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List of haulage companies in the UK
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Use our list of haulage companies in UK to market your products and services to decision makers in this critically important sector

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Oct 12, 2023

UK haulage companies in the UK

More Than Words has a number of transport-focused databases including the UK haulage companies list.

This is ideal for clients looking to sell their products and services to the sector and includes our newly-updated freight, haulage and logistics company lists.

From general goods delivery to specialist vehicles and heavy haulage the transportation and logistic sector is in the UK is vital to the British economy.

Santander estimates that the sector contributes an average £124bn to the UK economy each year, with 2.7 million employees working in the wider logistics industry.

According to the Road haulage association, 98% of all food and agricultural products are transported by road freight.

Currently there are around 305,000 HGV drivers in the UK, with 98% being male and 2% being female.

So, if you want to market to the transport and logistics industry use a targeted, GDPR-compliant, UK haulage industry list.

Because this is the most effective way to make connections and generate sales leads from the right contacts.

What’s on our list of haulage companies in the UK?

More Than Words Marketing’s transport company database provides a complete and current list of companies in the transport, warehousing, road haulage and delivery sectors.

The list includes contact details for key decision makers and high-level personnel within each distribution company.

By providing multiple fields per entry this allows advanced segmentation and targeted campaigns.

We offer three main databases for companies marketing to the general haulage and road freight sector:

1. UK haulage companies list

  • 6,519 postal addresses,
  • 4,842 phone numbers, and
  • 3,022 email addresses.

2. List of courier companies in the United Kingdom

  • 4,011 postal addresses,
  • 2,702 phone numbers, and
  • 1,122 email addresses.

3. List of coach companies (incorporating our list of bus companies)

  • 694 postal addresses,
  • 579 phone numbers, and
  • 299 email addresses.

So, when you get in touch, share which types of haulage company represent potential customers and we’ll create a bespoke list for your marketing campaigns.

Choose from two service levels

1. Haulage industry database

  • a comprehensive list of haulage, warehousing and logistics companies,
  • company email addresses,
  • you can use the data for 12 months after purchase, and
  • there are multiple fields per entry.

2. Three email campaigns, one marketing design, and follow-up reports per campaign

  • our in-house copywriters and designers create one striking email design,
  • three email marketing campaigns delivered by our trusted servers, and
  • every email campaign includes full reports, showing every click and open.

3. After-sales support services

  • technical support – our in-house team can assist you with the use of the data
  • advertising support – we can review any campaigns you design yourself and offer copywriting and design support.

Successful marketing to transport companies

The transport companies UK database is useful for businesses across the entire breadth of transport and logistics operations including:

It is also relevant for companies involved in supply chains, such as provision of

  • lorry, truck and heavy machinery supplies
  • end-to-end operators,
  • pallet delivery,
  • bulk goods handling, and
  • shipping.

By using a targeted database allows you to spend time on user segmentation.

Basic user segmentation will allow you to create more personalised communications based on something you know about the company.

So, if you are a company providing truck driver perks, for example, you could sell spaces at large events to big companies and smaller gift-based ideas to SMEs.

More complex segmentation takes this idea even further, so you analyse your contact list across multiple data points for more detailed user segments.

This then allows you to combine your contacts into different groups.

You may create a group where your contacts work in transport manager positions for small businesses with a decreasing turnover, for example.

By doing this allows your messages to be far more focused, and raises the chances of contacts responding favourably.

The most advanced form of segmentation involves predictive analytics, using information known about a contact and their past behaviour to predict what they will do next.

However this method requires some relationship with a contact, but thanks to the database being available to you for 12 months, you can do this with ease.

The three main advantages of using our databases

1. Offer personalised solutions

Personalise the message for better success in direct marketing campaigns

By using our databases which have a wide range of information for each entry, and provide numerous details about the business and contact, you can create more targeted messages.

One standard email marketing message can be adapted to create a solution that feels specific to the needs of the individual by simply segmenting your list and sending a slightly different message to each group.

2. Identify high-value contacts

Because our managed email marketing service provides full analytics for each of your transmissions, this enables you to identify the more-interested and most-engaged recipients.

We then suggest focusing on these contacts first when sending follow up emails or using telemarketing, as these will be the most likely to convert.

3. Conversion-focused marketing communication

Often making conversions can be as simple as contacting a lead at the right time.

By varying your marketing message over 12 months, you can see which achieved the most engagement from recipients.

Then, use this knowledge to further create the right message to bring in new business.

More Than Words Note: Looking to target more transport companies than just Haulage? Try our list of transport companies database.

Managed email marketing campaigns to the transport sector

When you purchase our managed email marketing campaigns to the transport sector, our expert team of copywriters and designers will create a compelling and eye-catching email to send out to the contacts you’ve chosen once a month.

Then after three days, we send you a full analytics report showing:

  • which recipients opened your email and how many times,
  • recipients who clicked through to your website and how many times, and
  • any recipients opted out of being included on future campaigns

For direct replies and queries you receive from your campaign, we will forward those to you within half an hour of receipt for immediate follow-up.

Telemarketing campaign targeting the list of haulage companies in the UK

To set yourself apart from the other businesses contacting a haulage company add the human element of telemarketing to your marketing campaigns.

Because businesses that use a combination of email marketing and telephone marketing approaches have a far higher rate of conversion than either of these strategies on their own.

To assist in building a stronger connection with contacts from your UK delivery companies list, we offer follow-up outsourced telemarketing services.

Our B2B telemarketing team know the latest news and supply chain best practices, as well as how to appeal to your contacts which increases the likelihood of a sale.

We will contact a combination of:

  • the transport companies on the database you most want to do business with and
  • the haulage services who open your email and click through to your website the most.

By using our online campaign folder you can view these calls as they happen in real time and manage any follow up actions required.

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Ordering your copy of the transport companies database

To find out more about our list of haulage companies UK database, please call us on 0330 010 8300 or click here to email us.

Ask us how we can work with you to market your products to businesses across the transport and logistics sector.

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