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Our list of construction companies in the UK
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With our list of construction companies, you can target 50,000 firms across the UK by email, phone and post

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Aug 24, 2022

Our database of construction companies in the UK

Use our list of construction companies and decision makers to open a conversation about your products and services. Communicate with the construction industry across the UK using email, phone and postal marketing.

According to national statistics, the construction sector is one of the most significant contributors to the UK’s economy. Nearly one in ten people work within the industry, which employs 3.1m people.

Construction output in the United Kingdom is more than £110 billion per annum and it contributes 7% of GDP. Companies supplying relevant goods and services use our construction sector marketing database (part of our wider UK business database), to reach decision makers.

How to select construction industry prospects that are right for your business

Our UK construction database is split into 54 different categories.

Within each category, you can select any building or trade company you want to target by

  • geographical location,
  • size (as measured by number of employees and/or turnover) or
  • industry.

You can be as specific or broad as you like when requesting a database for your business.

For example, you may not be interested in contacting the biggest construction companies but prefer to work with individual building or trade contractors.

Alternatively, some of our customers look for clients by specific company name. Whatever your need, we are certain we can find your target audience within our databases.

Get in touch to discuss your business and marketing objectives and the types of construction businesses you want to reach.

Within 24 hours, we’ll come back with a detailed count and a quote. We are able to supply the database on its own or as part of a package of managed direct marketing services. See below for more information.

Our construction firm database marketing service

Our UK construction company service includes:

1. Construction industry database

  • a complete list of construction and civil engineering companies,
  • a list of email addresses for decision makers in construction management and procurement,
  • after purchase, you will have access to the data for 12 months, and
  • multiple fields are included in each entry.

2. Each campaign includes a single email marketing design, three email broadcasts, and follow-up reports

  • our email designers and copywriters create one compelling email design,
  • three email marketing campaigns delivered from our trusted servers, and
  • email campaigns come with full reports – each campaign has a spreadsheet showing every open and click.

3. After-sales support services

  • no matter what your technical expertise is, our team are here to help you make the most of your data purchase, and
  • you may design any campaigns you wish yourself during the 12 months.

Email marketing with our building and construction email database

If you currently don’t have the infrastructure to send email campaigns we can do it for you! We send out a wide range of managed email marketing campaigns every week for clients, including those targeting the civil engineering and construction industry.

In addition to sending out the campaign, we’ll create a design for you. After each broadcast, we’ll send you a report showing which decision makers opened and clicked on your email.

Your account manager can offer advice on how to convert email opens and website clickthrough’s into strong and immediate leads.

Telemarketing to contacts on our building and construction sector list

We also offer a specialised construction telemarketing  clients – let us contact the decision makers on your list to open a two-way conversation.

Before we start calling, tell us what the aim of your campaign is – is it appointment booking, generating leads for your team to follow up, asking specific questions of potential clients, or a mixture?

When we know what you want to achieve, we will then create a structure for the calls including openings, how to close the call, and how to handle clients’ objections.

The telesales rep who will be making the calls for you will then be trained on the aim of your campaign, and on your company and its products and services. Your rep will be able to discuss future construction project plans and requirements with your contacts, so that you can return to prospects at a later date if necessary.

When the telemarketing campaign is live, you’ll be able to see its progress online. This includes who has been called, the outcome and any notes your rep has made. If your rep speaks to a senior decision maker and they believe that there is an immediate benefit to you getting in touch straight away, we’ll let you know.

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Contact us for more information on our list of construction companies in the United Kingdom

Our email marketing campaigns team have worked with over 1,000 companies helping them to sell their products and services to the construction sector.

To find out more about our database only service or our managed services, please call us on 0330 010 8300 or you can click here to email us.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ's)  vector icon in orange and dark blue

UK Construction Company Database

How are the businesses on your database of construction companies classified?

