30,000+ email addresses
50,000+ establishments
Fully categorised
Accuracy guarantees
12 months’ usage licence
12 months’ after-sale support

How we help clients make the most from their UK schools database

You can approach over 50,000 British educational establishments with your message in three different ways with our UK schools database.

Use it and our back-up support service to market your company and its products and services by email, phone, or postal mail over a whole year.

You don’t need to buy the entire database.

In fact, a better way forward would be to contact one of our account managers – tell them about your company, what you sell, and the benefits you deliver to schools.

Using that information, we’ll then interrogate our database and, within 24 hours, we’ll come back to you with the schools we’ve identified as being in most need of your products and services.

Our UK schools database contains the highest quality marketing data for use on your campaigns

More Than Words builds and maintains the highest quality education databases for our clients.

With direct marketing, quality produces better returns for our clients than quantity.

Before we add a school’s details to our database, it must contain enough information for it to be useful and insightful enough to be used on a marketing campaign.That’s because the data we hold on a school is more valuable and useful to you when your marketing when it’s more detailed.

We offer clients the following guarantees on the UK schools database we provide you with:

  • 85% email deliverability (excluding soft bounces)
  • 92% telephone number accuracy
  • 98% postal address accuracy

If we miss our quality targets, we either issue you with a pro-rata refund to you or we supply you with replacement records – let us know which option you’d prefer.

A year of promoting your products and services using our UK schools database

You benefit from a 12 month usage licence for your UK schools database.

You have an entire year to:

  • build awareness of your company in the education sector,
  • promote your products and services and the benefits they deliver, and
  • share insights and useful information with schools to improve decision makers’ perception of your credibility and presence in the marketplace.

Working with you during the course of the year is an experienced account manager – a colleague with over 5 years’ experience in helping companies sell their products and services to schools.

If you need help to use the database, our technical support team will walk you through what you’re trying to achieve on the phone with you.

And, before you send an email, launch a direct mail campaign, or start a telemarketing campaign, send your materials to our team for review.

Our copywriters, designers, and sales staff have helped hundreds of companies sell more of their products and services to schools over the past 15 years.

Within 24 hours of receiving your materials, our marketing team will get back to you with their feedback, insights, and suggestions.

How to order your UK schools database

We’d appreciate the opportunity of finding our more about your company and how we can help you sell more of your products and services to a wider number of schools.

We’re confident in the quality of our data and the quality of the support you’ll receive from your account manager, our marketing team, and our technical support team.

To start building a bespoke school data list for your marketing team, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or click here to email us.

Working with More Than Words’ schools database

Using your UK schools database to generate more leads and sales

The first step in selling to schools is knowing who to talk to.

The More Than Words UK schools database provides your company with an accurate, relevant list of contacts, compiled specifically for your marketing requirements from a pool of over 50,000 decision makers, buyers and head teachers.

If you want to maximise the return on your investment, the next step is to create a strong marketing strategy and to turn the quality leads you generate from your campaigns into repeat customers.

Why target schools?

Even in times of economic uncertainty, schools are a necessary public service which will always be in the market for new products and services especially when confronted by budget cuts

If you can become a trusted supplier within the education sector, this opens the door to steadier income streams for your company in a domino marketplace – once one school becomes a customer, more will follow.

Working with schools makes your business more visible to a network of teachers, head teachers and local authorities.

Because schools make frequent orders in larger volumes, converting just one lead from your UK schools database could yield significant and ongoing financial returns.

The key to successfully selling to schools is to understand how your products or services could be used to solve the challenges of the education sector.

Direct marketing puts you in control of the relationship you have with schools.

You decide who you contact, what your message is, and how it is delivered.

Once you have opened a channel of communication, you can find out more about the buying cycle of each school, plan your content to address common pain points with education, and deliver offers at an appropriate and opportune time.

Your account manager will also be more than happy to offer feedback and suggestions to help you to refine your campaigns.

Benefits of using email marketing to target schools

Email is a vital channel for lead generation, offering a direct line of communication with education buyers through which you can find out information, tailor your products and services to suit, and make immediate sales..

