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Our UK engineering companies list puts you in direct contact with decision makers within over 33,000 firms including 13,000 email addresses

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Feb 14, 2024

Why should you use a UK engineering companies list for marketing?

The engineering sector is one of the most profitable sectors in the UK.

As per Engineering UK’s report from 2019, the sector generated 21.4% of UK turnover in 2018. Civil engineering and manufacturing is a broad sector in the UK. There are 5.5 million engineers in the UK – 18% of all British workers.

Engineers must register with a professional body in order to become accredited with the Engineering Council before being able to work in the industry. For companies seeking to connect with engineers, targeted lists of engineering companies offer excellent opportunities. Within our database, the relevant decision makers are already segmented by specialty.

More Than Words Marketing’s engineer database offers relevant, data-rich contact information for a wide range of civil engineering companies. Using this data to target the engineering sector can speed up and focus your marketing.

What’s on our UK engineering companies database?

More Than Words provides an up-to-date list of high-level professionals within the engineering sector.

Included in the list are:

  • heavy industry engineers
  • light engineering companies
  • civil engineers
  • mechanical engineering companies
  • construction companies
  • electrical engineers
  • chemical engineering

Every entry includes detailed information about the employee and the organisation.

This allows for sophisticated segmentation and targeting in your marketing campaigns.

There are:

  • 33,729 records with postal addresses,
  • 19,364 with phone numbers, and
  • 13,304 with email addresses.

Our services

1. UK engineering companies list

  • a comprehensive database of engineering companies across the United Kingdom
  • company email addresses,
  • the data can be used for 12 months after purchase, and
  • each entry contains multiple fields.

2. Send three email campaigns, one marketing design, and complete follow-up reports for each campaign

  • our team of experienced copywriters and designers help to create attractive, targeted email marketing messages,
  • our trusted servers guarantee a high rate of delivery into recipients’ inboxes, and
  • after your email is sent out, we will contact you immediately to let you know of any interaction your team needs to follow up on.

3. Post sale support

  • you will have an account manager who is on hand to provide support with using your database effectively,
  • technical support with your database support with and feedback for your own promotional campaigns.

A follow-up telemarketing campaign to your UK engineering companies list

We can provide follow-up telemarketing services in order to increase contact with the engineering companies on your UK list. We will contact a combination of:

  • companies on our database that you want to work with, and
  • every engineering firm that opens your email and visits your site often.

You can view these calls as they happen in an online campaign folder, giving feedback or following up as you see fit.

Successful marketing to UK engineering companies

There are many reasons you might be looking to reach out to civil engineers and the engineering industry. Engineers are a key target market for any manufacturing company.

Many of them are involved in project management. A large part of this task is making large purchases of machinery, parts and hardware. Engineers, however, are not easy targets for marketers, who are taught to appeal to the emotions of a potential customer.

These big-ticket items are important and expensive, so any supplier must to weigh their options logically. This means a change in approach for businesses.

Optimize your website for search engines

Engineers, like everyone else, gain the bulk of their information from search engines. Despite this, engineers are one of the few audiences that will look beyond the first two pages of search engine results.

This means that there is more competition than other markets. You must make all of your content compelling at first glance. Your meta descriptions must fully explain what your page does and why it is valuable in order to appeal to engineers.

Consider creating several pieces of compelling content around each target keyword. With a larger content marketing campaign, you could rank in different sections of the SERPs, increasing your visibility.

Create timely technical content

Engineers are more likely to purchase from a company they trust. For engineers, creating trust means offering information that helps them work. You could share how-to videos, product details, or video demonstrations for the product or service you are offering. Additionally, you could create engaging content around current trends and talking points.

Provide both gated and ungated content on your site to make your web presence SEO-friendly. You could make blog posts, product information and so on available for free, whereas whitepapers need a form, enticing prospects to sign up.

Focus on subject lines

When asked, “How do you process emails that land in your inbox?” by engineering.com, the engineers said that they:

  • Scan subject lines for interest (48%)
  • Open and scan for interest (41%)
  • Read every one (6%)
  • Delete most automatically (5%)

This offers an excellent insight into what needs to be included in a marketing communication to ensure that it will not be disregarded.

If you craft relevant, persuasive subject lines, up to 89% of your audience will be compelled to at least open and look over your email.

Advantages of using our UK engineering companies list

Personalising communications

The best way to grab the attention of any potential customer is to deliver relevant messages.

With an up-to-date list of engineering companies, you not only have access to individual engineers, but also other data about them, such as their location and titles. You can further segment by company size and estimated revenue.

You can tailor your marketing messages accordingly. Many marketing messages are missed or misunderstood because they are sent to the wrong audience.

Increased trust

Trusted brands are more likely to make sales, so building your relationship with consumers before actually making a sale is crucial. The right database marketing strategy can put your message in front of the right senior decision maker.

When customers and businesses can communicate via email or telemarketing, clients feel more connected to the brand. Simply starting a conversation could be enough to influence a potential client to choose your business over another.

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Ordering your copy of the UK engineering companies list

For more information on our list of UK engineering companies please call 0330 010 8300 or you can click here to email our marketing databases team.

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