Our client was a company who provides staff training programmes, consultancy services and executive coaching services to UK businesses.

They approached us looking to identify and find new clients that could benefit from staff training – as a way to replace business lost during the pandemic.

Our approach

During a time when most companies were working from home, our client was able to offer online training programmes, providing a valuable solution for companies seeking a new way of training their teams.

We took this information and identified a target audience of HR Decision Makers and Training & Development Managers within medium-sized companies that we could reach out to.

We then designed an eye catching email campaign which we sent directly to these prospects on our clients behalf, and followed this up with a 30 hour telemarketing campaign to establish which of these companies required staff training services.


Percentage of open and click through rates


New leads



This campaign is ongoing, but even so we have already been able to provide a number of leads and follow up opportunities for our client.

Our client has thus been able to replace a pipeline that was damaged during the pandemic and lockdown period.

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