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List Of Transport Companies for Direct Marketing Campaigns
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Help UK transport companies add value to their end client and grow your own business with our list of transport companies

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Feb 15, 2024

List of transport companies for direct marketing

Your business can reach thousands of potential customers across the transport, logistics, and haulage sectors with More Than Words Marketing’s list of transport companies.

So, use our database to contact them by mail, phone, and email, and offer them a solution to the challenges facing the sector. 

Both individuals and businesses in the UK rely on transportation services. A road infrastructure that works for all users is key to the UK economy’s productivity and competitiveness. 

Because there are 2.54 million employees, the sector is the fifth largest in the UK. In the UK economy, road transport contributes £124 billion, and 89% of all goods are transported primarily by road. 

Clearly, the system is very complex. It is a highly competitive industry with low margins and must respond to changes in customer demand.

Logistics sales can be difficult for small and growing businesses relying on long-term, B2B revenue streams. However, logistics services companies have the ability to boost sales without extensive reach or a globally recognised brand.

So, to target the transport & logistics industry, you should choose the most targeted mail, telephone, and email list.

How many transport companies are on our list in the UK?

More Than Words Marketing’s transport company database consists of current and complete data on companies in the transport, warehousing and road haulage sectors.

The list includes contact information for high-level decision makers in each company, and incorporates:

  • 33,866 postal addresses,
  • 22,681 phone numbers, and
  • 10,255 email addresses.

Multiple fields per entry allow for segmentation and targeted campaigns.

Our databases cover various lines of business, including:

  • Airlines
  • Bus & Coach Operators & Stations
  • Car Rental
  • Coach Hire
  • Container Hire & Transport
  • Courier & Messenger Services
  • Delivery Services
  • Distribution Services
  • Ferries
  • Mini Buses – Hire & Leasing
  • Removals – Industrial & Business
  • Road Haulage Services
  • Taxis & Private Hire
  • Train Stations & Information
  • Van & Truck Hire

So, let us know what type of transport service is of most interest to you when you contact us and we will create a customised database for your campaigns.

Transport companies marketing service

1. Database of transport companies

  • an extensive list of the best transport companies in the UK,
  • email addresses for the company,
  • data can be used for 12 months after purchase
  • entries have multiple fields.

2. Each campaign will include three emails, one marketing design, and follow-up reports

  • in-house designers and copywriters compose one eye-catching email,
  • email marketing campaigns delivered by our trusted servers, and
  • click and open reports are provided with every email campaign.

3. After-sales support services

  • our in-house data technicians can help you use the data you purchase.

The challenges facing transport companies

In 2021, three major issues emerged.

1. Global supply chain pressure

Global supply and demand shifted significantly following the COVID pandemic. This has disrupted global supply chains. During the pandemic, trends such as the rise of online shopping and driver shortages have become increasingly more problematic.

2. Tougher economic and business conditions

In the UK, Brexit contributed to supply chain pressures by increasing bureaucracy and border controls. This led to increased customs clearance times for freight forwarding across all types of vehicle services. Companies also face a range of international business challenges, including fluctuating exchange rates and the effects of inflation.

3. Increased concern for the environment

We are beginning to understand the environmental impact of logistics and supply chain activities. Sustainable supply chain practices are essential if countries are to meet their emissions targets.

A great deal of attention was paid to freight and logistic business processes at COP26 in November 2021. Because of this business as usual is no longer an option for a sustainable future.

Selling to transport companies

Choose an area of transportation that best suits your business and focus on it in your direct marketing. There may be an emphasis on a specific vehicle type (truck, ship, train, airplane), technology, or one specific location.

Because the transport company business directory can be targeted with email, phone and direct mail campaigns, offer a solution that eases the challenges they are experiencing.

Consider these ideas to get an edge:

Provide more services than the competition

Transportation companies that handle the entire process eliminate third parties for the end customer (your prospects’ customers). So, a full-service offering and a demonstrated specialisation in your market will make you stand out.

Offer training

In order to combat the driver shortage, transport companies should train more and hire internally. Companies are looking for ways to train their own drivers who want a change of direction, as times have changed and demand has increased.

Provide eco-friendly solutions

The transportation sector is among the weakest links in terms of carbon emissions. Figures from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy show that in 2018, transport contributed 33% of all CO2 emissions in the UK.

Building materials will increasingly be green. Recycled materials, recycling of waste and alternative design are all part of green construction

Greener goods transportation methods can also be achieved by overhauling packaging. From eliminating single-use plastics to adopting reusable and eco-friendly PP woven bags and pouches, sustainable packaging is everywhere.

The logistics industry can plan and adapt their routes to suit the circumstances in order to cut down on pollution. But, any logistics company can increase sustainability by doing something as simple as using low-rolling resistance tyres.

Can you run my email and/or telemarketing campaigns to transport companies?

Managing direct marketing campaigns can take a lot of time. So, let us carry out email and telemarketing campaigns to your transport and haulage company list for you.

To achieve the best results from your database, we provide managed B2B email marketing campaigns

Our managed B2B telemarketing campaigns enable you to follow up on an email campaign, set appointments, and conduct market research.

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How to order the transport companies database

Let’s discuss how we can market your products to businesses in the transport and logistics sector.

To find out more about our UK transport company database, please call us on 0330 010 8300 or click here to email us.

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