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Telemarketing for insurance agents

Telemarketing for insurance agents and what results can it achieve in the UK B2B sector?

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Feb 13, 2024

Our telemarketing for insurance agents service helps you to win new business from existing customers, expand into new sectors, and create a sales pipeline for 12 months.

Personal insurance is now dominated by internet price comparison sites and direct insurers with massive advertising budgets. 

Business sector competition is less intense, so direct selling to existing clients and cold prospects by phone and email is still effective. 

You can sell health insurance, life insurance, and professional indemnity insurance over the phone to new clients.

How do insurance agencies target their telemarketing efforts?

Our clients often ask us to market their insurance services directly to their existing clients, their prospect list, or to establish market presence in a new sector.

Existing clients

  • Can you upsell to your existing clients?
  • How well do you know each client’s business?
  • Do they buy one type of insurance from you and another type from another provider?

By spending five to ten minutes on the phone with each of your business customers you can determine whether you’re meeting all their needs, and, if not, how to do it.

Our team can find out when your clients’ other providers’ policies end, so you can contact them near their renewal dates to offer alternative quotes.


Prospects are companies that haven’t purchased from you yet. It is likely they have contacted you before, but have not placed an order because of a variety of reasons.

All of the phone calls we make to existing customers will include fact-finding to learn what their insurance needs are and the renewal dates of their existing policies.

If there were any issues with your previous quotes that stopped them from buying from you, we can find out.

Therefore, you and your sales team stand a better chance of closing the deal next time around.

Cold calling in specialist sectors

Insurance companies can use telemarketing to expand into new sectors or establish a foothold in existing ones.

Our insurance telemarketing service can also help you pitch niche insurance policies like insurance policies on:

  • ongoing & risky building work,
  • insurance policies for high-risk professions, and
  • insurance policies for extreme sports and martial arts providers.

Thousands of businesses in the UK may not have the right insurance in place and, together, we can identify the most profitable niches.

More Than Words Marketing is one of the few joint marketing database and telemarketing firms in the UK. We can provide the data list or lists you need to contact the audience you want to reach.

All B2B telemarketing data we use on your behalf is included in our hourly rate.

What’s possible when telemarketing for insurance agents?

Making appointments

Want to meet or speak with the people we’re targeting in person? 

We can schedule appointments for you on specific dates and times when we call out on your campaign. 

With our telemarketing rep’s full notes, you can tailor your in-person pitch to the decision maker.

Telemarketing lead generation for insurance agents

Lead generation is similar to appointment booking, but we don’t ask prospects to meet you at a particular time and date. 

To generate effective leads, our telemarketers ask the people they’re speaking to as much information as possible. 

This will include details of renewal dates and current providers. A representative from your insurance agency will then follow up with each decision maker.

Building a sales pipeline

Our telemarketers will find companies near their policy renewal dates, so you can send them quotes immediately to try to win their business. 

Over the course of 12 months, we will also generate leads for your company’s pipeline for your sales team to follow up on.

We’ll collect as much information as we can about the company as well as a date to call back on, so that, when the time comes, your sales team is ready to schedule or close an appointment.

Client and prospect data cleansing

Maintaining customer and prospect databases has considerable value for any insurance company. 

Has your database of clients or prospects not been used for some time?

Is your agency buying out a rival agency, and would you like our telemarketing services team to improve data quality? If you would like to send us your database, we can sign a non-disclosure agreement.

More Than Words Note: We also offer a telemarketing service for accountants and telemarketing for finance companies.

Who’ll be working on your telemarketing for insurance agents campaign with you?

There’ll be several people within More Than Words working on your campaign including –

  • your account manager,
  • telemarketing manager, and
  • telemarketing reps.

Account manager

Your account manager is your main point of contact. In the event that you need to contact your account manager, you’ll have a direct email address and direct phone number for them.

In advance, we agree with you what the goals of the campaign are, who we’ll contact on your behalf, and what you want us to accomplish in each call. We also agree with you the dates and times when we’ll be calling

Telemarketing manager

The account manager will then brief the telemarketing manager, who will oversee your account on a day-to-day basis.

It is their responsibility to:

  • train your telemarketing sales staff,
  • develop a sales script,
  • monitor their outbound calls for quality,
  • provide ongoing support to your rep, and
  • make sure they achieve campaign productivity targets.

Telemarketing rep

We’ll also select the agent to work on your campaign.

Prior to the first call, we encourage you to get to know your telemarketing rep so that they will feel comfortable approaching you if they have any questions not covered in training.

When your campaign is underway

With specialist browser-based software, you can track your campaign live.

In addition to notes, you’ll also see the appointments booked and leads generated by your sales rep. If you can benefit from getting in touch with a prospective client right away, your account manager or telemarketing manager will get in touch with you right away.

What role could insurance telemarketing services play in your wider marketing efforts?

In the highly competitive insurance industry, agencies need to be accessible to their target markets online, offline, and always. 

All insurance agencies should make sure that their SEO efforts are focused on the types of business they want to win rather than trying to cover every option.

A potential client on your website should be able to make an online purchase (if possible) – failing that, you should capture your clients’ contact details so your sales team can follow up. 

You could also get them to subscribe to your email newsletter, or ask them to follow you on social media.

Email provides some of the best results – either cold B2B email marketing campaigns or monthly client and prospect newsletters. 

You should also use telemarketing every month. Consider outsourcing telemarketing to us before investing in a team and the technical infrastructure required to perform this in-house.

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Telemarketing for insurance agents – get a quote

Our sales team can book appointments, generate leads, gather business information, and renew client and prospect databases.

We provide you with the lists we need to purchase at no extra charge if you want us to break into new markets for you.

For more information about organising a B2B telemarketing campaign for your insurance agency, please call 0330 010 8300 or you can click here to email our direct marketing team.

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