We were approached by a UK-based typing & translation company to help them find new customers for regular or ad hoc requirements.

Their target audience was solicitors and the client had an established base of customers, but didn’t have the time or expertise internally to generate new business.

They were also unsure of the right approach and needed a marketing company who could advise, create and deliver a lead generation campaign specifically geared towards this market.

Our approach

We looked at the solicitors sector across the UK and established the number that could be approached by email and/or telephone, in line with the GDPR and TPS. 

With this in mind, we created a campaign which worked from a compliant marketing database of solicitors, with three email broadcasts created alongside our client to incorporate their expertise in this sector.

Finally we conducted telemarketing follow-up calls to make introductions and gauge interest.


Immediate leads



Brochure/pricing requests



Opt-ins for future contact



Our client was impressed with how we could understand their business and put together a bespoke campaign which generated immediate and future opportunities.

They went on to book a further campaign in this sector and also expanded into the medical sector.

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