A well-established and respected uniform supplier got in contact with us to get help boosting their profile and launching a new product range within the Care sector.

The client had already had success in building a strong client base within the hospitality and leisure industry.

They had a solid background of working with larger organisations, creating and supplying bespoke, branded uniforms and workwear.

They were keen to branch out into the Care sector and gauge interest for their latest product range by connecting with larger Care Group buyers or procurement teams

However, they did not have the contacts or internal resources to carry out a targeted sales and marketing campaign on their own.

Our approach

We quickly identified 700 leading care homes of the desired size, collating and supplying our client with a marketing database of contact details and basic business information for each.

The next step was to further qualify the data and begin the process of lead generation.

This meant isolating those contacts that were TPS registered and had the basic requirements proposed by our client in the objectives they were trying to achieve.

From here we launched a 40-hour telemarketing campaign through which we identified buyer information and buying cycles ascertaining the needs of each contact.

We used this connection to present our client’s product range with the end goal of connecting the two businesses and generating new leads.


Brochure requests


Future opportunities identified


Immediate leads generated



Our strategy presented the client with a targeted, results-driven marketing campaign combined with a process of qualified data collection.

We delivered a number of new contacts whilst at the same time laying a foundation for lead generation.

The client was able to use the immediate results to launch their new product range in the intended sector as well as identify potential clients and opportunities for later action.

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