No matter what a salesperson’s job title is (sales consultant, customer care representative, sales associate, sales representatives, real estate agent, store manager, account executive, business development manager, financial advisor, and so on), they all have to answer to a sales manager if they miss their monthly sales and revenue targets.

And, likewise, sales managers have to answer to their sales directors and to their boards if their teams miss their targets.

The role of sales manager comes with a lot of pressure. Often within businesses, it’s the top sales reps or the leading business development reps who end up being promoted into the position only because of their sales results and not because of any inherent (or trained) ability to manage.

Because this is the normal path of succession, companies are forced to quickly replace the revenue they would have earned from their now-sales manager from the other salespeople within their company. The problem then circles back because the now-sales manager lacks the knowledge, experience, and training making the attainment of company sales goals even harder.

It’s either at this point where a new sales manager rises or falls.

To get the most out of their people and to find the new business they need from each sales representative on their team, they first need to understand what their team members’ training needs are. Is there some part of their pitching which puts clients off? Are there aspect of the company’s products and services whose benefits they’re not describing clearly enough? There are lots of things to consider – including where a particular salesperson is even right for the business.

Being a sales manager is brutal, figures-led, and unforgiving – much like being a sales account executive. A sales manager has to figure out a way that s/he can meet and exceed company goals and business development targets without putting so much pressure on their staff that they fold or leave.

The professionals on our list have overcome these initial challenges and they have achieved the required results from their salespeople but the challenge to stay on top is never-ending. After all, a content sales manager is a sales manager who will be sacked soon.

How can your products and services help sales managers maintain and improve their results?

Our sales managers marketing database contains the following:

  • 34,061 UK companies (including business mailing address),
  • 34,061 names of sales managers/sales directors (including actual job title)
  • 13,330 phone numbers, and
  • 14,420 direct sales manager email addresses (including 10,892 website addresses)

For more information on our sales manager data file, please call 0330 010 8300 or you can click here to email our marketing databases team.

Sales manager database FAQ

What are the sales titles/job titles of the people whose contact details are contained on the list?

The most frequently occurring sales titles/job titles on our list of senior sales decision makers and leaders are sales managers, head of sales, sales directors, sales executives, head of business development, business development managers, and business development directors.

Every company is different and, on some of the entries, the job title will be different. However, when they have been contacted by the data list owner, the person listed on our data file has identified themselves or been identified as have responsibility for sales and sales management within their organisation.

If you are after a certain type of sales professional, we can isolate the contacts on the database using their sales titles/job titles however this may greatly reduce the size of your database of business contacts. Please let us know exactly what you want when you call or email us.

Sales manager vs sales director – what’s the difference?

In many companies, there is no actual sales director – the sales manager has simply assumed the job title of “sales director” for themselves. Sales directors tend only to actually exist in larger companies.

Where there is a sales director within a business, they are responsible for the creation of a sales strategy across the company and they’re responsible for leading all teams and regions under their supervision. Their sales managers will report directly to them and the managers themselves are responsible for the implementation of the director’s sales strategies and the sales team of which they are manager.

Sales directors occupies an executive level management position whereas sales managers are usually not on the board and considered as either middle- or senior-management.

What do sales managers and sales directors buy?

A sales manager is responsible for hiring, training, motivating, and directing the sales personnel.

They’re the people to approach within a business to sell marketing campaigns, to promote CMS systems to, to present the CV of a potential new sales person to, or to offer sales training courses to.

The role of a sales manager is to remove as many obstacles out of the way for themselves and for each sales professional they manage to generate as many new leads and close as many new deals as possible.

What have you got which can help them do that? Please get in touch and let us know – we look forward to discussing who to present your products and services to and how to demonstrate their benefits.

What information do you hold about the sales leaders on your data base?

We hold three types of information for the leads on our data file – individual, company, and contact.

Individual data

  • salutation (Mr, Mrs, Dr, Miss, and Sir)
  • contact name (separate fields for first and last name)
  • contact job title

Company data

  • company name
  • line of business
  • legal status
  • number of employees (90%)
  • number of branches (90%)
  • type of premises (70%)
  • website address (75%)
  • level of turnover (banded) (60%)
  • year the original company began trading (40%)
  • company registration number (8%)
  • incorporation date (8%)
  • net worth (7%)
  • profit or loss making? (2%)
  • %age increase or decrease in profitability YOY (2%)
  • turnover increase or decrease YOY (shown in pound sterling) (2%)

The percentages contained in brackets following the name of the field indicate coverage of that field across our entire UK business database. For example, where we have 75% website address coverage, this means that, for every 100 entries across our entire database, we have the website address for 75 of these businesses.

Contact data

  • postal address including 2 lines for the address, town, county, and postcode
  • phone number (either direct dial phone number or main switchboard number)
  • the email addresses given by the contact as the address they’d prefer to receive emails at

Can I send marketing material to each sales manager’s email address on the list?

Yes – the data file we send you contains an incorporated email list containing the addresses of the decision makers you’re target. You may send broadcasts to the contacts on your email list once a month for the twelve months of your licence.

If you lack the staff or the infrastructure to use the B2B email database we send you, please ask us about our managed B2B email marketing service – we’ll design, write, send, and report on your campaigns for you.

Can our telephone sales team use the information on the list to make outbound calls and find new clients?

Telemarketing is a proven way to win new customer accounts – many decision makers still prefer the personal approach and, before they decide to go ahead with an order for products and services they need for their sales teams, they want to ask as many questions as possible.

Our list of sales leaders contains the B2B telemarketing data your sales team needs to book appointments and generate leads. If you’d prefer to outsource your telesales for this campaign, please ask us about our managed B2B telemarketing service when you call.

Is direct mail marketing a successful way to win new business?

When compared against other marketing strategies and approaches, postal direct mail has produced consistently high returns on investments in recent years despite (or because of) the drop in volume.

Our sales manager data file incorporates a business to business mailing list which you (or a mailing house) can use on your postal mail marketing campaigns.

Generate high-quality leads and sales from our database of sales leaders

Our database of Sales Managers includes a fully-incorporated email list for you to run email marketing campaigns from (or we can run the campaigns for you). There are also phones numbers for your telemarketing teams and mailing lists for your postal campaigns.

Remember too that you don’t have to buy the entire database – let us know what products and services you offer, why sales managers need it, and, working with you, we’ll ensure that your list only contains the sales management professionals you need to get in touch with

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