigns sent to specified contacts on your list of dentists

  • email design – our experienced team of copywriters and designers work with you to create an engaging and convincing email design based around an offer, product or service of your choice,
  • three email campaigns – we will send three public sector email marketing campaign broadcasts via our trusted servers to the companies you choose from our database of dentist email addresses, and
  • full reports after each broadcast – three days after each email is sent out we will provide you with a spreadsheet that shows all of the times your email was interacted with, including which dentists opened and clicked through to your website.

3. Dental practice directory UK – after-sales support

  • free technical support – whatever your level of technical experience, our in-house data technicians will help you to use your data and maximise the return you get on your investment
  • free advertising support – you will have access to an account manager, the design team, and the copy writing team, who will give feedback on any marketing material you send to your list of dentists over the course of the year.

List of dental practices in UK cities – what is included with our service?

More Than Words’ dentists database contains 12,036 dental practices and includes postal addresses, telephone numbers and contact names for the main decision-makers in each practice.

The database includes 3,045 verified, up-to-date email addresses.

You don’t have to buy the entire database from us. Some of our most popular requests are based on location so that clients can market to businesses in their area such as:

  • list of NHS dentists Sutton Coldfield
  • list of NHS dentists Plymouth
  • list of NHS dentists Scotland
  • list of NHS dentists in Milton Keynes
  • list of NHS dentists in Cornwall
  • list of Gosport dentists
  • list of NHS dentists in Leicester
  • list of NHS dentists in Orpington
  • list of NHS dentists in Birmingham
  • list of dentists in Derby
  • list of NHS dentists in Bradford
  • list of Sheffield dentists
  • list of NHS dentists in Bolton
  • list of dentists in Kempton Park
  • list of dentists in London
  • list of dentists in Scotland

Please let your account manager know what specifics you are interested in and they’ll run a bespoke count and quote for your marketing database or campaign.

Many people find this page when they’re looking for a “GDC list of struck off dentists”. We apologise if you found us looking for that information but this is something we can’t help you with!”

Dental practices and the UK economy

Worth £7bn to the UK economy, the fractured nature of Britain’s dental market continues to drive growth in the sector.

Clearwater International’s latest report shows 14,150 dental practices in the UK in 2018 and only 11,965 dental companies, indicating that a good number of dental practices are still operating independently.

The dental industry also benefits from an ageing population.

The government predicts that the over-60s population will grow by 11% over the next five years and an older population tends to drive growth in the private dental market.

In fact, Clearwater International’s report indicates that the need for age-related dental work such as restorative procedures is predicted to rise significantly in this time.

How to sell to decision makers on your list of dentists

Dentists spend the majority of their work hours with patients so will usually be most receptive to anything that makes their time more productive or increases its value.

This could be something like software that speeds up the way that dentists can process patients charts or innovative orthodontic devices that patients will pay more for – such as Invisalign.

The contacts on your list of dentists will need to be approached in a way that is mindful of their time.

Emails sent after work hours or at lunchtimes are less likely to be ignored or missed by your target market.

Think about:

How can you help them to maximise the time they spend with patients?

A product or service that allows your prospects to do the job they already do more effectively in a shorter time frame would be an easy sell.

What are you selling?

Do you have a product they can use with patients, a service that will help them to manage their time and customers or technology that will streamline their business processes?

The way your email marketing campaigns to dentists are structured will differ depending on this.

Are you aiming at a specific dental speciality or is your product/service more general?

Your More Than Words account manager can help you to choose more specific data subsets related to your requirements if your marketing campaign is more specialised.

List of dentists UK – get us to do the work for you

In addition to the list of dentists database we provide you with, we can also compose one email design for you as part of our managed email marketing service.

Your account manager will discuss your requirements and products/services and help you to decide on an angle for the campaign you want to send to your email list of dentists.

Our experienced in-house copywriters and designers will write and create an email design on your behalf with a strong headline and compelling body copy.

More Than Words is a sales-oriented content production copy – our goal is to create content for clients that generates the maximum number of leads and sales possible from every email.

Your email will then be sent from our trusted servers and after three days we will send you a full report of your email including opens and click throughs.

We generally recommend starting with the recipients who engaged the most with your email when following up.

List of dentists in the UK – the after-sales support we offer

You have access to the data for 12 months from the date of purchase and we suggest using the data at least once a month during this time.

You can get help from our technical support team if you need help using the data and your account manager will offer feedback if you have marketing materials of your own that you’d like us to review.

While it is not offered as part of our dentists’ database, you may wish to speak with us when you call about an additional outsourced public secotr telemarketing campaign to follow up and maximise the impact of your email campaign.

Contact More Than Words

Our goal is that the information provided on our list of dentists will help to establish your company as a trusted and valued supplier to the dental sector in the UK.

To speak to us about our list of dentists, please call us on 0330 010 8300 or click here to email us and ask us how our marketing databases team can work with you promoting your products and services to dental practices.

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