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Telemarketing Service for accountants

Increase your client base using our specialist telemarketing service for accountants

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Feb 15, 2024

Specialist telemarketing service for accountants

Accountancy firms in the UK still use specialist B2B telemarketing services for accountants to increase revenue. This has become more obvious as people’s perception of their accountants has changed.

Xero and QuickBooks are primarily to blame for the sense of distance clients have with their accountants today. Their mass adoption has led the average chartered accountant to essentially outsource bookkeeping duties to their clients. They don’t stay in touch like they used to, and customers don’t like it. Clients feel that they are missing a human connection with their accountant.

In fact, 36% of clients want to leave their current accountancy firm.


Clients believe their accountants have forgotten them. Accountants take too long to get back to them, they’re confused by their bookkeeping package and no-one provides any support. If your firm is better than the rest and you are truly on the side of the client, this may be an opportunity for you to grow your firm’s customer base and revenue.

So, if we were partners with your accountancy practice, how would we spend the marketing budget that you shared with us?

Making our telemarketing service for accountants work

During telemarketing campaigns, we’re only interested in getting the results you want.

This is why we ask you the following questions:

What do you want from your telemarketing service?

  • Do you need new clients?
  • Are you interested in offering more services to your existing customers like inheritance planning, R&D tax credits, and patent box consultancy?
  • If some of your clients’ books are bad, would you like to reach out to them to sell them additional on-site or remote human bookkeeping services?
  • How are you keeping in touch with your existing customers and letting them know that you still want their business?

Looking for new business?

Accountancy firms use a telemarketing service to increase their income by adding more clients. More Than Words Marketing has over 3,000,000 decision maker contact names on our phone number database.

Let us know your company structure and line of business and we’ll find a prospect list to use with our UK B2B telemarketing service.

Generate qualified leads from our telemarketing service for accountants

More Than Words Marketing works with accountants who are interested in:

  • lead generation – we identify how much interest there is in a service you are offering and pass the information back to you to follow up on.
  • appointment setting – this works in the same way as lead generation, but we book meetings at set times either at your office, the client’s premises, via phone or video.

When we are working on your campaign you’ll have:

1. Experienced telemarketer

Your telemarketer will be available to speak with prior to your campaign, to find out some details about your products and services, and the people you are targeting.

2. Marketing account manager

Your account manager creates the telemarketing brief for your campaign. This helps to focus on your specific goals.

3. Admin support

Assist telemarketers in understanding your company, working closely with your telemarketer to ensure consistency with your brand, This will include monitoring the telemarketing campaign’s goals and giving feedback.

We can talk to a potential or existing client

Our team members would be missing a trick if we just generated leads or booked appointments when they called clients. Most people we talk to are still tied to their existing accounting firm.

Our team will note which firm they’re using, whether they’re happy, and when they will be out of contract. This is ideal for follow-up. Let us know what questions you would like our telemarketers to ask.

We’re on the phone anyway, so why not make the most of the time by getting the information you need directly from them.

Concerned about cold calling?

A cold call is always going to be disliked by a segment of your market. Similarly, some potential customers don’t like email, while others don’t like postal marketing, or social media.

People want to talk, especially those who are fed up with their current practices. They use calls to tell their story and find accountants who actually value their business. Our telemarketers have the skills, knowledge, and conversational techniques necessary to make a new client want to meet you.

More Than Words Note: We also provide the following specialised services: telemarketing for insurance agents, telemarketing for cleaning companies, construction telemarketing and telemarketing for finance companies.
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Lead generation company with a talent for generating ROI

We have worked with hundreds of UK accountancy practices in the last ten years – helping them gain new clients and promote their services.

With our outbound telemarketing skills, accountants and accounting practice teams have increased their sales and ROI. We can help you increase both your revenues and your client base.

Contact us with your questions about our telemarketing service for accountants at 0330 010 8300 or click here to email our team,

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Lead generation company with a talent for generating ROI

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