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Contact 10,000+ decision makers by email, phone + post with our comprehensive, up-to-date, and fully GDPR-compliant HR contacts database UK

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Oct 13, 2023

Human resource data list for direct marketing campaigns

More Than Words’ HR contacts database provides 10,068 data records for HR contacts within UK companies.

This offers opportunities for businesses like yours to easily promote their products and services directly to the people that make purchasing decisions. 

Our data list of HR contacts does not cover the specialist HR services sector. Instead it covers HR operations staff with a defined HR role working within general businesses in the United Kingdom. This gives you direct access to the companies most relevant to your niche and sector.

Our HR contacts database also includes the information you need to run direct marketing campaigns to your target audience. Information includes job title, email address, telephone number, and postal address.

If you’re only interested in working with companies of certain sizes, in certain sectors, or in certain geographical areas then let us know. We’ll then run a data count to identify how many HR contacts we have with the highest likely degree of interest in your products or services.

All of our business employee data is in full compliance with data protection laws.

What is included in a HR budget?

HR policies are designed to maintain the culture of an organisation and ensure the comfort and security of management and employees alike. 

The size of the budget allocated to organisational development, employment and other HR systems largely depends on the size of the organisation.

HR budgets are usually split between the following:

  • Recruitment
  • Employee benefits
  • Employee relations
  • Training and development
  • Health and safety
  • Continued education

It is down to the HR director and their team to ensure that the budget is used effectively.

Common HR pain points

The most successful direct marketing campaigns address prospect pain points.

Three of the most common pain points faced by HR professionals within the workplace include:

1. Inefficient or complicated processes and regulations

HR is complicated – it is heavily regulated and heavily taxed. Laws and taxes change regularly. Sometimes, the problem is home-grown in that a company’s HR system may be unnecessarily complex.

HR departments and professionals continually seek the most advanced HR software.  They are always looking for new ways to do the same amount of work quicker and more efficiently.

2. Finding innovations for a better employee experience

Acquiring talent is a key role for HR managers.

Arguably staff retention is even more important because:

  • constant changes in staff are expensive and disruptive to a business,
  • high staff turnover affects employee morale, and
  • some staff have very specialised roles (such as academic staff working in formal and social sciences) – replacing them with someone equivalent is particularly time-consuming.

In recent years, the number of companies offering perks and incentives to employees has also grown and many HR departments are purchasing these solutions.

3. Attracting talent

Attracting talent to a company is a particular and ongoing challenge for any HR advisor. Alongside the director and/or deputy director, HR staff will research any product or service your business can offer which promises to make this task simpler.

The cost of bad recruitment processes is significant and affects many businesses on an annual basis. HR staff will be receptive to solutions which mitigate any potential risk from initial candidate selection to interviews to onboarding programs.

Many companies now have active “employer branding” recruitment programs designed to make the prospect of working for that business more attractive to potential future members of staff.

How can you connect with the HR contacts database?

Our email list of HR contacts comprises email addresses and personal data for the HR manager, project manager and/or other key members of the HR operations team.

In addition, we also offer fully managed email marketing campaign services.

We understand that any busy HR department receives lots of marketing communications daily, so emails should be designed to stand out and grab attention.

Four ways to use the HR contacts database UK to promote your products and service

Our HR contacts mailing list contains the details of decision makers responsible for purchasing products and services. By using it regularly, you have the opportunity to raise awareness of and trust in your company.

Four ways we recommend you use the data include:

1. Email marketing

The most popular way to reach HR personnel is also the marketing option that we recommend and provide professional support with. Emails offer a quick and simple way for you to outline your offer and grab attention without taking up too much of someone’s time.

2. Telemarketing calls to our HR contacts database

Telemarketing provides a personal touch which strengthens the connection you make alongside sending marketing emails.

A telephone call allows you to find out more about each recipient and their needs. It is also an opportunity for a potential customer to ask any questions they may have about your company, product or service.

Telemarketing also works well as a stand-alone route to market for generated leads. Telemarketers can gather important intelligence on each recipient as they dial meaning that you can better target potential clients.

3. Teleconferences or webinars

Using our marketing data, you can invite HR professionals to a teleconference or webinar where you can discuss your offer. This is a great way to build a rapport with HR managers and find out their challenges and concerns directly.

4. Use your own PR

When sending out an email, linking to your website or sending a direct mail, you should include your own testimonials or an impartial reviews. This allows potential clients to see the companies you have worked with before.

HR professionals receive marketing contact from hundreds of different businesses every year – in their minds, this is a buyer’s market and they’re not short of choice.

Use every opportunity to demonstrate how you have worked effectively and professionally with other PR professionals.

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