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Our list of finance directors and finance managers
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Use our list of finance directors and finance managers to market your products and services direct to decision makers by email, phone, and post

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Oct 13, 2023

Our list of finance directors and finance managers for direct marketing.

Within any business, finance directors are among the most senior decision makers.

Finance directors (sometimes referred to as CFOs) are in charge of a wide variety of financial services and responsibilities for the businesses they work for. This often ranges from financial planning, managing risk and allocating funding, to accounting and reporting financial data.

A finance director will be responsible for business administration and maintaining the financial performance of their company.

Their main objectives will include purchasing anything for the finance department that improves their financial management and helps them to do their job faster and better.

This could include things like financial reporting software (to manage and monitor cash flow), or financial strategy and asset tracking apps.

Other finance professionals which have generated leads and sales from this data include:

  • finance recruitment consultants,
  • financial publishers, and
  • organisers of finance-related exhibitions.

Financial services are big business in the UK.

Our list of finance director marketing service

The direct marketing service includes:

1. List of UK finance directors

  • a comprehensive list of 38,815 finance directors,
  • 11,051 decision makers’ email addresses,
  • 26,118 telephone numbers (for telemarketing campaigns),
  • each entry has multiple fields, and
  • data is valid for 12 months after purchase.

2. Three email broadcasts, one email design and full follow-up reporting

  • our in-house design and copywriting team will write and design one email for you,
  • we will send three email broadcasts to your finance director contacts using our trusted servers at a time you specify (based on availability), and
  • reports are sent three days after each email campaign. Your spreadsheet will show which recipients interacted with your email, who opened it or clicked through to your website, and how often.

3. After-sales support

To help you get the most out of the data, we provide free technical support for 12 months after purchase. You will have a dedicated account manager and have access to copywriting and design teams who will provide feedback.

What finance job titles are on the database?

The financial professionals listed on the database will have one of the following job titles:

  • chief financial officer,
  • commercial director,
  • chartered accountant,
  • group finance director
  • finance director,
  • finance manager,
  • head of finance, or
  • VP of finance.

They are the most senior person responsible for finance within their company and generally only answerable to the executive director or managing director.

What information do I receive on the list of finance directors and finance managers?

We provide three types of information to our data base customers:

Contact information

  • title (for example, Mr, Mrs, Dr, Miss, and Sir)
  • name (separate fields for first and last name)
  • job title

Company information

  • company name
  • line of business
  • legal status
  • geographical location (postal address including 2 lines for the address, town, county, and postcode)
  • main switchboard telephone numbers
  • number of employees
  • number of branches
  • type of premises
  • website address (many B2B marketers visit prospects’ websites prior to calling to fact-find about the companies they’re calling)
  • level of turnover (banded)

Decision maker contact details

  • postal address
  • telephone numbers – in addition to the main switchboard number, the direct-dial-in number for the decision maker
  • email address – we try to supply two email addresses – one personal and one generic

How can I use this database list of finance directors to promote my product, service, or solution?

You can market to the contacts contained on our mailing lists in three ways – by email, phone, or post.

Use email marketing with our list of finance directors

Our database of finance directors incorporates a comprehensive, GDPR-compliant email database containing the direct-to-inbox details for the decision makers you wish to contact. Use our email list to send out persuasive and timely email marketing campaigns to prospects.

If you don’t have the time or capacity for email marketing, ask us about our managed B2B email marketing campaigns (prices for this service include design, copywriting, dispatch, and full reporting)

You can find information on email marketing and GDPR here. To find out more about how we gather email lists of company directors and how our methods comply with GDPR legislation, please click here.

Use telemarketing to generate leads from your list of finance directors

With telemarketing, you can open a two-way conversation with the decision makers from our database, introducing your company and demonstrating the value in your product or service.

Our list of finance directors incorporates the B2B telemarketing data you need for your campaign.

Please note that you must check all B2B telemarketing data against the Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS).

If you do not have a telesales team but you wish to generate leads the finance directors on the database with this approach, please ask us about our outsourced B2B telemarketing campaigns .

Postal marketing

Your database of finance directors contains an incorporated business to business mailing list with the details you need to carry out a postal marketing campaign.

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More Than Words Marketing - your data and marketing experts

Our list of finance directors is a combined email list, calling list, and postal address list.

You can use the contact details on our database for 12 months after purchase and, as a client of ours, you’ll benefit from our experience in marketing to heads of finance within other companies. 

To help you generate more leads and sales from our finance directors’ database, you can send over the email or letter you’re intending to distribute to your target audience. Within 24 hours, one of our marketing team will get back to you with comments, insights, and suggestions on how to further improve response rates.

Please call us on 0330 010 8300 or you click here to email us and contact our marketing databases team.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ's)  vector icon in orange and dark blue

List of finance directors

What is the role of a finance director in a company?

Traditionally sitting on the board of directors, a financial director is the overall head of a company’s finance department.

They responsible for all financial-related aspects within a business including forecasting, budgeting, and compliance.

They are often tasked with bringing their experience to spearhead change within UK companies focused on things like:

  • potential profit improvement,
  • introducing more efficient business & management processes,
  • delivering company performance updates regularly to the board,
  • identifying areas where money could be saved and reporting on strategies to make those savings, and
  • general growth planning.
Is CFO a director?

The job title “finance director” is more likely to be heard in UK companies – the job title “CFO” (chief financial officer) is more likely to be heard in North American companies.

Although there is a degree of interchangability between the job titles, CFO is more often offered to the head of a finance department or team within a division, subsidiary or territory.

Is CFO higher than finance director?

In many companies, there may be more than one chief financial offers representing different areas of the business who are answerable to the ovaerall financial director.

Which position is higher - controller or director of finance?

A financial controller is more likely to be the head of accounting within companies and, therefore, they are junior to and answerable to finance directors.

What is the source of your data?

There are multiple long-established and reliable sources which contribute to our masterlist of UK financial decision makers.

The main source is one of the UK’s leading management-level marketing data solution providers. For over 30 years, they have developed and maintained a system to efficiently and accurately collect data on decision makers with financial and other responsibilities and functions. If you’re looking for a marketing list of other decision makers with responsibility for finances (including their email addresses and website URLs), please let us know when you get in touch.

Our financial decision maker database is part of our much larger UK business database. If you wish to source data on financial decision makers from around the world, please ask your account manager about this specialist data when you call.

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