We were approached by the Institute of Civil Engineering (ICE).

They wanted to promote a number of webinars to schools as quickly and efficiently as possible.

ICE promotes career opportunities within the civil engineering sector to secondary schools across the UK and usually do this via on-site workshops and presentations.

However, because of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, they have had to move their work online.

The client wanted to raise awareness of these upcoming webinars – with the ultimate goal of filling up all of the spaces available.

Our approach

We decided that the best course of action was to identify the pertinent institutions for these presentations and target these with a combination of email marketing campaigns and telemarketing campaigns spread out over a three month period.

We were able to source the information required and supply the client with a database of high-level contacts in the schools we identified, before completing an email design on their behalf.

More Than Words Marketing sent out each email campaign from our own trusted servers ensuring that these communications were not caught up in ISP filters.

We followed up on each email broadcast with a telemarketing campaign which capitalised on the interest garnered through the emails.

Over the space of 3 months and 45 hours we were able to generate 75 leads which were all clients signing up for the webinars.

We provided full reporting of each campaign to allow the client to monitor leads and responses.


Direct email responses


Leads generated from telemarketing



The three-pronged approach we used here provided the client with a successful outcome to their initial request — filling all of the spaces on their upcoming webinars — as well as providing them with an abundance of data to aid future campaigns.

The client will be able to use the database we provided to reach out to these contacts again, using analysis of the previous campaigns to formulate constructive marketing campaigns in the future.

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