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List of domiciliary care agencies for direct marketing campaigns & teams
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Here's how to sell your products and services to decision makers on our list of domiciliary care agencies across the UK

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Aug 19, 2022

List of domiciliary care agencies for direct marketing campaigns.

As the average age of people living in the UK rises, so too does the number of domiciliary care services and home care businesses operating across the country.

Home care in the UK is split between commercial (for profit) and voluntary (non-profit) personal care providers, all overseen by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

There is no current reliable estimate for private spending on care, as noted by the Office for National Statistics in its 2020 report. However, local council spending alone stands at around £18.7bn

Research also suggests that external supplier contracts have become more common since the introduction of the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

This legislation allowed local NHS organisations to source their own products and services. 

For suppliers to this sector, access to relevant contact details speeds up the marketing process and helps you to locate and target the appropriate agencies.

Who can benefit from a list of domiciliary care agencies?

More Than Words Marketing’s list of homecare providers is a useful resource for any business selling:

  • medical and orthopaedic products,
  • assistive technology,
  • ambulance services, or
  • educational courses.

Recent years have been tough on care home and personal care services, with social services spending cuts and rising demand for home care services. Many agencies are finding that engaging smaller suppliers helps to keep their business efficient.

More Than Words note – looking for SIC codes for domiciliary care? The code is 86200 – “Medical and dental practice activities”.

The three main advantages of working with More Than Words Marketing

Our domiciliary care database service includes:

1. Accurate, up-to-date list of domiciliary care agencies

  • an exhaustive list of home care providers and agencies in the UK,
  • with a contact name for the registered manager or other decision maker for each entry,
  • a list of up-to-date email addresses and telephone numbers per homecare agency,
  • multiple fields included per entry, and
  • a full 12 months to use the data from the date of purchase.

2. One email marketing design and three email campaigns with full reporting

  • one email design – our experienced designers will create an engaging and attractive email design for clients. You select the offer, product or service to feature.
  • three email campaigns – we will send your first three email campaigns from our trusted servers to your care worker or homecare manager contact list, and
  • full follow-up reporting – three days after each email is sent we will email you a spreadsheet showing every time your email was interacted with by a contact. You will be able to see who opened your email, who clicked through to your website and how many times.

3. After-sales support service for your list of domiciliary care agencies

  • for 12 months from the date you purchase your database we offer technical support, and
  • you will also have support from your own dedicated account manager.

What is on our list of domiciliary care agencies?

More Than Words’ homecare provider marketing database contains:

  • 5,109 records, with contact names for the main carer or decision-maker in each organisation,
  • 4,153 domiciliary care provider phone numbers, and
  • 2,661 verified email addresses.

Please let your account manager know what specifics you are interested in, such as:

  • dementia care
  • older person care agencies
  • nursing home and residential care services
  • mental health organisations

They’ll run a bespoke count and quote for your marketing database or campaign.

Home support care agencies in the UK economy – an overview

Ibis World estimates that the home care industry in the UK stands at around £5bn annually, spread across 11,325 businesses.

The sector has faced significant challenges in recent years as the result of austerity, followed by the coronavirus pandemic. 

The recruitment and retention of support worker employees continues to be challenging. This has led to some providers being forced to offer care to fewer people – a situation that many organisations in the sector are keen to resolve.

Some nursing care and live in care providers credit the introduction of research and new technological solutions to the continued rise in quality ratings for personal care.

The sector is currently very open to any solutions that can help carers to do their jobs more efficiently while providing a consistently superior level of care.

How to sell to decision makers in this sector

There are three main points that any home support provider in the UK is focused on at the moment.


Support providers are keen to embrace technology in order to address the challenges of an ageing population.

Technology that is in the most demand are those that can:

  • increase productivity or
  • keep families up to date with the health and status of their loved ones

Recruitment and retention

Social care has long been troubled by difficulties around recruitment and retention. 

Organisations are always looking for solutions that can reduce the risks to support workers and improve outcomes for service users. 

Training and education that helps agencies to attract the best care workers is also highly desirable.

Home care costs

As government spending within the local authority drops, the average home care service can expect a growth in privately purchased care. 

A home care provider is preferable to residential care for many. It offers a solution that is more comfortable and more cost-effective. 

Suppliers that can help these agencies to stay affordable will generate the strongest leads in this sector.

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