Provides value

Email marketing is a ideal for both prospecting and nurturing leads because you can continuously add to your company’s credibility by sharing information of value as well as asking customers to make a purchase.

Delivering value not only through your products and services but through your expertise and involvement is a proven way not only to win new business from schools but to keep it.

Research has shown that teachers are most responsive to useful, informative content such as free teaching resources and research papers creating a perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate your knowledge.

Instant impact

Email is a direct and immediate form of marketing which allows recipients to look at messages in their own time – a useful strategy when selling to busy teachers.

The immediate nature of email also allows businesses to start to see and measure the results of a campaign within minutes of the email being sent out.

Email is the best-performing medium to use for time-limited offers making your campaign more measurable and bringing in sales right away.

Increased engagement

According to IBM’s 2016 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study, emails sent to schools receive the highest average unique open rate of any other category and the third-highest average unique click-through rate.

The response curve of a well-executed email marketing campaign is often far-reaching and long-lasting.

Teachers are more than happy to share useful information with colleagues so the right email content could increase sales volumes and expand your network at the same time.

Benefits of using telemarketing to target schools

You can create stronger leads, boost conversions to sales, and broaden the network of education decision makers you deal with by following up on email contact with marketing calls.

Telemarketing generates leads

Telemarketing conversations help to guide your leads to the point of sales as you answer questions and explain the benefits of your product or service more intensively and in real-time.

In sales, ‘marketing touches’ refer to the contact points a potential customer has with your business over time.

These occur across a range of online and offline mediums and help school decision makers become familiar with your company.

It takes between 7 and 13 marketing touches for a prospect to turn sales lead, according to the Online Marketing Institute.

Telemarketing gives you more control over this process.

Done well, a telemarketing call to follow up a direct mail or email campaign can generate the trust needed to make an enquiry or a purchase.

Interactive, personal service

A telephone conversation creates a ‘human connection’ which means that the contacts on your UK schools database feel more connected to your business.

People prefer to spend their money with businesses that they trust.

They also inherently trust other people more than they do faceless corporations.

The key to generating sales from your database is opening a genuine dialogue with your prospects that is based on you offering them something valuable.

Speeds up data cleansing

Telemarketing is the best way for you to quickly establish whether or not a particular contact has a need for your product or service.

If not, you can assess whether or not they might need it in the future or obtain the name and contact details of a more appropriate decision maker.

Additionally, you can use telemarketing to qualify the leads on your UK schools database, perform basic data hygiene, and start to build relationships which could lead to sales later on.

More Than Words can provide support with your telemarketing scripts and campaign strategy as well as access to experienced telemarketers as part of our managed campaign service.

Benefits of using direct mail to target schools

Direct mail is the marketing channel most likely to yield a response from your contacts and you have access by post to the decision makers you want with our UK schools database service.

High response rates

Statistically, direct mail receives the highest response rate of any marketing channel.

Thanks to the low cost of digital marketing, competition for online audiences is fierce.

Direct mail offers a way to rise above the noise and capture the attention of your contacts.

In fact, direct mail is the ideal complement for an online marketing strategy.

Taking advantage of the fact that your direct mail is more likely to be opened, use physical messages to connect prospects to your website or social media.

You can then use your website, email, and social media to reinforce the offline call to action and engage prospects.

Highly targeted

Direct mail offers enhanced targeting and makes it easy to refine your mailing lists to specific types of customer.

Two of digital marketing’s most complex processes – geotargeting and geofencing – are the default for direct mail and you can add as many variables as you like when filtering and creating your marketing segments.

The information on your UK schools database is more than enough for you to personalise your messages and create offers that speak to the specific needs and interests of different types of customer.

Enhanced deliverability

A direct mail campaign guarantees virtually 100% delivery to your target audience as every current teacher will be able to receive mail at school, even if they don’t have email or social media.

With addresses for up to 50,000 contacts, this provides an incomparable pool of contacts to choose from your UK schools database.

Furthermore, research from FastMap found that 9 out of 10 people open direct mail, so, in terms of generating leads, this is a fantastic addition to your marketing strategy.