We hold the following classifications for companies in this sector:·

  • Agricultural Buildings
  • Asbestos Surveys & Removal
  • Asphalt & Coated Macadam Laying Contractors
  • Asphalt & Macadam Suppliers
  • Bricklaying
  • Builders
  • Building & Extension Plans
  • Building Refurbishment & Restoration Contractors
  • Building Services
  • Buildings – Sectional & Portable Porch Canopies
  • Carports
  • Cellar & Basement Conversions
  • Chimney Builders & Repairers
  • Cladding Suppliers & Installers
  • Concrete Contractors
  • Concrete Crushing
  • Conservatories
  • Conservatory Repairs
  • Construction Contractors – General
  • Construction Management
  • Crushing Plants
  • Demolition & Dismantling Contractors
  • Drainage Contractors
  • Dry Lining Contractors
  • Drystone Walling
  • Excavation & Groundwork Contractors
  • Fascias & Soffits
  • Flooring Materials – Building
  • Garages – Concrete & Sectional
  • Greenhouses
  • Guards & Grilles – Door & Window
  • House Builders
  • Industrial Building Services
  • Loft Conversions
  • Mezzanine Flooring
  • Partitions & Cubicles
  • Paving & Driveway Contractors
  • Paving Supplies
  • Pebble Dashing
  • Pile Driving
  • Pipelines
  • Property Maintenance & Repairs
  • Property Renovation
  • Public Works Contractors
  • Road Construction Contractors
  • Road Surfacing Contractors
  • Scaffolding Erectors & Hirers
  • Skylights & Rooflights
  • Sports Ground & Stadium Contractors
  • Steel Buildings
  • Steel Fabricators & Erectors
  • Tennis Courts & Sports Surfaces – Construction
  • Timber Framed Buildings
  • Waterproofing – Buildings & Structures
How many construction companies are in the UK?

In Q3 2018, there were 325,736 building and construction companies in the UK. On our list, we have a grand total of 50,587 construction companies.

Why do we only have a 17% coverage of construction and building companies on our list? This is because we only list building and construction companies in the market which are limited companies or PLCs – there are no sole traders or partnerships on our list. While the companies on our construction marketing database are not necessarily the top companies, they are much more likely to have higher turnovers and more members of staff than unincorporated companies in the sector.

Our data contains the contact details of 48,309 industry decision makers, all of whom can be contacted by postal marketing. For companies wanting to market their products and services to the industry by telephone, we have 32,863 phone numbers for company decision makers.

For clients wishing to promote what they sell to industry contacts by email, we have 17,759 email addresses.

What is a Tier 1 Contractor UK?

A Tier 1 construction contractor (like the Balfour Beatty construction group) is an especially large construction company. On significant building projects, Tier 1 suppliers occupy the highest rank on the estimating, planning, and execution of a construction projects. Many also consider design consultants to be de facto Tier 1 suppliers as well.

Tier 1 suppliers in the industry will normally deliver a project using a mixture of in-house staff and sub-contracted staff.

Which types of companies purchase construction company data?

We sell construction company data to a variety of different companies. Typical firms offering services to construction companies include:

  • Archaeological Services
  • Architectural Practices
  • Architectural Services
  • Architectural Technologists
  • Building Consultants
  • Ecological Consultants
  • Energy Conservation Consultants
  • Energy Efficient Products & Services
  • Energy Performance Certificates
  • Engineering Services – Consulting
  • Engineering Services – General
  • Engineering Services – NDT
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Water & Sewer Engineers
  • Fire Protection Consultants & Engineers
  • Landscape Architects & Designers
  • Land Surveyors
  • Lighting Consultants
  • Safety Consultants
  • Site Investigation Consultants
  • Structural Consultants
  • Structural Engineers
  • Underpinning & Foundation Engineers

Typical suppliers purchasing our construction company marketing database include:

  • Architectural Woodwork
  • Brick Manufacturers
  • Building Block Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Cement Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Clay & Clay Products
  • Concrete & Mortar Ready Mixed
  • Concrete Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Concrete Products
  • Concrete Reinforcements
  • Double Glazing Installers
  • Fibre Optics
  • Floorcoverings Manufacturers & Wholesalers
  • Glass Engravers & Decorators
  • Glass Fibre Manufacturers
  • Glass Fibre Moulding, Materials & Manufacture
  • Glass Products Manufacturers
  • Glassworkers
  • Glaziers
  • Leaded Lights & Windows
  • Mirrors & Decorative Glass
  • Mortar Manufacturers
  • Plaster Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Plaster Ware
  • PVC-U Products Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Refractory Materials & Supplies
  • Road Marking & Surfacing Equipment & Material Manufacturers
  • Roofing Services
  • Safety Glazing
  • Slate & Slate Products
  • Stained Glass Designers & Producers
  • Stone Products Manufacturers
  • Tile Manufacturers
  • Windows – Special Purpose
Do your records contain information on the latest pre tax profit of the companies listed?

Not all of the records contained on our UK construction companies database contain information on their latest pre tax profit figures.

