This company has a free tool for schools and pupils that will give pupils access to hundreds of fiction and nonfiction school-related books.

They already had a good start with promoting their app and gaining interest from schools, however they needed help to progress initial interest into new users and approached More Than Words Marketing for help taking it up a notch, using our telemarketing to schools service.

Our approach

We were given 340 data records for schools that had downloaded our client’s app but not progressed any further.

We called each of these contacts twice over the course of around 30 hours, performing market research based on questions provided by the client, and encouraging the schools to register so that they could use the app.


Requests for further information



Leads generated



Appointments requested



Our client saw a significant increase in schools registering for their app, as well as gaining valuable connections with schools through our telemarketing research and introductions. The telemarketing element also proved to be a valuable part of the buying cycle by creating a personal two way conversation which also led to requests for more depth information and/or follow up appointments.

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