UK schools database - FAQ

The More Than Words’ UK schools database contains:

  • information on over 50,000 schools in Britain (pupils taught, type of school, how a school is funded and so on),
  • contact names (normally the head teacher)
  • school postal addresses,
  • school telephone numbers, and
  • school email addresses.

Our schools database is intended for companies and charities wishing to communicate directly with schools and the decision makers within them.

We provide the schools database to clients in the following formats:

  • Microsoft Excel,
  • Microsoft Access, or
  • CSV (comma separated values)

Yes – we have supplied over 3,000 email databases to companies wanting to market their products and services to schools since our launch back in 2016.

Click to find out more about our comprehensive list of school email addresses.

Email marketing to schools in the UK is legal. In fact, email marketing to schools is the most popular channel for companies and charities wishing to connect with the education sector.

UK school email addresses, as are all email addresses, are covered by the GDPR regulations which came into force in 2018.

Email marketing to schools is legitimate under GDPR because:

  • you are emailing the decision makers within schools in their professional capacity,
  • the products and services you wish to sell benefit the school rather than benefitting the individuals working for the school on a personal basis, and
  • marketing of potentially relevant products and services is considered a justifiable grounds for contact with an organisation.

If you are concerned about GDPR, please ask your account manager for a copy of our GDPR policies and procedures.

If you’d prefer us to send emails on your behalf to schools, please click here for more information on our managed email marketing service to schools.

With the full UK schools database or a bespoke database created for you derived from the UK schools database, you can contact headteachers within schools by:

  • email marketing,
  • postal marketing, and

If you’d like to pitch your products direct to head teachers but your company currently lacks a telesales team, please ask your account manager about our managed telemarketing campaigns to schools.

Our schools database only contains the names of head teachers – it doesn’t contain the names of individual teachers, heads of department, or school business managers.

If you want this information, we can supply it for an additional charge – please ask when you call.

If you prefer to use the information on our schools database to get in touch with specific members of staff, we recommend that you:

  • use “For the attention of (target name)” in your email subject line and on your postal marketing campaigns and
  • ask the receptionist at the school for the name of your target and then ask to be put through either straight away or book a telephone appointment with them.

The Department of Education schools database (sometimes known as the government schools database) can be found here.

This public sector database contains much of the information which is contained on our school database.

In order to add value to each Edubase extract, we add contact details (including schools’ email addresses) and we merge information from various other databases to ensure that it provides enough information for companies wishing to use it for marketing purposes.

Tell us which school data list you need to market your products and services and we’ll compile it for you.

Typical suggestions for more specialist UK schools databases include:

  • Northern Ireland schools database
  • Worcester County Council schools database
  • Welsh schools database
  • establishments within specified school districts in the UK
  • list of school email addresses
  • list of primary schools in UK
  • list of schools in London
  • independent schools database
  • list of schools in Wales
  • list of LEA funded schools
  • list of schools in England
  • UK secondary schools

Contact one of our account managers for more information on building your company’s own school database.

You’ll need to relicense the data from us for another 12 months to continue contacting schools.

You can say in touch with head teachers and schools which responded to one of your marketing campaigns under the following three conditions:

  • if the school has purchased from you,
  • if you are the school are negotiating doing business together but there has been no conclusion yet, or
  • if the school has requested in writing that you stay in touch with them (please keep records of which schools make these requests).

Contact us about our UK schools database

Contact one of our account managers and let them know about your company, what you sell, and how schools benefit from working with you.

We’ll then create a bespoke database of the schools most likely to need your products and services.

You can use the data for 12 months after purchase and you benefit from ongoing support from your account manager, our technical team, and our advertising support team.

We’re open during office hours between Monday and Friday.

We’re available on 0330 010 3495 or you can email our marketing databases team by clicking here.

We’re based in North Shields town centre if you want to come and visit us. There is plenty of free parking outside and we’re only three minutes’ walk from North Shields Metro station.

Call 0330 010 3495

Find out more about our UK schools database

Speak with one of our account managers about our UK schools database. Please call us on 0330 010 3495, click here to email us, or fill in the form below and we’ll get back in touch with you.