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Construction Telemarketing & Telemarketing For Construction Firms

With our construction telemarketing service, you can generate leads, find appointments, conduct customer surveys, and more.

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Construction site prefabrication reinforced pillars
May 27, 2022

Construction telemarketing services

Our construction telemarketing agency has the data, the skills, and the experience to help you reach key decision makers, maximise supply chain agreements, and increase sales volumes. 

Use their knowledge of the construction industry to establish new business relationships and take advantage of quality opportunities. 

7% of the UK’s GDP comes from construction. Any project requires a multi-step procurement process to source suppliers, contractors and subcontractors.

To this end, there are five main procurement routes:

  • Standard contract.
  • Design and build.
  • Construction management.
  • Managed contract.
  • Public procurement.

The route chosen should match the long-term plans of the client. Among the considerations are:

  • speed,
  • price,
  • quality,
  • project-specific constraints,
  • potential risks,
  • a property’s ownership, and
  • funding.

It used to be that most building companies existed just on referrals, networking, and companies just contacting them out of the blue, but that is changing.

Several companies are now looking into lead generation and advertising. Lead generation calls are on the rise.  This is due to its historical success as a marketing tool. You can find tenders faster using telesales and construction telemarketing.

Challenges facing the construction industry

Construction in the UK faces many challenges:

Supply shortages

Building materials shortages are a continuing issue, and the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) warns it will only worsen.

Lumber, steel, and lighting were cited as the materials most in shortage at the beginning of 2021.

Additionally, current timber production cannot meet global demand. This is exacerbated in the UK, where other countries offer a higher rate, pushing us down.

As a result, UK firms need to be really conscious of their project and supply chain management.

Keeping up with the latest industry news can help to avoid issues, as knowing the latest information helps you make the right decisions when ordering new materials.

Net zero

In an effort to meet Net Zero goals by 2050, every industry needs to reduce its carbon emissions and move to renewable energy. 

For buildings to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, better building materials and green space preservation are necessary. 

Building in the UK is among the most innovative in the world, embracing sustainable designs. 

This offers excellent opportunities to companies offering environmentally-conscious products and solutions.

Benefits of construction telemarketing

Booking construction sector appointments

Appointments can be scheduled either in person or over video. As we handle lead generation, your sales team can focus on closing ongoing deals.

We can generate leads for you without booking an appointment. Please tell us if you’d rather use our lead generation services to establish interest in your product, service, or solution.

Take advantage of Barbour ABI leads

Using Barbour ABI’s Relationships tool, we can contact existing customers as well as companies you want to work with. 

Our B2B telemarketing team will contact any client for an upselling sales call, to follow up an email marketing campaign or update personal information.

They will also contact companies with upcoming projects that you may be interested in.

Generate B2B sales leads from construction telemarketing

Using our telemarketing team, we can provide you with construction sales leads for immediate projects as well as those in the future, so that your company can build a pipeline going forward.

Deals with suppliers

Despite not representing actual sales, supply agreements make it more likely that you’ll win orders for your products or services from a specific supply chain. 

We can introduce you to specifiers and buyers within frameworks so that you can be considered for future national and regional projects.


We can identify the correct people to speak to, ask about tenders, and obtain any current project drawings for you. This market research helps to determine whether opportunities are a fit for your company.

Events and exhibitions

We can call the prospects you want to come to your stand and invite them to your event. We will also contact them after the event to arrange business meetings for your sales team.

Training companies – fill CPD slots

For both external and internal CPD events, our construction telemarketing team can contact up to 48,000 decision makers within 50,000 UK construction companies on your behalf.

More Than Words note – we also have the inbox email details for 17,500 construction industry decision makers. Click here to find out more about our list of construction companies in the UK.

Your B2B construction telemarketing team

Experienced telesales rep

We’ll select telemarketers who have experience selling products, services, or solutions like yours (if available). 

Before the campaign begins, talk with your rep to ensure you get to know them. They should feel comfortable approaching you directly with questions not covered in training.

Construction telemarketing account manager

Your B2B telemarketing account manager will create a calling brief for your campaign. It’s important to make sure your rep follows a structure when they are talking about your product, service, or solutions on the phone.

Your telemarketing campaign will have a flexible conversation structure and a defined opening and closing approach. So, your rep will know the answers to the questions key decision makers usually ask.

Telemarketing support manager

An experienced support manager oversees our B2B telemarketing services.

More Than Words Note: We also provide specialist telemarketing for accountants, financial services, insurance agents and cleaning companies.
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More Than Words, your construction telemarketing partner

Let us generate leads for your construction business.

We can book appointments and meetings on your behalf to give your sales reps the best chance of winning the order.

For more information call 0330 010 8300 or click here to email our team.

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