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Oct 13, 2023

Do you need an accurate, up-to-date UK marketing managers’ email list?

More Than Words Marketing’s UK marketing managers database contains over 19,000 marketing directors and marketing executives. 

These decision makers have an annual budget of £21.6bn a year to spend promoting their products and services to their target audiences.

A database which reflects the variety of marketing and sales channels

This is an email list which truly reflects B2B marketing as it is today. The wide range of marketing managers, marketing directors and marketing executives we have will provide you with effective selling opportunities in large and small businesses.

Many of the firms on the database continue to use more traditional outbound forms of direct marketing like

According to market research from the DMA, outbound marketing activity is continuing to produce record returns. This is especially true of email marketing, even in the era of GDPR.

The demise of outbound marketing has been greatly exaggerated.

Different organisations who use outdoor and out-of-home marketing are well represented on our mailing list.

Industry reports indicate that this UK market is experiencing both growth in the amount of space booked and disruption through the introduction of digital technology, dynamic messaging, and interactivity.

The fastest growing sector of advertising is digital marketing. We are witnessing a growing trend for consumers and businesses to research products, services, and potential suppliers at the early part of the decision-making cycle.

This change is forcing companies to innovate and experiment with their marketing more than ever before.

What are the companies on the UK marketing managers email list focused on?

We are seeing a land grab with tens of thousands of companies who’s goal of marketing communications are to:

  • achieve high search engine rankings,
  • build significant social media followings,
  • provide relevant, engaging, and actionable content that can be found easily,  and
  • game PPC advertising to reduce cost-per-lead by focusing on longer-tail keywords (have you seen how much Google Ads charge for popular search terms?).

Companies are not just competing against each other, they’re also now competing against very intelligently run lead generation services. 

The aim of lead generation companies is to harvest sales enquiries and sell them on.

Could your products and services help companies and their agencies achieve more because of your knowledge, skill, qualification, and insight?

If so, a targeted and personalised marketing campaign using our marketing directors email list will help you to share that.

What products and services do marketing executives purchase?

Marketing executives and marketing teams to a higher or lesser degree depending upon the size of the company they work for and available budget. 

Their role is to develop and implement a marketing strategy to increase brand awareness, online visitors and enquiries.

These are just some of products and services that a marketing specialist would be interested in:

  • Software such as marketing analytics, social media management, email marketing platform or email marketing tool.
  • Event stands at trade shows.
  • Promotional items for brand awareness, such as stationary, chocolates or other merchandise.
  • Marketing databases and mailing lists for direct marketing campaigns.
  • Data cleansing, or data appending services.
  • PPC adverts across Google and social media.
  • Design service for brochures, leaflets or email newsletter.

How to demonstrate your expertise to generate enquiries and revenues

When advertising to the UK marketing managers and marketing directors on our database, what should you include in your communications to them? 

For the larger companies on the database, your marketing strategy should demonstrate the ability to deliver your services into an established team.

It is important to show that what you do can prevent blockages in the production of content. Or can assist in the processes required to distribute marketing materials.

For smaller companies, their demands are likely to be much higher. This is because they have far less people and far lower budgets to achieve their targets. 

They are likely to be less advanced in terms of technological deployment of marketing and have capacity to produce written, graphical, or video content.

You need to let them know not just the core strengths of your product or service but the additional ways they can help. 

Marketing is one of the hardest professional services jobs. It takes years to learn how to do it well and that’s against a background of constant technical innovation, changing business and consumer tastes.

You need to demonstrate:

  • empathy with their pain points (what makes their job difficult and frustration),
  • an understanding of how difficult it is for them to achieve their targets, and
  • explain to them quickly, succinctly, and in plain English what you do and how it can help them

Testimonials work well for all companies – particularly larger ones.

For creative companies, have as many samples as ready as possible to send clients.  Or better still, put your creative team on standby to create bespoke samples for every enquiry.

For more analytical and data-driven marketing activities, have case studies on how your service has helped other companies.

Include how they are able to decipher their data to produce results which yielded better engagement and returns.

UK Marketing Managers’ Database – our offer

Please call now for prices of the UK Marketing Managers’ email list which includes:

  • 19,114 marketing manager and marketing director contact names
  • 11,919 marketing manager and marketing director email addresses
  • database management including technical and advertising support
  • 12 months’ data usage

Use the email list as part of your in-house marketing plan or speak with us about our managed email campaigns or managed telemarketing service.

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Ask us about our database, the email marketing service we offer, and how we can help you present your product or service compellingly and effectively to marketing managers and marketing directors.

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