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50,000+ establishments
Fully categorised
Accuracy guarantees
12 months’ usage licence
12 months’ after-sale support

How we help clients make the most of their education data

With the UK schools database, you can approach over 50,000 local authority educational establishments in three different ways.

Use the data alongside our back-up support service to market your company and its products and services by email, phone, or postal mail over a whole year.

Market to the UK schools of greatest value to your company

Only promote your products and services to the head teacher or decision maker most likely to purchase from you, within the UK school of your choice.

More precise targeting of your school marketing campaigns means a greater return on your investment.

More Than Words Marketing offers personal data for decision makers within:

Market to the UK schools of greatest value to your company
  • primary school,
  • secondary school,
  • higher education,
  • independent school,
  • special school, and
  • MATS.

We can also provide information for private nursery schools and university decision makers.

Additional fields which are included on the UK schools database

In addition to contact names, email addresses, postal addresses and telephone numbers you will receive:

  • establishment type such as LEA controlled, MAT (multi academy trust), SAT (single academy trust), Independent, Academy and Special,
  • OFSTED rating,
  • number of overall pupils,
  • number of pupils with SEN (special educational needs),
  • phase of education (such as early years, primary, secondary),
  • website, and
  • school expenditure by category (available for schools in England only)

More Than Words Note: To find out more about the types of school click here or to learn about how schools are funded click here.

Three different ways to present your products and services

The education marketplace is a lucrative marketplace but, to break into it, heads and other decision makers need to believe in your company.

Build trust and credibility by combining school data with three different marketing approaches:

  • email marketing – get direct into over 30,000 school office inboxes,
  • telemarketing – build a two-way dialogue, and
  • postal marketing – offering very high returns on investment.

Use the UK Schools database for email marketing 

According to IBM’s 2016 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study, emails sent to schools receive the highest average unique open rate of any other category and the third-highest average unique click-through rate

Email is a vital channel for lead generation, offering a direct line of communication with education buyers.

Through this, you can find out information, tailor your products and services to suit, and make immediate sales.

  1. provides value,
  2. instant impact,
  3. increased engagement.

Benefits of using telemarketing with the UK schools database

Using marketing calls to follow up on email communication, you can:

  • create stronger leads,
  • boost conversions to sales, and
  • broaden your network of education decision makers.

It takes between 7 and 13 marketing touches for a prospect to turn sales lead, according to the Online Marketing Institute.

Telemarketing gives you more control over this process.

  1. telemarketing generates leads,
  2. interactive, personal service,
  3. speeds up data cleansing.

Send direct mail using the UK schools database

Direct mail is the marketing channel most likely to yield a response from your contacts.

You have access by post to the teachers you want with our database of schools in the United Kingdom.

A direct mail campaign guarantees virtually 100% delivery to your target audience as every current teacher will be able to receive mail at school, even if they don’t have email or social media.

Furthermore, research from FastMap found that 9 out of 10 people open direct mail, so, in terms of generating leads, this is a fantastic addition to your marketing strategy.

  1. high response rates,
  2. highly targeted,
  3. enhanced deliverability.

More Than Words note – don’t have the time or infrastructure to run your own campaigns? More Than Words Marketing can provide managed email marketing services and managed telemarketing services.

UK schools database - FAQ

The More Than Words’ UK schools database contains:

  • information on over 50,000 schools in Britain (pupils taught, type of school, how a school is funded and so on),
  • contact names (normally the head teacher)
  • school postal addresses,
  • school telephone numbers, and
  • school email addresses.

Our schools database is intended for companies and charities wishing to communicate directly with schools and the decision makers within them.

We provide the schools database to clients in the following formats:

  • Microsoft Excel,
  • Microsoft Access, or
  • CSV (comma separated values)

Yes – we have supplied over 3,000 email databases to companies wanting to market their products and services to schools since our launch back in 2016.

Click to find out more about our comprehensive list of school email addresses.

Email marketing to schools in the UK is legal. In fact, email marketing to schools is the most popular channel for companies and charities wishing to connect with the education sector.

UK school email addresses, as are all email addresses, are covered by the GDPR regulations which came into force in 2018.

Email marketing to schools is legitimate under GDPR because:

  • you are emailing the decision makers within schools in their professional capacity,
  • the products and services you wish to sell benefit the school rather than benefitting the individuals working for the school on a personal basis, and
  • marketing of potentially relevant products and services is considered a justifiable grounds for contact with an organisation.

If you are concerned about GDPR, please ask your account manager for a copy of our GDPR policies and procedures.

If you’d prefer us to send emails on your behalf to schools, please click here for more information on our managed email marketing service to schools.

With the full UK schools database or a bespoke database created for you derived from the UK schools database, you can contact headteachers within schools by:

  • email marketing,
  • postal marketing, and

If you’d like to pitch your products direct to head teachers but your company currently lacks a telesales team, please ask your account manager about our managed education telemarketing campaigns to schools.

We have also create a guide for selling to schools, click here to download.

Our schools database only contains the names of head teachers – it doesn’t contain the names of individual teachers, heads of department, or school business managers.

If you want this information, we can supply it for an additional charge – please ask when you call.

If you prefer to use the information on our schools database to get in touch with specific members of staff, we recommend that you:

  • use “For the attention of (target name)” in your email subject line and on your postal marketing campaigns and
  • ask the receptionist at the school for the name of your target and then ask to be put through either straight away or book a telephone appointment with them.

The Department of Education schools database (sometimes known as the government schools database) can be found here.

This public sector database contains much of the information which is contained on our school database.

In order to add value to each Edubase extract, we add contact details (including schools’ email addresses) and we merge information from various other databases to ensure that it provides enough information for companies wishing to use it for marketing purposes.

Tell us which school data list you need to market your products and services and we’ll compile it for you.

Typical suggestions for more specialist UK schools databases include:

  • Northern Ireland schools database
  • Worcester County Council schools database
  • Welsh schools database
  • establishments within specified school districts in the UK
  • list of school email addresses
  • list of primary schools in UK
  • list of schools in London
  • independent schools database
  • list of schools in Wales
  • list of LEA funded schools
  • list of schools in England
  • UK secondary schools

Contact one of our account managers for more information on building your company’s own school database.

You’ll need to relicense the data from us for another 12 months to continue contacting schools.

You can say in touch with head teachers and schools which responded to one of your marketing campaigns under the following three conditions:

  • if the school has purchased from you,
  • if you are the school are negotiating doing business together but there has been no conclusion yet, or
  • if the school has requested in writing that you stay in touch with them (please keep records of which schools make these requests).

Contact us about our UK school’s database

Get in touch with More Than Words Marketing

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We’ll then create a bespoke database of the schools most likely to need your products and services.

You can use the data for 12 months after purchase and you benefit from ongoing support from our UK data service.

We’re open during office hours between Monday and Friday.

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Find out more about our UK schools database

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