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Food Manufacturing Companies In The UK

If your business provides products or services that could help those working in food or drink manufacture, or you are involved in distribution or elsewhere in the food industry, accessing food manufacturers in the UK is probably a key part of your marketing process.

In 2020, those in the distribution sector have come up against a number of problems, as supply chains broke down and delivery delays made it more difficult to keep products moving.

Many wholesalers are finding it challenging to rewrite their marketing strategy to fit the current climate.

More Than Words is offering a comprehensive food manufacturers UK database, an extensive data-pool covering UK registered businesses involved in the manufacture and supply of food products.

Multiple data fields are available for each business, allowing for easy segmentation and targeted marketing campaigns for better engagement and more conversions.

In this article, we look at how using our food manufacturing companies UK list helps you to reach the high-level influencers and decision-makers in food manufacture.

We will also look at:

  • What information you can access on our database

  • The two levels of service we offer

  • Who will be helping you to build your campaigns

  • Advice for finessing your marketing to food manufacturers

  • Why you should use a More Than Words database

  • Using our food manufacturing companies UK list to build a marketing campaign

  • How to get in touch

What’s on the database?

The More Than Words food manufacturing companies UK database is a rich source of current contact details and company information for a range of high-level professionals in the food manufacturing sector.

On the database you will find:

  • 3,609 records with postal addresses

  • 2,819 with phone numbers

  • 1,968 with email addresses

Food Manufacturers UK Database and Marketing packages

More Than Words offers clients two options for marketing to food manufacturers companies in the UK:

  • a database-only service and

  • a 12-month fully-managed email marketing service.

Database only service

More Than Words’ database-only list of food manufacturers provides you with:

Our full data file featuring qualified, current contact details for food industry executives

  • contact details, addresses and relevant information for high-level professionals in the UK’s food manufacturing industry

  • most entries have multiple fields, allowing for segmentation and targeted marketing practices

A full 12 month lease from the date of purchase

  • multiple opportunities to connect and offer assistance over the course of a year

Your own dedicated account manager

  • on purchasing the database you will be assigned an account manager who is on-hand to provide help and support throughout your lease

Access to our professional technical and advertising support teams

  • technical support with using and maintaining your database

Fully-managed email marketing campaign

You will receive a full 12-month lease of the food manufacturers UK database, as well as unlimited access to our team of professional sales and marketing experts, who will work with you to create one email campaign per month.

This service includes:

Email designs

  • our team of experienced copywriters and in-house designers help to create attractive, targeted email marketing messages ready to be sent out to your food manufacturing companies UK list

Email campaigns

  • we utilise trusted servers that score highly with ISPs and guarantee the high deliverability of each and every one of your communications

Full reporting after each campaign

  • After your message is sent out we will monitor the clicks and opens and contact you immediately to let you know of any follow up actions required from your team

  • three days after each mailout, we send you a full analytics report showing you which contacts opened your email, how many times they opened it, which recipients clicked through to your website and which of your contacts chose to unsubscribe from your emails.

Who will be working on your campaign with you?

The More Than Words team is comprised of experienced and skilled sales and marketing professionals, who will be at your disposal to help create and monitor your marketing campaign.

Our talented in-house designers and copywriters work in tandem with your team to expertly craft beautiful, persuasive marketing campaigns based on your requirements.

We are happy to include any branding or messages you want put in, but will also ensure that your final email is clean and simple to speed up loading times and keep your message strong.

Content planners, dispatch and reporting teams are available at every step of the process to give you advice and accelerate your selling power.

Our team will work with and on your behalf if you choose a managed campaign, but are also happily on-hand to provide feedback on your own designs if you choose the data-only option.

Successful marketing to food manufacturing companies in the UK

The food manufacturing sector is fast-moving and constantly changing. For this reason, marketing strategies within this industry are shaped by external forces.

Consumer preferences are a major factor in marketing to manufacturers and distributors, as the success of any product is down to trends in consumer behaviour.

A good marketing strategy will take into account the demographics and channels through which sales remain steady, or are guaranteed rapid growth, thanks to changes in consumer buying patterns.

When it comes to marketing across the food industry supply chain, decision-makers are currently looking for environmental sustainability, a focus on health and fitness, and products that will fit into the demographics to which they are selling.

Some of the ideas that are flourishing recently because of consumer trends include:

  • Active Packaging (AP) and Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) are two technologies that have been developed in recent years as a way to meet consumer demands for convenience and year-round availability.

  • Consumers are increasingly comfortable with the idea of Biotechnology when used as a way to make food products more sustainable or increase shelf life or the safety of certain foods. This has opened doors for businesses in the field of biotech manufacturing.

There are more single-person households now than ever before. Food companies and food service channels globally are working on single-serve packaging and portion options to meet demand and provide both convenience and limit food waste.

Advantages of using a food manufacturers UK list

The More Than Words food manufacturing companies UK database offers an accurate, clean and detailed record of food manufacturers across the UK, streamlining your marketing process and helping you to create better email and telemarketing campaigns.

Some of the ways in which our database can help your communications include:

Better segmentation

According to Campaign Monitor, a combination of smaller segments, targeted communications and carefully crafted subject lines offer higher average conversions across the board, reporting:

  • Average open rates of 17.92%

  • Average click through rates of 2.69%

  • Average open to click rates of 14.1%

With our database containing multiple information fields for each contact, you can create precise segments based on a range of different data points.

Segmentation can be performed by demographics such as geographical location, decision-making status by job title or other factors including company size and annual turnover.

More efficient marketing

Segmentation not only allows you to reach out to more specific groups, it also helps you to send appropriate messages to the right people.

Sending out a general message can mean that your emails are more likely to be ignored or unsubscribed from, which in turn affects the deliverability of your future emails.

Relationship building

Once you have sent a direct message to your different audience segments, you will be able to analyse the success of these messages and capitalise on this with the customers that respond well.

Our managed marketing service provides you with full analytics, so you don’t even need to do this yourself.

Using a food manufacturing companies UK database to improve your content marketing strategy

Once you have purchased your list of food manufacturing companies, our professional team of copywriters and designers will get to work creating 12 unique marketing emails to send out to the contacts on your database.

You can choose when you send each email, if you have preferred times and dates based on analytics from previous communications, or we will choose a time for you based on our extensive experience in this area.

We will then send each email marketing campaigns on your behalf, using our trusted servers to maximise the deliverability of each and every email we send.

After three days we send you a full analytics report showing:

  • which recipients opened your email and how many times,

  • which recipients clicked through to your website and how many times, and

  • which recipients opted out of being included on future campaigns

We will forward any direct responses to you within half an hour of receipt to allow your team to follow-up promptly.

Follow up with a telemarketing campaign

Many businesses find that speaking on the phone with a customer improves their chances of making a sale, and this is because people tend to trust those they have had a real conversation with over faceless businesses.

We provide a dedicated telemarketing service that contacts chosen recipients from your food manufacturing companies UK list. We will contact a combination of:

  • the food manufacturing companies on the database you most want to do business with and

  • the UK food manufacturers who open your email and click through to your website the most.

You will be given access to an online campaign folder, so that you can watch these calls as they happen, and follow up with customers in a timely fashion.

Ordering your copy of the food manufacturing companies UK database

To find out more about our list of food manufacturing companies, please call us on 0330 010 8300 or email clare@morethanwordsuk.co.uk and ask us how we can help you to reach out to influencers in the food manufacturing sector.



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