A regional training provider asked us to help them to promote 18th edition training courses to electrical contractors and in-house electricians.

Until that point, the client had not allocated any resources to generating sales leads but had recently realised that they were unlikely to generate the proportion of new clients that they wanted from inbound enquiries alone.

Thus, they were looking to develop a new strategy in order to boost their network effectively.

The client had already identified the companies they wanted to target, as well as objectives they hoped to achieve.

These included…

  • booking candidates onto upcoming courses and
  • identifying which companies on their list employed in-house electricians

…as the course dates they were hoping to fill were fast approaching they needed to implement a robust B2B telemarketing campaign quickly.

Our approach

We proposed a 50 hour concentrated telemarketing campaign set out across three weeks designed to generate interest and cultivate leads for the upcoming course dates.

We also used these calls to:

  • obtain up-to-date buyer contact information,
  • get permission to add them to an email list in order to learn about future courses,
  • inform contacts about other courses available from our client including EV charging and PAT testing particularly if they had already completed the 18th edition training, and
  • cleanse and update the contact information on the client’s existing data.


Leads generated for upcoming course dates

17 (of which one was an NHS Trust)

Companies confirming they had in-house electricians


Requests to receive all course information (including dates) by email


Call backs requested within 6 months to discuss training requirements



Thanks to our approach, the client was able to identify a sizable number of companies with in-house electricians and received considerable interest from relevant businesses with regards to future training courses.

They were able to use this information to map out future marketing action identifying which companies would be looking for training in the future and when.

The client was also able to obtain noteworthy leads including an NHS Trust significantly boosting their reach and authority in their sector.

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