Latest pre tax profit figures are most likely to be included on the records of…

  • the largest UK construction companies,
  • the top 100 companies in the construction industry
  • suppliers to UK construction companies, and
  • companies offering support and consultancy services to UK construction companies

….like Caddick Group, Briggs Forrester, McAleer Rushe, BAM Nuttall, BAM Construct, Forth Holdings, Watkin Jones, NG Bailey, William Hare, FM Conway, Carey Group, Durkan Holdings, Midas Group, Rydon Group, Gilbert Ash, Higgins Group, McLaughlin Harvey, Volkerwessels UK, SSE Contracting, Willmott Dixon, Balfour Beatty, Eric Wright Group, Sir Robert McAlpine, One Group Construction, United Living Group, RG Carter, John Sisk & Son, Northstone NI, and Buckingham Group (if they are included in the lastest version of the list)

When financial figures are available on firms listed on the database, it will be for the reporting period (that is the company’s previous full tax year). Where the latest turnover is available, our records do not show the actual turnover but they do show the increase or decrease in turnover from the previous year (turnover change information is displayed in pound sterling).

Where new reporting period information becomes available at Companies House, especially on the top 100 companies and on larger companies and groups contained on the building and construction, we update the information accordingly on the company entry. This can be slightly delayed if a firm on the list is owned by a holdings company or it is part of a larger group with complex financial reporting standards.

As well as updating information on whether turnover has gone up or down for a company in the previous year, we also indicate if the company is profit or loss making and the percentage increase or decrease in profit margin over the previous year (current pre tax profit divided by previous pre tax profit).

Who is the UK's biggest construction company?

The UK’s biggest construction group is the Balfour Beatty group with a turnover of £7.8bn in 2019 although its margin declined by 30% in that financial year.

The construction companies which rank as the largest three in the UK all with a turnover of over £3bn per annum.

The turnover of other large UK construction companies is as follows:

  1. Caddick Group (united group turnover £197.3m),
  2. Briggs Forrester (£262.2m),
  3. McAleer Rushe (£395.2m in 2018),
  4. BAM Nuttall (united group turnover £7bn in 2018),
  5. BAM Construct (£949.8m in 2018),
  6. Forth Holdings (£200m+),
  7. Watkin Jones (£363m in 2018),
  8. NG Bailey (£556m in 2018),
  9. William Hare (£167m in 2018),
  10. FM Conway (£317m with a lower margin previous in 2017),
  11. Carey Group (£575m in 2018),
  12. Durkan Holdings (£98.5m),
  13. Midas Group (£267.4m in 2018),
  14. Rydon Group (£270m),
  15. Gilbert Ash (£179.4m in 2018),
  16. Higgins Group (£332m in 2018),
  17. McLaughlin Harvey (£422m in 2018),
  18. Volkerwessels UK (£984m in 2018),
  19. SSE Contracting,
  20. Willmott Dixon (£1.3bn in 2018),
  21. Balfour Beatty (£7.8bn),
  22. Eric Wright Group (£170m in 2018),
  23. Sir Robert McAlpine (£788m in 2018),
  24. One Group Construction (£100m+),
  25. United Living Group (£275m in 2018),
  26. RG Carter (£269m in 2018),
  27. John Sisk & Son (£323m in 2018),
  28. Northstone NI (£374.5m in 2018), and
  29. Buckingham Group (£507m in 2018).
What is a Construction Index company?

The Construction Index (company no 6177490) runs The Construction Index website – it is a free-to-access online information source for UK construction and building firms no matter what their size of turnover.

In 2021, the Construction Index temporarily became a bi-monthly publication because of the downturn in the sector caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

How often is the building and construction industry data updated?

Our data on our list of building and construction industry contract is updated on an ongoing basis. Every record is verified within a nine-month period of the previous contact.

In addition to updating decision maker details when they change, we also change and update contact and company information on the list to keep the information completely up-to-date.

Other than construction companies contact details, what other information is contained on the list?

The following fields are provided on the list of construction companies we provide you with:

Contact details
The contact’s title (Mr, Mrs, Mrs, Miss, Dr, and so on), the contact’s first name, and the contact’s surname or family name plus their email, phone, and postal contact details (depending on what you order)

Contact job title
The job title used by the contact

Company location details
The company’s address and postcode, the type of premises they occupy (70%), and the number of branches they operate (90%)

Company details
The company’s name, the year in which they started business (40%), their incorporation date (8%), their registration number with Companies House (8%), and their legal status.

Company trading sector
A description of the line of business of the company the contact works for

Company website
The company’s website URL (75%)

Company size information
The number of staff the company employs (90%), their level of turnover (60%), and the company’s net worth (7%) and recent company performance (2% of records)

Please note that, if a certain field of information is particularly important to you (for example, you want each record to contain the number of employees), please let your account manager know when you get in touch with us.
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