Why market to a list of sales managers and directors?

In the UK, there are around 474,000 people working or self-employed as sales managers and business development managers.

A sales manager may have any number of job titles, including:

  • sales director,
  • customer care representative,
  • sales associate,
  • sales representative,
  • area sales manager,
  • sales leader,
  • account manager,
  • business development manager,
  • regional sales manager/national sales manager, and so on.

Whatever their title, though, the sales manager job comes with a lot of responsibility.

Sales reps and business development reps are often promoted into management positions solely because of their sales success, not because they have natural management skills.

This is the typical succession path, so businesses must immediately replace the revenue that would have come from their now-sales manager.

List of Sales managers for direct marketing

Meeting business sales targets becomes even more challenging as the new sales manager lacks experience, expertise, and training.

A new sales manager will either flourish or fail at this stage.

Great sales managers are competitive and numbers-driven.

The sales manager should figure out how to surpass their sales goal without overburdening their team.

How can your products and services help sales managers maintain and improve their results?

More Than Words Marketing’s database of sales professionals is part of our extensive UK business database.

The full list contains the following:

  • 34,061 UK companies (including business mailing address),
  • 34,061 names of sales managers/sales directors (including actual job title)
  • 13,330 phone numbers, and
  • 14,420 direct sales manager email addresses (including 10,892 website addresses)

The full direct marketing service we offer includes:

1. A list of sales managers

  • a comprehensive listing of sales leadership contacts,
  • contact information for decision-makers,
  • data is available for 12 months after purchase, and
  • each entry has multiple fields.
List of sales managers from More Than Words Marketing

2. A marketing email design, three email campaigns, and follow-up reports

  • copywriters and designers work together to create one cohesive email design.
  • Send three email marketing campaigns using our trusted servers
  • Our email campaigns come with full reports including every email click through and open.

3. After-sales support

  • Whatever your technical level, our team of data technicians can help you use your data,
  • As part of our design and copywriting support, we will review any campaigns that you design yourself during the time you own the list.

What do sales directors and managers buy?

A sales manager is in charge of recruiting, training, motivating, and guiding their sales force.

You can approach them if you want to promote everything from business administration tools to:

  • marketing campaigns,
  • customer relationship management systems,
  • sales forecasting tools,
  • recruitment services, and
  • sales training.

Surprising products/services that sales managers need

Benefits for employees

As skills become increasingly specialized, sales managers will try to keep their most talented employees. Unless you value your workers, others will.

In today’s work environment, a manager’s challenge is ensuring that talented staff is supported, learning new skills, progressing and is happy.

It is important to let employees know they are appreciated. It’s always a priority to pay employees what they’re worth, but sales managers can do more with regular rewards and recognition.

Sales management tools

Managing and tracking sales activities, contacts, quotas, and more requires sales management software.

It is also used by sales managers to identify trends, growth opportunities, and team wins, and motivate and onboard reps.

As of 2020, 90% of sales leaders say sales technology is important or very important.

More than half plan to increase spending on sales technology.

Tools for project management

Project management tools automate communication and scheduling.

The result is that businesses can easily assign tasks and track sales pipeline progress, creating a central hub for work.

Project timeline makers are commonly used to visualize a project roadmap as an infographic.

This allows the whole team to see all the milestones at once.

Tech for closing

eSignature apps make closing and signing simple by having users sign on dotted lines.

eSignature tools and laws make eSignatures valid and binding, which means printing, signing, and scanning documents are no longer necessary.

An effective sales manager removes as many roadblocks as possible so that salespeople can create new leads and close more deals.

What do you have that can assist them in doing so?

Tell us about your products or services so we can help you demonstrate how they add value.

Do I have permission to send marketing materials to the list of sales managers?

Our data file includes a list of email addresses of the decision makers you’re looking for. During the first year of your licence, you may send one broadcast per month to the contacts on your email list.

Contact us for our managed B2B email marketing solution, where we create, write, send, and report on your campaigns.

How can our telemarketing staff use the list’s information to reach out to new clients?

Telemarketing is proven to win new customer accounts.

Many decision makers still prefer the personal touch and want to ask a lot of questions before ordering products and services.

You can use our list of sales managers to set appointments and generate leads. Please inquire about our managed B2B telemarketing service if you wish to outsource your telemarketing.

Use our database of sales leaders to generate high-quality leads and sales.

Get in touch with More Than Words Marketing

You can send email marketing campaigns to Sales Managers from our database or we can run them for you. We have telemarketing numbers and mailing lists for your postal operations, too.

Don’t worry about buying the whole database. Just tell us what products and services you offer, along with why sales management professionals need it.

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